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    • John Szram

      I think your new product is great John. For someone who is starting out it goes into great detail about how you could have your own business up & running within 7 days!

      What I love about your style is there’s absolutley no hype whatsoever. Everything is presented in a logical step by step fashion that ANYONE can follow with solid information that is proven to work. The video’s are a great addition too.

      Being relatively new to Internet Marketing I’m yet to sell resale rights material, but I know I’ll be following your guidelines when I do.


      John Szram

    • Keith

      Hi John
      Yet again you come up with something that anyone looking to make an online income large or small can really get their teeth into. You provide so much more information and easy to follow instructions that you deserve every success you get.
      I’ll be following the program word for word and looking forward to 2008 when my online income starts to really kick in.
      All the best for Christmas and the New Year.

    • Phill

      Hi John,

      Well you did it with this one.

      I often see people put things like “I was up all night reading this” and to be honest always thought it was bull***t.

      However, you caused me to lose sleep the other night, I started reading and couldn’t put the damned thing down.

      Very logical, fool proof step by step guide. Perfect for a beginner but also some great techniques for those with some experience.

      Worth every penny.

      Anyone who is hesitating, then DON’T hesitate.

      All the best

    • Leslie Barnes

      Hi John, I realy must congratulate you on your “Resale Rights Blueprint” course, I have been activily searching for a realy helpful program for the past 2 years.

      I have joined a substantial number of membership programs and spent large amounts of money on these, but none have landed up providing such a detailed and well constructed plan as you have provided in your “resale Rights Blueprint”.

      I am so impressed with the plan that I am actively promoting your site on my two websites, not specifically for the affiliate fee, but because the I think that the plan is so good.
      Thanks John

    • Michael Kehinde

      I am extremely impressed by the amount of work and dilligence that John has put into this product,its one of the best I have come accross.This is a must buy for any one struggling to get up and go in the online business,John has put everything in a step by step guide that anyone can follow.
      I am taking advantage of this big time and will have a video testimonial after I get the result of this program.
      I really was up all night reading the first day and finishing the first day stuff. Kudos

      Thank you

    • Daniel Davis

      I have just downloaded your resale program and Iskip read through it . All I can say is thanks for a program that I can beleive in.
      This is the best money I beleive I have ever spent and I have spent a lot.
      Thanks Dan

    • Bartek Konarski

      Hi John!!!
      I bought your ebook last week and I have to say that it is incredible.Everyone who is starting online business have to buy it.

      Thanks you very much.


    • Steve

      This is the first ever testimonial I have ever written for any product I have spent money on
      Unbelievable that’s all I can say day six what a eye opener and your right day six alone is
      Worth the investment of Resale Rights Blueprint any one following this blue print should have no reason to fail what so ever
      At last a product that truly dose give you the tools and the ability to build a real online business
      And if this testimonial is ever used this is what I achieved by day four.
      Hares a quote that motivates me daily,
      “You don’t have to get it right, you just have to get it going.” Mike Litman
      And I’m pretty sure at some day in the future way passed day seven following this brilliant blueprint
      I will have myself a online business that I have been trying to build the last year without much success.

      Thanks for this brilliant product.

      Derby U.K

    • Norman Spencer

      I have to be honest and state that I’m sorry I bought this recently. I wish I had bought it a long time back. Superb stuff and a must have item.

    • Mareta Varner


      You do such a good job of selling that tonight I discovered that I had purchased the e-book twice. I had never printed it out until tonight. The content looks great, and I look forward to reading it.

      I have one suggestion. I was very disappointed to see a book without the pages being numbered. It is so easy to do as you do the book and looks more professional. I take notes as I read and I put the page numbers by the notes. This means that I will have to go through and hand number the pages for my use. Also when printing out the book, the printer sometimes will print only a few pages, and you need to go back in and tell it to print from page—-to page——-. and if the pages are not numbered, it is impossible to do this.

      You may not want to print this letter on you blog, which is fine with me. I just wanted to get the note to you.

      I will make a more positive comment after I read the book, I feel sure.

    • Bill Dearmore

      John, I’ve just started your course, but I’ve been on your list for a long time. It’s already obvious that you over-deliver more than anybody else I know of. I appreciate you very much. Thanks for providing so much great information.

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