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I have received a lot of questions and comments about my latest product Resale Rights Blueprint. So I have decided to answer the most common questions here.

Q 1. To be honest, I’ve paid hundreds of dollars in order to make money – some of the time I didn’t do as much as I should have, can you tell me why I should buy this? Others tell you that 67 bucks is it but then you have to pay for site, traffic ppc etc can you tell me benefits of yours? And all payments in general

I’m afraid if you were looking for an easy ride you wont find it with this product. This product requires 7 days of action. If you can manage that the end result will be a product that can make you money on autopilot. The only real expenses are hosting, domain and an autoresponder. I provide everything else you need in the course. There is no ppc traffic. I prefer to get my traffic for free and I show you how.


Q 2. I’ll sign up if you will take a PayPal payment from me. I do not use credit cards. Please let me know ASAP. Thanks

You can use PayPal for all ClickBank purchases, simply look for the PayPal button on the right hand side of the page after clicking the pay button.


Q 3. How much more money do I have to put in up front to start this off AFTER buying your course?

If you have hosting and an autoresponder all you really need after that is a domain name, that will cost you about $5


Q 4. The message you sent requires that you verify that you are a real live human being and not a spam source. To complete this verification, simply…

It’s quite ironic that these are sent from a computer and not a real person 🙂
Sorry, back to the questions…


Q 5. John, I have purchased almost everything you have created. Will I learn anything new from this course?

Yes, I do cover some quite advanced strategies. I also cover a lot of techniques and methods I have never taught before so I know you will get some value from this course.


Q 6. John, I am a complete newbie and I can’t seem to do anything right. Can this product really show me what to do in 7 days? I somehow don’t think it can.======

Yes, I can get you up and running in 7 days. Here is an example of what you would do on day one.

You would open the day 1 pdf and print out the day 1 checklist. Now simply follow the instructions for day 1 and tick off each task on your checklist as it is completed. If you get stuck watch the video that accompanies your checklists and pdf. Once you are done that is your work complete for the day. You then repeat the process on day 2, 3, 4 and so on.

I know anyone can follow this ‘blueprint’ and I actually created the day-by-day step-by-step plan with the beginner in mind.

Once you get to days 6 and 7 you will have learned so much and be well on your way to having your own Resale Rights Blueprint. Then I get really serious and I start to reveal some methods I have never disclosed before. Methods such as how I generated 100k on one ClickBank account over a 12 month period.


This covers most of the questions so far, if you have any more questions please post them below and I will personally answer them. And if you still haven’t checked out Resale Rights Blueprint you can from this link:

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    • Jose Trevino


      I am member to your PlanetSMS Digital Mentorship Program, what the different between this one and Resale Rights Blueprint.

      Thanks, Jose

      Reply from John

      The main difference is Mentorship Monthly covers Internet marketing in general and Resale Rights Blueprint is more of a complete system.

    • Edson

      Hi John

      No questions from me man, everything you have made I have purchased no question asked, and with everything I have either made money back on it or been able to drive alot of free traffic. I will start the resale rights blue print today 🙂

      Thanks again john for being one of the best mentors in the business.

      Edson ebay membername digitaldirect4u

    • Sarah

      Hello John, A thousand times WELL DONE! I have struggled for a year with that website listed above (it was all set up with the help of friends) getting nowhere, throwing money away, hust like you said you did, suffering from that overactive phrase -information overload – I had actually stated I was not interested any more in trying to understand the technology behind the making and managing a websit. Suddenly your offer appeared through my membership with Jim Cockrum. IT IS WONDERFUL! aNYONE WHO DOESN’T BUY IT IS TOO SILLY FOR WORDS. I have completed Day 1. I am having difficulty with day 2- but I shan’t let it beat it. I am 73 years of age and I feel GREAT. All thanks to you. Sarah

    • Jeff

      Since this blueprint utilizes Clickbank it makes me wonder about their liberal refund policy. Do you have a significant number of refunds selling your products with them?

      Reply from John
      Not really, although ClickBank has a liberal refund policy I feel this helps with sales. Your customers know they can buy in confidence.

    • David Holmes

      Hi John. How difficult is it to get a hosting and an autorespoder, and how expensive is the auto responder, is all of this covered in the course. one more question aprox how many hours are required each of the seven days,

      Reply from John
      It is very easy to get hosting and an autoresponder and I go into great detail and show you what to do. I use and recommend Aweber for my autoresponder and that costs $20 per month.

      As for how many hours per day this will take it depends on your skill level. It could take you one hour but it could take you 8 hours. But it gets easier as you learn.

    • Bob

      Hi John yesterday I purchased the 7 day plan and downloaded it to my desktop,I have a lot of spare time on my day job and would like towatch the videos on my laptop also,can you email me the links again,thanks

      Reply from John
      If you have lost your details please contact me with your payment receipt and I will re-send them.

    • Paul

      Hello John.

      Two days ago I bought the 90 day challange, as well as the e-books rights, and a D9 hosted, divinity designed, website to begin selling
      your e-books (and hopefully mine) on e-bay. I am in the initial setup still. Is this new offering different than what I’m just starting? Is this something extra, I need to buy, or is the new course included in the package already? Should I have waited?

      Because I’m so new, I’m confused. Thanks for everything!


      Reply from John
      Although both products are in the same niche they are completely different. This is a 7 day plan where as the eBook Business is more of a business in a box.

      If you are just starting out it may be worth waiting, or at least only taking on one project at a time.

    • gary

      Hello, I have been a ebayer for quite sometime now and that take a lot of my time, how much additional time a week would this take to run this site, where would I get the resale items to sell, how much additional cost is there for the wbsite autoresponder. I am concerned about it taking all my time to learn this and maintain it and then end up not doing either one very well (ebay and this site). I do appreciate you garuntee, so how many hours a week would I have to work at this to give myself a chance to succeed and not ask for my money back if I failed. GAry

      Reply from John
      I show you where to get the resale rights products from, all for free. I also provide a ton of resale rights products. I have mentioned additional costs and that is minimal.

      As for how long you would need to give the plan? If you follow my instructions you only need to give it 7 days and you will see results.

    • Paul

      I have several websites…One already doing quite well. I have another that is just sitting there. Will I need a professional type of autoresponder such as aweber or can I just use the free autoresponder that is on my hosting provider server?
      Thanks from
      Paul Guzman

      Reply from John
      I only ever recommend Aweber and although there are other autoresponders I feel nothing else comes close. This is something that every Internet Marketer should own.

    • Sarah

      Helo John, Thanks A THOUSAND times over.I have been struggling for the past year with that website above-it was set up by a friend but I couldn’t manage it. Like you said I just kept throwing money after useless Ebooks. Thank goodness I am a member of Jim Cockrum’s Silent Team. That’s how I got your book! I had already made up my mind to give up trying to master the technology of a website and then I saw your book. Happy days, it is BRILLIANT.
      I have finished DAY 1. Some achievement for me at 73 years of age. I am having difficulty with Day 2-all my own fault! Yet I know in the end I will get there. Anyone who doesn’t buy your book is making the biggest mistake of their lives. Thanks a lot John, the pleasure you have given me is immeasurable! TRULY. You deserve great credit and success. Here’s wishing you both! Warm regards Sarah.

    • Sarah

      You can just see from the above TWO messages how much of a novice I am!! I got called away in the middle of writing the first one and didn’t realise it would be posted so wrote another. Hey Ho I’m on my way out of the mire-at last! Once again A THOUSAND THANKS. SARAH

    • Mary Ann

      Will someome who has never made a website, be able to use this program? Along with bad advice, I think the biggest problem is the average person does not have the technological skills needed. You have to have a website, know how to create links, & know how to deliver the products automaticaly. Thousands of ebooks on marketing, yet almost nothing on how to set up the actual mechanics of developing the technological savy.

      Reply From John
      I build a website in front of you, I show you exactly what to do and I provide all the tools you need for free. I assure you that you can do it.

    • Tonya

      I have been following your activity for awhile and think your products are some of the most straight forward and rewarding of all master marketers. I, like many others, got so tired of hype and being ripped off with the same product, just packaged differently. At 60, I am a newbie to this type of marketing and need the step by step instruction you so clearly provide in your new product – which I think is fantastic, by the way!

      My question is this: The video/audio instructions were so helpful. Is there anyway they can be archived? Hopefully, I’ll be past that point within a couple of weeks … but just in case.

      Reply from John
      The videos are going nowhere, they will be there for good, also be sure to check out the advanced training section as I will be providing more videos free.

    • Andres

      How many hours per day are supposed to be the studies? I’m asking cause unfortunatelly I have a “regular” job, it sounds like is something that we get daily for seven days, then what? can we go back to day one and start all over if needed? Thanks

      Andres Luna

      Reply from John
      You can go at your own pace, I understand everyone is different and has other commitments so you don’t have to do this in 7 days. But you can if you put the effort in.

      You get the full course in one go and it is split into 7 workable days. But if it takes you a week to do one day it doesn’t matter. All that matters is that you complete the course.

    • Robert

      Hi John,

      I too am a total newbie and during the past couple of months have spent a great deal of money on ‘product’, and memberships. I am also 70 years young and I am totally captivated by the prospect of increasing my pension… I am totally surrportive of other newbies who have left messages. I am a totally non-technical person and I have hosting, domain names FTP but no websites… I have read a lot of what John writes and I am in danger of ‘information overload.’ This course WILL get me over this hurdle and I will have a website up and running before Christmas… Thanks in advance John…

      Reply from John,
      If you can ‘switch off’ from everything online for 7 days and simply follow my instructions you will get there Robert. And if you need any help simply get in touch.

    • Tim

      Hi John,

      Next year I am looking to compliment my affiliate business with resale rights products. I belong to your mentorship site and will be following the videos and instructions there on how to sell ebooks(PLR ones_on ebay. Is this resale rights blueprint the same instructions?


      Reply from John,
      No Tim, this is totally different from anything I have shown you in Mentorship Monthly so far.

    • Hair Pulling Solution

      I’m a skeptic.

      It sounds great but I’m not convinced until I see someone on here who actually WENT THROUGH this course entirely and doesn’t just think it’s great but actually MADE REAL MONEY. It doesn’t matter to me how much money you’ve made John, because you may have unique skills not provided in the course.

      I want to hear from the Newbies who used your product and made some real income. Then come back to me.

      Thanks and good luck.

      Reply from John
      I will offer you the exact same challenge as I did to ‘nikcid’

      Take me up on this course and report back to this Blog on a day to day basis letting everyone know of your progress.
      If you follow my instructions and can’t see results by the 8th day I will refund you 10 times what you have paid me.

      Don’t ask to see others get results. GET RESULTS FOR YOURSELF.

      So are you up for it?

    • Terry LeMoigne

      Does your Resell Rights Blueprint program involve trying to get JV partners to market ebooks?

      Reply by John
      Sort of but in a way you probably don’t know about. But that is only part of the process. I can’t reveal too much here but at the end of day 6 I cover this in great detail and reveal how doing this earned me over 100k on one ClickBank account.

    • Ana-Maria

      Hi John,

      I am a little bit confused. Do I have to download the videos to my computer for this course or can I access them from your website? I have an old computer with not much hard drive space?

      Thanks a million.


      Reply by John
      Ana, you just watch the videos on your computer.

    • nikcid

      I agree with the hair puller lets see some regular newbie such as myself see the real results Cash in the bank after seven days I’ll sign up for sure.

      Reply from John

      Ok, lets make this interesting. If you want to do this let me know.

      Take me up on this course and report back to this Blog on a day to day basis letting everyone know of your progress.
      If you follow my instructions and can’t see results by the 8th day I will refund you 10 times what you have paid me.

      Don’t ask to see others get results. GET RESULTS FOR YOURSELF.

      So are you up for it?

    • Aron

      Okay lets say you successfully get through the 7 day course. If you wan’t to earn a good income of $2000 per week, how many hours do you have to put in per day in this businees you teach?


      Reply from John
      I wish I could snswer that but these sort of questions are impossible to answer. It could take you 2 weeks but it could take you 2 years. I just can say as I don’t know how much you want it. But what i will say is once you complete the program you only need a few hours per week to see results.

    • Jennifer

      John, Will this system work just as effectively and easily in niche markets (other than the Internet Marketing niche)?


      Reply from John
      Yes, In fact the example I show you has nothing to do with Internet Marketing

    • Kashif Irshad

      I am writing from Pakistan and probably i am first from my country.

      Do you think it is realistic to earn $5000-6000 per month working full time and completely follow your resale rights blueprint system.
      Normally how much time required to get that level?.

      Also do you think that i may have a problems while living in Pakistan?.

      I am computer graduate so no issues as far as computer is concerned and also familir with internet business world,i mean i know affiliate marketing,adsense,selling on ebay etc etc.

      Please answer.

      Kashif Irshad

      Reply from John
      Your location will have no effect on your ability to use this program. However I can’t state how much you will earn or how long it would take. I wish I could but as everyone is different with different desires it’s just not possible.

    • Colleen

      Dear John:

      Please clarify something for me. At the bottom of your description page you say the $67.00 covers “the first seven days” and above you say “Once you get to days 6 and 7 you will have learned so much and be well on your way to having your own Resale Rights Blueprint. Then I get really serious and I start to reveal some methods I have never disclosed before.”

      Is there more information I have to buy, a club or memebership I have to pay for after the seven days? If so what are the costs?

      Reply from John
      What I don’t state on the sales page is I cover adanced training after day 7. This is 100% free. There are no hidden charges.

    • Frankie

      Love the challenge. Do it, nikcid! If not, let ME take up the challenge. Really, I’m serious! Just say the word, John, and I’ll buy your course right away (or after I get my broadband in a few days so that I can watch the videos online), and report here day by day. And, I’ll be happy to take only 5 times the amount paid 🙂

    • Peter

      Hi John,

      Once you get through the course and you have the business up and running, how much time do you need to put in per day to actually earn a modest income of lets say $1000 per week?

      Kind regards,

      Reply from John
      Once you are set up you’re looking at no more than a few hours a week. However, you can set up as many of these ‘Resale Rights Blueprints’ as you want so if you want to put more hours into this you can.

    • Hair Pulling Solution


      That is very tempting. I have exams right now, but when I’m done (next week) I think I’ll take you up on the challenge.

    • Hair Pulling Solution

      I have one more question.

      When you say “results”-what sort of results can we expect from the program. (I know you can’t gaurantee) but are we talking about a one time cash injection, a monthly income for life? A full time income? A part time income? The price we paid for the product back?
      I don’t mind how big or small it is I would just like to know in advance.

      Seeing as I have some Internet Marketing training already I think it’s fair if I take you challenge -then “results” should at least be making $15/hour for the work I put it in the seven days (the amount I’m making at my current shtinky job…I do have some IM training already).

      If I don’t make at least that then I might as well stick with my old job…at least I get to be with people :).

      Reply from John,
      Like I have already said I can never say what you will earn. I don’t know your determination and will to succeed. If I could promise/guarantee a certain amount believe me this course would cost a lot more than $97.
      I can show you the way, the rest is up to you.

    • HeatherR

      DAY 1

      I bought John’s course this morning and had some quiet (child-free) time this afternoon and worked through day 1’s tasks with no problem. In the space of a couple of hours I’ve identified nine good topics, so will set aside eight of them for later projects. I’ve also found good website names (.com’s) for all of them. I am not a total ‘newbie’ with internet marketing, but I AM new to making money with it! I like the way John has set out the blueprint in a very detailed step-by-step process so that I don’t keep having to flick to other sources of information to find out how to do things – it’s all contained in the blueprint. I am very pleased with what I’ve achieved today and am looking forward to starting Day 2 tomorrow. Just chilling out now with a glass of vino to relax and contemplate…. 🙂


    • Ana-Maria

      Hello John,

      I have noticed that Mentorship does not have a lot of searches however you selected “Mentorship Monthly” for your website. I thought of the name “LaPalmaSV” for my website that will focus on selling eBooks on making money online. I know it does not have keywords. Is this a really big problem? Also, if I have more questions when I am following your course, do I contact you via this blog or do we have an email address to send our questions?

      Thanks a lot.


      Reply from John
      To be honest I don’t deal in search engine traffic as I know nothing about it. But when you choose a niche it must be getting searched for to be profitable and I show you how to do this. As the topic ‘eBooks’ and ‘making money online’ is popular you should be fine.
      I provide contect details on the download page and you can get all the help you need from there.

    • Perry

      Hi John,
      I have bben a customer of yours for several years now and when i bought into your program back when Moses only had 5 commandments and the price was, I think, $27.00 and i was a little skeptical but spent the money anyway.I have never regreted spending the money and I will make money with this new program as well. I never sent you an email that didn’t get answered within 24 hours and think that is remarkable because there are 8hrs difference between us. I see now the price is up to $97.00 for that same program I bought for $27.00. I would gladly pay the high price if I had to because the info in it made me some money. I just followed the easy instructions. What I am trying to say people is: John is the real deal. Buy the program, follow the instructions and you will make money. Nuff said.
      Thanks John

    • Jan

      Hi John!

      After having used *a lot of money* bying super-duper eBooks and
      “how-to-become-rich” stuff I must admit that I’m more than a little
      sceptical when I see that you claim “(almost)anyone can do it”.

      By the way: I must congratulate you on the very professional way
      you try to convince your readers to “sign-up-now!”
      Do you write all your sales-copy yourself?

      I must say I’m VERY tempted to sign on…

      I’ll be watching this blog for another day or two before I decide
      to order your “Resale Rights Blueprint” course. Or not.

      All the best,


    • Sarah

      I noticed with great dismay and naievity that you did not put my last comment up on this blog. Had I known that as a so called Sponsor of anyone who takes up your offer on Kiosk all my emails would bounce back I wouldn’t have been so ready to throw boquets. But then we all learn the hard way and I’m stuck with it.

      Reply from John
      Sarah, I repied to your blog post directly to your email address. As it was a general support question I felt there was no need to post it here. If you need help/support contact me direct from the link you will find on the download page.
      This helps me to help you and give you a better service.

    • Robert

      Hi John,
      If I purchase the blueprints program before the deadline, can I start the seven days later? Say at the first of the year?

      I have too much on my plate to start immediately, but when I start I want to go full speed. Thanks in advance. Bob

      PS will blogs and feeds ever have spell checker. lol

      Reply from John
      You can start anytime you want. You can even make a day last a week. All that is important is you complete the course then you will at least have something to show for your investment.

    • Leslie Barnes

      Hi John, I am a 74 year old senior cirtizen who has created considerable drain on my meager pension from signing up for programs that will create me 10,000+ a month, and never do anything except make it harder to get by. Is their any chance that you could work out some sort of spread payment scheme, as I feel that I desperately need a structured plan to get anywhere and help repay my maxed out credit card?

      Regards and best wishes for the season.

      Reply from John
      Leslie, I have sent you an email.

    • HeatherR

      DAY 2

      I had hoped to be able to report completion of day 2’s tasks, but I hit a stumbling block – I am still awaiting ‘authentication’ to be able to access my new domain control panel and so I haven’t yet changed the DNS settings or moved on to day 2. Looks like I’ll take longer than 7 days to do this, unless I get my act together big time and do two days’ worth tomorrow. Still, this small technical hitch is nothing to do with John’s program – purely down to the domain registrar being on a go-slow – or maybe enjoying too much pre-Christmas cheer??!! 😉

      Onwards and upwards tomorrow, I hope……


      Reply from John
      I do mention this can take up to 48 hours. Just move onto day 3 and your website should be ready for tomorrow, then you can do day 2 and them move onto day 4. Confusing I know but it’s the only solution if you want to stick to the 7 day plan

    • Fanchon

      Hi John

      Purchased your program after debating among many.

      Am recently laid off due to lack of landscape design work in SE Michigan/ NW Ohio–who would of guessed? After all, there are only 6 inches of snow on the ground!

      Trying to keep a sense of humor although for this almost 60 yr old gramma wannabe, a little scary-but I’m intending on being a great testimonial for you!

      First time in better part of 20 yrs not on the road at 6:30 am and home about the same pm. So lots of time to move forward with your program–and will keep you up to date, which also keeps me accountable!!

      Have moved through day 1 and 2 (waiting for hosting stuff like others-went with another firm as had several months of hosting credit from an unused previous package–hope that was ok–they are biggies, and dollars are real tight)

      So into day 3–am greatly enjoying researching plr, thanks for sharing that path with us–am juggling between 2 niches(have domain names in both) finding some things, and a bit hesitant about my writing skills–can you recommend inexpensive sources along those lines? (right now don’t want to wait for elance/rentacoder bids, etc)

      Especially with regard to changing free plr articles?

      Thanks so much!! You come highly recommended by a marketer I trust and I am sure I made the right buying decision.

      Best wishes, Fanchon

    • Paul Marshall


      I feel that the support received, since I signed up for the blueprint course is pretty poor. I am having problems downloading items in the course and still unable to view any videos, Active X will not and no matter how many changes I make, will not download.

      Am keen to continue, but do not know where to go from here, my last 3 mails still have not been answered


      Paul Marshall

      Reply by John
      Paul, are you going throught my helpdesk? If not go here:

      You will always receive a response within 24 hours and usually much quicker.

    • HeatherR

      DAY 3

      I have spent most of my day writing up my articles on my niche subject. I have to say that it is not my most favourite thing to do, but as I want to keep costs down I am determined to do it for myself. (When the money starts rolling in this will be top of my list to farm out to copywriters!!). As John says, it does get easier, although I only managed to write 7 of the 10 articles today. I don’t feel wildly confident about what I’ve written – hope I don’t get a whole heap of people saying they are total crap!

      I was finding it difficult to come up with original content, but when I looked at some PLR articles I realised that very few writers come up with completely original content – they just reword it in a new way so I hope I’m right in thinking that the actual content doesn’t necessarily have to be new and innovative, as long as it is written in your own words.

      I am still waiting to get access to my website control panel (they have asked me to be patient!!), so I have tasks outstanding from Day 1 and Day 2. They all look to be quite straightfoward tasks though, so I’m not too worried about that.

      So here I am ending Day 3 with three more articles to write, plus the rest of day 3’s tasks. It will have to be an early start for me tomorrow!!! 😉


    • Princess


      I have been a subscriber of your ebook product for about 8 months now, but I have a question about your blueprint rights.

      Can I use your blueprint rights package to edit my original website as I already have hosting and autoresponder, but need help in setting it up correctly, so the only thing that I may have to buy is a domain name? Would that be possible?


      Reply from John
      This product differs a lot from your original website. However as you already have that product you should find this course very easy. And as you already have hosting and an autoresponder all you will need is a domain.

    • Karl

      I watched the video and read everything and I have some questions. You say you have a seven day format for setting up the business. There are a couple of steps on day one and a couple of steps on day two, with if I remember day three as a very busy day. Why does it matter if you do it in seven days? Why can’t you combine days or like me who is working full time, if I can’t get a day done, it just takes a couple of extra days to finish? Does it matter if the business is set-up in three days or 10 days or is there a reason you have to do each lesson on each day?


      Reply from John
      I actually explain in the introduction that it does not matter if it takes you 7 days or 7 weeks. All that matters is that you complete the course. I realise everyone is different and you can simply tackle this at any pace you wish. For example, more experienced users could to everything in 2-3 days.

    • Diana

      Hi John,
      Posted a question last night re audio quality of videos but did not get a response. Now I can’t seem to find the post? Would like an answer before I sign up and I’ve only got 2 days ;0)


      Reply from John
      I answered that question personally as the amount of people it affects is miniscule, check your email. You need to upgrade/update media player.

    • Diana

      Oops! Sorry John,
      Didn’t see your response in my inbox this morning, my bag. Sheesh, It’s still early over her. Anyway, disregard the previous post. I’m off to sign up on your course. Really looking forward to it – you haven’t let me down so far. In fact, I’d say I trust your products way above any I’ve seen online.


    • Sarah

      Didn’t get your email John. Could anybody -ANYBODY AT ALL help me to find out why FLASH will not load down on my computer- Windows XP- and it has nothing to do with ‘active controls’ or Java
      There’s not much point in me having all the Camtasia videos when I can’t see them on the screen. Come on Somebody. Where is the Christmas Spirit of Goodwill towards men?

    • Elizabeth

      Hi John,

      I have a website my nephew set up for me years ago, but I don’t know how to operate it really – it’s all done in html – is this any use to use or should I get a new host and domain (this one is a cheapie through madasafish). I don’t have an autoresponder either – will Aweber work with Macs?

      Also the keyword tool you recommend using don’t work on a Mac! Could you recommend one that does (other than overture), or do I need to look for my own?

      My biggest fear – and the thing that has stopped me in my tracks every time so far, is actually setting up book downloads – none of the traditional software recommended in the books I’ve bought, seems to work on a Mac (yet again). does your course give REALLY DETAILED advice on how to do this?


      Reply from John,
      If you are serious I would recommend a proper hosting company. You will also need an autoresponder and I can’t see any problems with a mac as it’s web based.
      As for Mac problems with .exe eBooks if you only deal with PDF eBooks you will be fine.

    • HeatherR

      FUMING! 🙁

      Today should be my 6th day working through the blueprint, but I hit a major stumbling block with my domain name registration. I waited more than 72 hours to gain access to my control panel. In the meantime I kept busy by doing as much of the other stuff in the blueprint which didn’t directly need me to access my website.

      Today I have just had an email saying “Please be advised that we cannot activate your domain, this domain is subjected to copy right infringement. I suggest you may order another domain name.” ARRRRRGGGGGHHHHHH – all the work I’ve done based on the domain name keywords has been a waste of time. I think it’s strange that they talk about ‘copy right infringement’ – I’ve checked on ‘Who Is’ to see that there are hundreds of uses of ‘ebay’ in domain names not directly owned by eBay itself, so how can my choice be a copy right infringement?

      This in no way reflects on John’s blueprint – it is an excellent product and I will be starting again on a new domain after I’ve had some breathing space to cool off!


      Reply by John
      What I do is replace the word ‘eBay’ with the word ‘auction’. You will find this still looks and sounds ok.

    • Dominic


      I noticed that you redo all of your ebook graphics. Can you tell me what the best way of creating new covers for the reports and ebooks? Do you buy them somewhere and then just put your title on?


      Reply from John,
      I get all my graphics done here:

    • cheryl

      Why have the comments stopped on the 20th? I was here a few days ago & decided to come back to see comments from others, who had put in the 7 days to complete the program. Where are those people? I emailed you John and one of your affiliates but haven’t heard back. I heard about this program this past Tuesday & was told I had 2 more days to sign up @ 67.00. I was so disappointed to return to the site on Thursday (supposed to be the last day for the “special deal”) to find you had raised the price 30.00 before midnight, my time EST-USA. I was hesitating to pay 67.00 but decided to try until I returned ,thinking I had more time, & found the price had gone up. I don’t think it’s fair as I am in the USA & I believe most of your business comes from the USA does it? I just found out you are in the UK. How was I to know whose time you were going by? If the price was changing according to your time couldn’t you have put that in your sales letter? Perhaps you could of had a countdown like I’ve seen at other’s sites before.
      I am struggling to pay for groceries & keep a roof on my kids heads that is why I hesitated to pay you 67.00, as like many others on here, I am sick of all the hype online. I had decided that I wouldn’t pay more than 35-40 for yet another “gurus” best deals.
      I see you offered 2 people on here a 10 x’s your money back yet they didn’t take it which I find odd. Then I saw where someone wanted to take you up on the offer at 5 x’s their money back if it doesn’t help to increase their income. I don’t see where you have responded. Why not? Please try to understand this only makes “us out here” more skeptical. We want so bad to believe but the so called “gurus” seem to continue to pull fast ones.
      Now you seem like a nice guy & I haven’t found really anything bad about you online, believe me I check! I came here today to make a request as I plan on having my 1st website up by Jan. 1st. Will you make the same offer to me for 10 x’s my money back if I fork over my hard to come by, hate to see it go to waste, $97.00? I would definitely start the program right away & report back here as I am making progress. I would give it my best shot & I have this week off work to devote my time to this. I need this to work!!! If I don’t start generating some more income, I will be applying for food stamp soon for my children & I! It is really that bad “out here” in the real world!
      Thanks for taking a look at my request…I hope you print this here for all to see. I am serious.

      Reply from John.
      I clearly stated at 3pm EST on Thursday 20th the price would go up. I’m afraid the price is now $97

      I don’t know why those 2 people never took me up on my challenge. Probably because they were looking for the ‘magic formula’ or the ‘easy money maker’ which this isn’t. It requires 7 days of hard work. But if you want to take the challenge it’s not a problem. I am not afraid of what I teach as I have been using these methods since 2004 and they work as well today as they did back then.

      People are still reporting in and comments haven’t stopped.

      As for any reassurance about your investment remember, this product is sold via ClickBank so every single person is entitled to a refund if they want one. So far my refund rate is below 1% and that alone says a lot for the product.

    • Ken

      I’ve just started on day 1, and I am having difficulty getting the free keyword tool (Good Keywords V2.1) to work. If I select Overture US (or any Overture) I get the response ‘Lookup Failed’. The Yahoo returns a response, but with no counts. I know this isn’t your product, but just wondered if it still works for you? If so, then it’s possibly something local to my PC. If so, can you recommend another keyword tool that returns some numerical measure of keyword search use? Appreciate all your doing John.
      Thanks. Ken

      Reply from John,
      That is usually a firewall issue, see here:

      I also suggest other websites to research keywords on day 1 so this shouldn’t be a problem.

    • Tracey

      Only just finished Day 4 and I’ve already got my first subscriber! Imagine once I start promoting it how great this is going to be !!

      First I was afraid, I was petrified,
      Kept thinkin’ I would never make a dime off my website,
      Then I downloaded Resale Rights
      and realised I’d been doing it wrong,
      But now it’s changed
      I learnt how it should be done.

      Just checked Clickbank
      & Paypal too,
      Now I’m in the black
      JT it’s all because of you ..

    • cheryl


      Thanks for the extended offer & the quick response (“But if you want to take the challenge it’s not a problem. I am not afraid of what I teach as I have been using these methods since 2004 and they work as well today as they did back then.”)
      I plan on starting the program tonight & I will keep you posted on my progress.
      (Re: Reply from John.
      “I clearly stated at 3pm EST on Thursday 20th the price would go up. I’m afraid the price is now $97”)
      I actually got notice of the program through one of your affiliates & that person failed to tell the exact time EST that the program would go up that is why I didn’t know. I was not receiving emails directly from you so if you announced the exact ending time on Thursday I didn’t get the word. But anyway with the extended offer I will pay full price & give the program my best shot.

      Thanks again,


    • George

      Hi John,

      I am seriously considering purchasing RRB but before I do so, I would appreciate it if you could answer the following questions for me:

      Will I have to set up more than one website depending on the type of info product I wish to sell or one website will suffice and all the traffic will be targeted to that one site irrespective of the product(s) I am selling?

      Will I be able to use Adsense advertising on the site to gain additional revenue and does your course cover this?

      Other than Ebay what other techniques do you suggest in the course for driving traffic to the website and do you cover strategies for improving conversion rate? If so, can you site any examples of such strategies?



      Reply from John.
      You would set up one website per niche, EG. One one dog training, one on cat training. You can set up as many or as little as these niche sites as you wish.

      Yes, you will use AdSense and I cover this in the Blueprint.

      I cover multiple methods for driving traffic, all 100% free.

    • Carol Smith

      I am just using your RRB in part right now. I am trying to get a book out that I have already written. Can’t really say that I am trying to do it all in order even though I intend to come back and do it in another niche after this book is out and on the road.

      Just wanted to mention to anyone that is having trouble with the videos: I had the same problem. Tried to run from desktop as suggested by support. Uploaded as suggested. Nothing worked. BUT if you go to “download area” in the files of the book, you will come to the entire listing of the steps day by day. In that list you will see the videos for the day. If you click it from there, it will run. I only had one with somewhat bad video but I could still understand it. (No, I don’t have Vista and everything is up to date.) I never could get them to run from the video file but there is always another way.

      One problem I haven’t solved yet. When uploading the index (squeeze page) in the video, you have 5 items in that file. When using the folder template, you have only 4. Is this a problem.

      Just one more point — How many times do you have to tell people that this is hard work. Being a retired teacher, I always told my high school students — No one promised you fair, easy or success. It is up to you and you have to learn to work smart not hard.

      Here’s to an outstanding 2008!

    • Hair Pulling Solution


      You say that all of your traffic generation technniques are free. But one of your major techniques is the viral ebook. Which means I would need to buy ViralPDF for $37.

      I would’ve liked to have known this in advance as I don’t have that program and am strapped for cash.

      I am taking you up on the challenge but I do have a few problems with the product. I’ll explain soon.

      Reply by John,
      I think you’re missing the point here. When I say free I mean no Pay Per Click or advertising costs..
      My traffic does cost nothing.
      If spending $37 on your business becomes a problem do the branding yourself for your customers or try looking for a free brander.
      There will be some out there but I can’t say how well they will work.

    • Hair Pulling Solution

      Okay. I probably will not return the product because I learned some very valuable things. The tip at the end was marvelous.

      Days 1 through 4 are very reasonable and manageable. So is Day 7.

      But I think it’s day 5 and 6 where we are setting up the ebay and the website and the blog… I think for someone who is not a web designer or doesn’t have the money to pay one…those 2 days could easily take a month of research trial and error testing etc.

      So in a way at that point I feel like the “7 day” thing kinda breaks down…and therefore I wasn’t able to finish this in the time that I allotted for it.

      I still will finish it one day and I’m sure I will make money on it.
      It just takes a bit more time than expected and I think a lot of people might not make it to day 7 because of of that.

      Should they push through it and learn how to get those websites up?
      Yes. Will they? Most probably won’t.

    • Hair Pulling Solution

      I also would’ve like to see a chapter about researching the product we sell and making sure they really do help people. I don’t think I read anything about that. I think that is an important part of keeping yourself inspired…knowing that you’re really helping someone with their problem. I know it’s just a blueprint..but still people shouldn’t just grab any old product and sell it to people just b/c it’s a resale product and fits the niche.

    • Bonnie

      Just thought I would let some of the newbies know how I am doing with RRB. I have now been working on it for 6 days and have yet to finish day 2. The first problem I ran into was with Good Keywords. This took a while to figure out but come to find out Good Keywords does not work on a Mac unless you have a windows emulator (what ever that is!). So I did the best I could by going other routes and finally came up with a niche I wanted to work with. The next problem came on day 2 looking for my Web Host Manager on Couldn’t find it anywhere, no link to it. After a few emails to support I come to find out that since I have the Silver Package I don’t have a Web Host Manager. Now what this means to the RRB program I have no idea, I have sent a support ticket to RRB and am waiting for a reply, I’ll have to see if it will work. I went with the Silver package because I am on a fixed income with really nothing to spare but I thought that if I could just get it going then I could upgrade. I really want this to work. I will post again and let you know how things are going.

      Reply by John,
      I do suggest a website alternative to Good Keywords that does the same job so there was no need to let that hold you back. Kiosk have a live help facility and I do also point this out. Anytime I have had a problem I simply use the live help feature and they walk me through any problems I have. This is why I recommend them.

    • Bonnie

      John, please don’t get frustrated with us. I think by your survey that most of us are pretty new to this area of the internet. I have tried other programs with no results because as many have said those other programs tell you what to do BUT not how to do it. I deliberated for several days before I got your program and the reason I did purchase it was because it had step by step instructions which is VERY much appreciated. I think you have a fantastic program and I AM DETERMINED TO MAKE IT WORK NO MATTER HOW LONG IT TAKES FOR ME TO SET IT UP.

      Now on to my main concern, I did chose your other alternative to finding keywords and it took a while but I did get it done. I did contact Kiosk and was assured that the Silver package does not have a Web Host Manager. So my question is will RRB work for me if I stay with the Silver package on Kiosk?

      Reply by John,
      Bonnie, I am not frustrated with anyone. I have done my best to make this course as step-by-step as I possibly can but I know people will still encounter problems and that’s what I’m here for.

      One statement I want to emphasise that I state in the introduction is it makes no difference if it takes 7 weeks or even longer to complete the course as long as you complete it. I know everyone is different and has different levels of skill but I do know anyone can complete this course regardless of previous experience.

      As for your questions this product will work with any hosting package, I only recommend Kiosk as I use them myself and this makes following me easier, plus they have excellent support so even if you are on the silver package you can still follow me by logging into your cpanel after your account is set up, and Kiosk will help you do this is you run into problems. Doing things like uploading files, setting up email accounts and changing DNS settings are exactly the same.

      Plus I am here if you need any help from me setting anything up.

    • John Thornhill

      Can I just point out to everyone I could be hiding these posts showing people who are having small problems with this product but that’s not my style.

    • Candy Wormdahl

      I love everything you do John and am working on my blueprint.. I see you are coming out with a new launch with coaching will that be more of just the same but a take by the hand or will we learn more than what the blueprint and other products of yours have… love your tips… love the fact that you are for real… and have never lead me wrong…

      Do I need a blog with every product since I am going to use my ebay niche and then try to promote products… I have one blog I set up for my ebay niche… and I can not see me trying to write for alot of them I just could not do it .. how do you get the autopilot going .. I see the email marketing is auto.. but blogging would be different… how do you get your articles submitted on autopilot… ??
      I want to work toward autopilot … thanks
      Candy W

      Reply by John,

      My coaching will cover everything I know and will be real hand holding all the way through.

      If you cover multiple niches you would need multiple blogs, you could run everything from one central blog if all the niches you choose matched.

      E.G, if you had a ‘teach your dog to sit’ niche, a ‘teach your dog to stop barking’ and a ‘teach your dog to go to the toilet’ niche you could have a central dog training blog.

      For auto article submission I use a service at

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