If you want to become a successful Internet Marketer then these 101 Internet Marketing hacks created by full time Internet Marketer John Thornhill will help you on your way.

1. Don’t ever fake a testimonial.

2. Know what a visitor to your website is worth.

3. The primary function of your blog is to capture your visitors email address.

4. It’s not about how big your list is, but what you do with it.





6. If you scam anyone you will get found out.

7. If you can’t sell right away at the very least try to capture the visitors email.

8. Never ask another marketer how big their list is.

9. Learn product creation. It will make you the most money.

10. Never buy Facebook likes. Earn them.

11. Don’t ignore someone reaching out to you for help. They could be your next 5 figure client.

12. Unless you are a photoshop expert always outsource your graphic creation.

13. Good support is essential to your online success.

14. Creating one product does not make you a product creation expert.

15. Done for you = I’m too lazy to learn how to do it myself.

16. Work on your conversions before working on your traffic.

17. Getting JVs is all about building relationships.

18. Always review a product before promoting it.

19. Multiple income streams protect your business.

20. Create at least one high ticket offer.

21. Reciprocate promotions or you’ll quickly run out of affiliates.

22. You can find anything you need to know from Google and YouTube.

23. Go to as many live events as possible.





25. Only offer advice if qualified to do so.

26. The customer is not always right.

27. Always honour refund requests promptly.

28. Don’t rely on one form of traffic. It may be gone tomorrow.

29. Mail your subscribers at least once per day.

30. Test everything before launching. Especially your sales process.

31. Test some more.

32. Are you sure you have tested absolutely everything?

33. The more you pay affiliates the more affiliates you recruit.





35. You get what you pay for when it comes to hosting.

36. Just because it’s been done before doesn’t mean you can’t do it better.

37. A good coach knows how to listen.

38. Ask your subscribers how you can help them. The results may surprise you and you’ll get some great product ideas.

39. Always be closing. (ABC)

40. Create at least one killer webinar presentation. It could set you up for life.

41. Split test till you can’t split test no more. Then split test some more.

42. Don’t gossip about other marketers.

43. A customer is worth one hundred subscribers.

44. Don’t be afraid to speak your mind, your followers will appreciate you for it.

45. Don’t underestimate the power of social media. It can make you, but it can also break you.

46. If you say an offer is going to close at a given time make sure it does.

47. Never lie to your subscribers, they aren’t stupid.

48. If you have any doubts before hitting the send button then don’t send it.

49. Don’t argue with your customers.

50. Always use a redirect when promoting a product. This keeps you in control of where your traffic goes.

51. You only need to check emails once per day.

52. The first thing you should outsource is your support.

53. Every website you have online should try to capture leads one way or another.

54. Just because an affiliate says they will mail for your launch doesn’t mean they will.

55. Make yourself accountable to someone.





57. Invest in a good coach.

58. Affiliates are lazy. Give them what they need and more to promote your product.

59. Never cancel a launch once it’s been announced unless it’s absolutely necessary.

60. If you ask for a critique be prepared to take it on the chin.

61. Help the newbie. You don’t know how far they will go and they won’t forget it.

62. Listen to your followers. Your best product ideas will come from them.

63. You will get nasty comments from people unsubscribing, don’t let it get to you. We all get them.

64. Cross promote your products.

65. Master your autoresponder.

66. Get every word you write proofread.

67. Two fonts and two font colours is more than enough for a sales page.

68. Don’t use affiliate swipe ‘as is’.

67. Make goals.

68. Get on as many JV leaderboards as possible.

69. Pay prize money from your JV competitions promptly.

70. The money IS in the list.





72. Always be working on at least one product, but no more.

73. Confusion leads to cart abandonment. Keep your offer simple.

74. Less is more when it comes to squeeze pages.

75. Want to sell more as an affiliate? Offer a bonus.

76. Exit pops work, no matter how much they annoy you.

77. Always host sales videos on Amazon S3. Never YouTube.

78. A good story always helps sell a product.

79. Use Gmail.

80. Create your products in as many formats as possible, video, audio, PDF, etc.

81. Buying traffic to show a profit is not easy.

82. Most of your affiliates won’t make sales for you. Focus on the ones that do.

83. The best time to sell to someone is just after they have bought something.

84. Try to get your subscribers discounts off products you promote.

85. All of your products should be evergreen.

86. Scarcity and urgency works.

87. Sunday is the best day to end a launch.





89. Shut down distractions when working, Skype, email, phone, Facebook, etc.

90. With enough research you can become an expert in just about any niche in 2-3 weeks.

91. Take a 24 hour break from your business at least once per week.

92. Always have something recurring in your funnel.

93. Don’t link to your JV page from your sales page, affiliates don’t like it.

94. Don’t force affiliates to opt in for their affiliate link as most won’t.

95. Most of your traffic will come from your affiliates.

96. Put a notepad beside your bed, just in case.

97. Don’t waste time doing pointless things, Candy Crush is a perfect example.

98. You have more time than you think, just switch off the TV.

99. Don’t eat at your desk. It will make you less productive.

100. Take 5 minutes out of every hour to stretch.

101. Never ever ever give up. You are closer to success than you think.

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Feel free to comment below and let us know what hack is your favourite.

    44 replies to "101 Internet Marketing Hacks.
    Number 28 & 55 are Priceless"

    • Paul

      Fantastic list John. There is so much great info. to take from this.
      When I saw what you’d done I never thought I could possibly add anything to it.
      However 🙂
      Unless I missed it there doesn’t seem to be anything about wordpress security.
      I wrote a detailed post recently on my blog because several of my own sites were hacked recently and I had to do a lot of finding out and now I’m on a mission to tell everyone I know with a WP blog or website about the threat and how to defend against it.

      Prevention is so much better than cure.
      Even now, several of my sites are not fully up and running or remain offline for long periods of time whilst

      work is carried out.

      Its a really horrid experience to have to go through- especially if you feel you are on your own, paying heavily to put

      things right and suffering the cost of worry, lost time, lost sales,possibly even lost reputation and massive stress.

      If we do nothing else I recommend we absolutely must do the following immediately-
      1. delete any unused plugins & themes
      2. setup an “admin” that doesn’t use the name “admin”, and delete the one that does
      3. make sure all your plugins, themes & version of WP are up to date
      4. Make sure you use very strong passwords and change them frequently.
      5. Make sure you backup.

      All best and thanks again,

    • Doug

      Thanks John, great stuff as always! Will be printing this out and hanging in my office as a checklist!

    • Vinay Pandit

      Wow John

      Thanks for that list, I wonder how long that took you to rattle off?

      I might be wrong but I think the best Internet Marketers in the world probably go by all of those things you mentioned.

      I really like number 55. I think to succeed, you have to hold yourself accountable. If you’re not willing to do the work, no one can force you to. Even a coach can’t make you do it.

      Thanks John, its something useful to refer to once and a while.

      • John Thornhill

        I probably put about 8 hours into it Vinay over the course of a week while on vacation so not too much time.

        Thanks for your feedback.


        • Vinay Pandit

          Thanks again John

          Will keep this list somewhere safe!

    • Antonio Matos

      Hi John,

      Great list John, you have it on point. Too many people think is easy they feel that is about just setting up a site and that’s it.

      I do agree with the list and anybody who wants to be in the game, should follow this list. The one like is number 101 is all about not quitting.

      So John thanks for the list and have a great day.

      Warm regards,
      Antonio Matos

    • larry

      Great words of wisdom and experience

      Just shows what can go into a headline

      the art of a sentence and not picture saying it all for you

      A great work


    • Richard

      Hello John,
      Great list you put together here. Thank you so much for it, picked up a few things I hadn’t thought of. However I do have a question on #93. I am not sure I understand that one. Could please, expand on it a bit?

      Thanks again,


      • John Thornhill

        Hi Richard,

        I’m referring to linking from the bottom of your sales page to your affiliate/JV page to try to recruit affiliates. This means an affiliate sending traffic to your sales page could lose their commission.


    • Bill Keidan

      A great list John, many thanks for sharing your wisdom.

    • Tasleem Khan

      Love this list, we be printing it off. Thank you.

    • Gary Alach

      Great List John. I found so many gold nuggets in it. Thanks for sharing!

    • Nancy Cleary

      This could not have come at a better time for me. I am working on my first launch so put this up in my office where I can see it. I spend almost every moment of my time working on my launch outside of my full-time job. This will help to inspire me when the fear of failure and success are overwhelming. Thanks for all of the great content. I have learned a lot from you over the years!

    • Kevin Everett

      Great information John – as usual. Some really good points to focus on here. I am in the process of building my Blog and setting up a business model. I am sure these ‘hacks’ will prevent me making many mistakes along the way. I especially like point number 92 but am not really sure how to approach the recurring income approach. I suppose that is where point number 57 would help (invest in a good coach). One thing I have decided to do is to only listen to a selected few successful marketers (such as yourself) and separate other marketers onto a ‘for information only’ e-mail address, the idea being to study what other marketers are doing (with sales copy, funnels etc.)without being tempted to but all the latest ‘shiny things’. Do you think this is a good idea?

    • Steven

      I love 19 and partly disagree with 16..

      You can’t ‘focus’ on conversion without decent traffic. As focusing on conversion just means split testing. You can’t improve conversion without it no matter how you do it you need to test it in order to see if it improves or gets worse..

      To do proper split testing you need a good amount of traffic otherwise the testing will result in useless data.

      • John Thornhill

        I hear you Steven but you need to make sure you have an offer converting before putting all your weight behind it.

        I try to get my conversions up with my own traffic before asking affiliates to promote, that way I know my affiliates are promoting an offer that converts.


    • NikhilDubey

      This is fantastic set of tips collection. A Nice Birthday Gift to all SirJohn,s subscribers & well wishers .

      I understand that small tips may Imapct you worth than 100 page books.

      All Tips are important & much specific.

      But it will be worse of feeling good to read all in one instanse will do better if such tips can be implemented in real practise to make sense.

      I Like suggestion of some of my friends to remind these points on contineous basis so that one will be habitual of some of these.

    • Dylann

      It’s really great information about these 101 Internet Marketing Hacks. It’s very inspiring to read this kind of blog. Thanks and God Bless.

    • Robert Deveau

      This is one of the single best blog posts I’ve ever read. And I don’t think I’m just sucking up. I wish I could share it with my own subscribers ( and get the credit for it 🙂

    • Donald Gavin

      Just love the list. It is something that every marketer should nail to the wall beside their computer and read on a regular basis.

      Thanks John

    • Patti Boquist

      Thank you for sharing these in public! They can help everyone who reads them and puts them to work!

    • Wael Kaheel

      Hi John,

      Great article John, i have converted your article as a PDF and i intend to keep
      it as a hand book then print it for my own use.

      Thank you,

      Wael Kaheel

    • Michael D Gorman

      I can see these points are abased on personal experience, not pasted wisdom! My particular favorite is #101 because nothing is possible if you give up.

    • Cararta

      Hi John,

      A mini outline of Everything you do.
      I say “mini” cause so many of the short and sweet punch lines
      are things you expand in a program or offer.

      One I somehow missed doing right away was “Build your Email List”. This is essential for any kind of success.

      Trying to successfully market, blog or do anything productive on the internet without having the right kind of email lists…subscribers, customers or affiliates is like trying to walk on an Oyster shell bed barefooted.

      Appreciate the pointed reminders.

    • Galina St George

      Hi John,

      I felt like a child in a sweet shop… having trouble choosing my favourite. I made quite a list, and couldn’t decide which one I liked most. I have now narrowed it down to 4, 9, 11 and 85. I will be reading it again though, since there is a lot of information to absorb in one go. I also think that this can be used in any business, not just in internet marketing.

      Best wishes,


    • James Hughes

      Great list of things to remember and carry out consistently with your online marketing.

      Cheers John


    • Pj Germain

      Wow, great list that any newbie and even experienced marketer can learn from. There are definitely several items on here that I need to RE-incorporate into my day-to-day marketing routines and new ones that I hadn’t really thought of yet!

      Thanks for great info John, as always!


    • Chris

      61. Help the newbie. You don’t know how far they will go and they won’t forget it.

      That’s my favourite. I’ve been reading your emails for over 3 years, bought a few products, got instant help from you and your team when needed.

      I haven’t made a start in creating products or a list, i haven’t had the time to do it properly but now I’m making time. I feel that you are approachable and will help out and the favour will be repaid as soon as i’m earning.

    • Nigel Jeal

      Great list John!

      Not easy to whittle it down to a just few but my favourites are 28, 55 and 57. Goes without saying that 101 is a definite. That are no shortcuts, it’s all about the long game. Will have to save this as a checklist. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Shane Daley

      Some real golden nuggets in the list. Thank you.

    • Val Waldeck

      # 101 The encouragement to keep on keeping on.

    • Darren Thompson

      All of these little gem’s are brilliant John,the best for me would be 101.

    • Mike Owen

      How many of you noticed the TWO BONUS HACKS? Yes, there are actually 103 “hacks” in the list above!

      Look at 67 & 68. There are 2 for each number!

      Great list, John. Thanks for the bonuses 🙂

      • John Thornhill

        Good spot Mike 🙂

    • John Wright

      Hi John, Wise words from a wise owl. I have this on the wall next to my computer. It sort of motivates me,
      Because I look at it , and will do on a daily basis. It can only help to point me in the right direction.

    • Edna Davidsen

      Hi John,

      I’m a little late to this party – but again, that’s one of the strengths of blog posts, they work for a long time after they’re written if they’re relevant.

      Your blog post “101 Internet Marketing Hacks. Number 28 & 55 are Priceless” encouraged me to leave a comment.

      Here it is.

      First I have a question, I like to ask you out of curiosity.

      How do you determinate what a visitor is worth to your website?

      Among my favourites on this list where:

      18: Always review a product before promoting it.

      20: Create at least one high ticket offer.

      42. Don’t gossip about other marketers.

      91. Take a 42-hour break from your business at least once per week.

      One aspect I like about your list here is that you’ve divided it into sections based on themes.

      Once again, thank you for this in-depth list.

      Edna Davidsen.

    • Lynn Baillie

      So many great things to learn from this post – it’s all priceless! I’ve printed out the list and will look to implement these hacks into my internet marketing business asap, thanks John.

    • Richard Darby

      Absolutely amazing John .
      I loved the tip around not giving up…i think ive done that a few rimes but i always seem to gravitate back .

      I printing this out and using it as my success checklist!

    • Randy Smith

      Just goes to show… quality posts are ageless 🙂

      I wonder if a backlink from such a post still works… hehe 😉

    • George K.

      Hi John,

      This is bar far one of the best lists I’ve ever seen anyone post to their blog. I’ll definitely be remembering these for my own productivity and benefit. Thanks for taking the time to gather and post this list.

    • Phil Jones

      Hi John,

      I love it all but especially #91: Take a break don’t burn out. It really is too easy to get so involved that you forget about what is happening all around you.

      I am really enjoying your 1 year course and I truly find it informative. For the longest time I have treated the internet and computers as a hobby but know you have made that light bulb go off in my head! Please keep up being the mentor that you are and show me the WAY!

    • Debi Kirk

      John, thanks for this great post which I’ve just stumbled upon. It’s so helpful and I’ve learned so much from it. I’m definitely going to be referring back to it on a regular basis.

    • Nick Sherwood

      Hi John,

      I have just joined your Partner To Success program and I must admit I find your way of teaching truly riveting. The daily lessons are just the right size and easily digestible.

      I have just completed day 3 where you and Randy talk about blogging.

      Fascinating and informative content!

      You see I thought I would never want to be a blogger but after listening to you, I have totally changed my mind. You present it such a way that I now find it tangible and I will “grab the bull by the horns” so to speak.

      As suggested in the video I will use this post, and elaborate on each point to make post for my blog.

      And beside that, you have given me a ton of other ideas to create even more post.

      Amazing! You have opened my eyes!

      Thank you both.


    • Nick Sherwood

      Hi John,

      I have just joined your Partner To Success program and I must admit I find your way of teaching truly riveting. The daily lessons are just the right size and easily digestible.

      I have just completed day 3 where you and Randy talk about blogging.

      Fascinating and informative content!

      You see I thought I would never want to be a blogger but after listening to you, I have totally changed my mind. You present it such a way that I now find it tangible and I will “grab the bull by the horns” so to speak.

      As suggested in the video I will use this post, and elaborate on each point to make post for my blog.

      And beside that, you have given me a ton of other ideas to create even more post.

      Amazing! You have opened my eyes!

      Thank you both.


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