In the face of unending demands at work and the weight of a hectic lifestyle impacting job efficiency, the common remedy seems to be better time management. We believe that speeding up our work pace and enhancing our multitasking skills, supported by the latest organizational tools and apps, will solve our problems.

Yet, as highlighted by Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz, the brains behind “The Power of Full Engagement,” it’s not how well we manage our time, but rather how effectively we harness our energy, that truly influences peak performance levels. We often deplete our precious energy through draining habits—spanning the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual realms. Assess how well you’re managing your energy with this Self-Assessment.

1. When I need a quick energy boost, I often reach for snacks high in sugar or carbs.

2. I view life as a continuous, never-ending race that requires constant running.

3. I usually tackle tasks that are urgent and easy to complete, rather than deliberately choosing activities based on their importance and alignment with my values.

4. I dislike sticking to routines, preferring spontaneity and flexibility instead.

5. My schedule is so packed that I seldom pause to ponder my true values.

6. I constantly feel like I’m running on high, unable to switch to a different pace.

7. My exercise routine, including cardio and strength training, is sporadic or non-existent.

8. I often sleep for less than six hours a night.

9. I avoid taking breaks to maximize my productivity.

10. I’ve noticed my breathing is often shallow, and I rarely take deep breaths.

11. Feelings of anxiety, frustration, and being overwhelmed are constant companions.

12. I tend to react negatively or defensively when faced with stress.

13. I don’t invest much energy into maintaining personal relationships; I easily let them go if they’re not working.

14. I rely on smoking and/or drinking to help reduce my anxiety levels.

15. It’s been ages since I’ve engaged in activities just for fun or pleasure.

16. I consider downtime to be unproductive.

Scoring “true” for many of these questions suggests you might not be operating or feeling as optimally as you could.  To explore how to live in a way that enhances your energy, not depletes it, check out our “Stress Relief Strategies” Guide HERE

This is a guest post written by Jennifer Taylor, The Golden Entrepreneur, If you wish to be considered for a guest post then please contact me.

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