When keeping 10% pays you 1,000%

There’s an old piece of advice that says you should always pay yourself first. Take 10% off the top of everything you earn and save it, invest it and most of all, keep it for yourself. You save this 10% off the top before you pay any bills, before you pay taxes, before you buy food or pay the mortgage. And over time that 10% will add up to significant money and even financial freedom.

But there’s another 10% I want to talk about, and it’s time, if you’re spending the best 10 hours of your day working for someone else or even staying at home with the kids during this unusual time in history, I’d like to suggest the following.

Spending the first hour of everyday working towards your big goal, if your big goal is your own business, then spend that hour making progress on your business.

Nothing gets in the way of this hour because this hour belongs to you – not the kids, your spouse, the boss, or to your e-mails. You are paying yourself first with this hour. I’ve seen people build entire businesses and quit their jobs by being iron – clad adamant that this hour – every single day – is used for nothing but to grow their business.

Maybe your goal is fitness orientated use this hour to workout, or maybe your goal is learning a language or new skill. Whatever your goal, commit the first hour of the day – when you are freshest and the ideas and solutions come quickly – to work towards your goal.

And six months from now you’ll probably need a new goal because you will have ( finally ) achieved your current goal!

So have you and thoughts of what you would like to do in that special hour of yours. It could even be in the midnight hour.

Well may I give you a suggestion, it is fun to do and makes you fat (oops) I mean rich, you need to go to click here to find out.

Seeing this is my debut I will give you another pearl or maybe two.

Let’s take a tip from builders.

When builders start a job, the first thing they do digging for a single fence post or laying a single brick, well they string out a job. This means they run a guideline, the whole length of the wall that they are about to build or the entire run of the fence that they are putting up. They do this so that every brick they lay and every fence post they dig is precisely aligned. There is no room for guesswork but they don’t stop there.

A good builder has another tool that he uses all the time – spirit level.

Now you may not be a builder, but the same principles apply to absolutely everyone. It is terribly easy to assume that you know how to do a job and just crash on with it, only to find that the result isn’t quite how you anticipated. That’s why setting out your string – your goals and breaking them down into bite-sized steps is so important. It ensures that you will follow a straight line.

And the spirit level?

That is the question’s that you ask yourself at every step of the way – how can I do this better, why am I doing it this way, who is this for, and so on.

And here’s another tip you can learn from builders when you bend down to pick something up, please make sure your a$$ is well covered!

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This is a guest post from Peter Biram, if you would like to be considered for a guest post please contact me.

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