Extremely successful Internet marketers all embrace the same business practice:  product creation!  Anyone entering this business will recognize the power behind creating products that solve real problems.  At the outset, you might be wondering if that is even possible for you.  Anyone, and I mean anyone can create a product of their own.  My specialty has been product creation since I started my online business.  I could see the power behind owning products that people seek every day.  Teaching other people to do the same has transformed my business.

You might be wondering where to start!

What You Know

Regardless of your age, you bring many skills and talents into your business.  People who question that fact are more apt to give up.  You must believe that you have what it takes to start from where you are and move into the world of Internet marketing.  As you start your business, consider these important truths about your abilities.

  • Experience – Personal and professional history has brought you to this place. Everything you have ever done has taught you something.  Obstacles are moved out of your way when you continue working toward your goal.  Draw on your previous experiences to solve problems and move forward.
  • Work ethic – Hard work takes some practice because of the endurance required to concentrate on your tasks. You might have never worked 15 hour days.  Sustained effort within your own abilities is more important than attempting to keep pace with someone else.
  • Start somewhere – Your strengths might not seem to apply to the work that is before you. Never allow your self-talk to stop you from making progress on some part of your project every day.  Thinking about your next steps is just as important as building webpages and writing copy.

The Unknown

Have you ever stopped to consider the importance of your new venture?  You are no different from the people who set off on a quest to move to a new continent.  Even in the 21st century, that is a life-changing choice.  Your online business requires the same tenacity to find answers to all of your questions.  Resources exist to move every barrier that you encounter.

  • Videos – Training videos are created to help you start on your journey. You might watch the first few videos just to learn more about the project you have not yet started.  Continue to research the ways in which you can create a product.  You do not have to start producing your product until you know you have a great idea.
  • Support – Every major software provider has an extensive support organization. Many of your answers will be found on those websites.  Specific answers are available whenever you have time to work.  Your best work time might be in the middle of the night on a weekend.  Online support answers your questions while the rest of the world sleeps.  You do not need to wait until Monday.
  • Training – Webinars are offered to connect people and teach everyone about timely topics. Your attendance will be helpful to your quest.  You will have access to experience that propels you forward at a remarkable pace.  Imagine asking a question of someone who has years of experience.  I am always amazed at the people who attend consistently and offer suggestions that help me too.


I have encountered people who have unimaginable financial issues that they hope to resolve overnight.  These situations are not the same as being motivated to do whatever is necessary to be successful in Internet marketing.  Building your business requires sustained effort.  Immediate results are less likely to bring buckets of cash.  You will want to name your motivating factors, which will fall into many different categories.

  • Money – I will admit that making more money is a great motivator. Many people whom I have known over the years discovered that money was not their primary motivation for starting out on the venture in the online world.  Once the money starts to roll in, you start to realize how much more important the people are.  This initial motivation morphs into some truly remarkable reasons to stay with your quest.
  • New lifestyle – In all honesty, this one attracted me most when I was working late at night in those early days. I hated standing on that automobile assembly line more than you can imagine.  Getting up every morning to go repeat the same process every 90 seconds had to stop.  Maybe your dream is a lifestyle that seems far out of your reach.  Let that feeling motivate you to create your first information product.
  • Specific need – Heartbreaking stories about taking care of family members are the most motivating. You might not have this need right now, but imagine being able to help other people through some of life’s greatest challenges.  Maybe your desire is to live absolutely anywhere and run your business from a mountaintop or exotic location.

At All Costs?

You might believe that you are willing to do absolutely anything to create a successful online business.  I am not sure that anyone can make that statement from the very beginning.  Life can get in the way and change your course.  My only advice on this subject is to never become your own obstacle to success.  Only people who give up are guaranteed to fail.  You can succeed when you are willing to work.

“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up.
The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.”
~ Thomas A. Edison

    3 replies to "Product Creation is King!"

    • Mark

      Thanks John great article.

      I think that you have to come into this with the right mindset from the very beginning. I certainly had the wrong goals to begin with but as of most people the internet dream is still alive.

      It really comes down to giving more to others to help them that really was a big eye opener for me. Most people just teach the money side but forget that there its the people that really matter.

      Starting with what you have is the best way forward rather than chasing opportunities and grow from there.

    • Vinay Pandit

      Hi John

      Thanks for this useful post. I think it’s so true that you can be your own obstacle to success. I certainly know I have become my own worst enemy in the last few months and have let life get in the way.

      The key is to know why your’re doing this. Sure, the money is a factor but it needs to be about creating a new life for you and your family.

      I aim to keep on going to get where I know I can be, and to never give up! Thanks again John

    • Jackson

      I am restarting my whole online business again but product creation is definitely on top of my mind while I build a list. I wants to create a product that is simple but valuable to newbie. Because I am the newbie myself, I want to help others too.

      Thanks for sharing this article John!

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