What do you think? How do you feel when someone says to you “Get Rich Quick! It’s Your Right”?

What’s your opinion about that statement? Is it true or false? Are you neutral?

Here’s what I think…

First, let’s clear the elephant out of the room. I’m not in any way endorsing or promoting any kind of scam, once in a lifetime opportunity that if you don’t act now, forever lose your fortune.. Nah, not into that.

If you read my last post, then you know I’ve got burned and I never want to see anyone else I know (or don’t) to have that kind of experience. It’s just like that feeling you get when you discover you’ve been robbed. You feel violated, exposed, powerless, angry…

Back to the point…

I feel amazing when I think that thought. It’s my right? Let’s crack on then… Need to make up for lost time, know what I mean. I’ve dreamed about it since I was young, I just never knew how to harness what was in my heart and translate that into reality. No one teaches you, just got to figure out yourself.

So much for the education system. It serves a purpose but I think there are a lot of people that it doesn’t serve. Were you one of them? I was academically gifted, but just not that inspired by it.

Do I blame it? No, how can you blame a system? In the past I would have.

That said, even if I’d done everything properly, I’d still be trading my time and skill for a job. Ever notice your offer letter that you get when a new job is on the table? Bla Bla Bla, working XX hours /day/week or month. Always somewhere near the top of the offer…

Giving away my power to be dictated to by someone who doesn’t really have my best interest at heart. The lockdown has served to reinforce how much I detest the status quo that I’ve become accustomed to.

It’s been drummed into most of us that we’re only worth what our job and title pay us. So I say this; we are incomparably worth far more than the richest corporations in the world put together from time immemorial. In fact every single last one from beginning to end. Just one of us, not all of us put together. Think about that.

So consider the statement to be true, ‘Get Rich Quick! It’s Your Right’.

Powerful right? Am I coming at you from the wrong angle? You’ve been working all your life, making sure you’re putting a percentage of your monthly income into your pension. Maybe you feel safe right? How did the long-termers that worked for Carillion feel when their nest eggs were ripped from right underneath them that dreadful day and the following weeks as the truth came pouring out?

How do you think the directors did out of that? With the Global economic impact of the Coronavirus yet to be fully understood and realized in a practical way, please know this; if you’re in full-time employment from the bottom of the ladder to the top, nothing is safe. It’s certainly going to be easier for anyone who has a good landing cushion, but even then, beware.

I sent some messages to friends asking them if they had a plan and no one came back to me with anything beyond more of the same. Complacency is a disease you can’t afford to have right now. Relying solely on your employer right now is the single most dangerous thing you can do in my opinion.

If something goes wrong, what are you going to do? Find another one? What if everyone else is thinking the same and going to do the same? 2008-2010 taught me a really valuable lesson. Never, rely on your employer.

That’s why I’ve tried time and time again to free myself from the stranglehold of working for someone else.

What’s different to the last crash? Well, technology. In a big way. Automation, AI, machine learning, and the list goes on. The job I do, project management, can easily be automated and is currently undergoing that very process. Bots are taking over repetitive work, apps that you can automate based on processes are already running the biggest businesses in the world.

If you subscribe to my email list, I’ve set up a series of emails to welcome you. If 1000 people signed up today, 10,000 tomorrow and a million the day after… No problem, I’ve got that covered.

You see, the old economy is dying right before our eyes. It’s going to shut down so fast, it will leave most of us for dead. If you don’t realize how serious it is and how quickly it will happen, then I hope you take stock now (remember this is 100% my opinion).

If one person can leverage automation to be able to do things that even the largest companies in the world couldn’t do ten years ago, without spending millions, then where are we going and when will it happen?

So, back to my first point again – what’s it got to do with Get Rich Quick! It’s Your Right? Well this new model can either leave you behind wondering what to do, or you can take massive action and be as powerful as you choose to be.

Leveraging automation, technology, bots, machine learning, growth, software to work as the biggest companies in the world from the comfort of your own home, or when we start to move again, anywhere of your choosing.

Working at scale and not having to blink is a pretty awesome idea.

Choosing the hours you want to work. Let’s say everything’s all set up – You want to work 5 hours a week tops. Then that’s ok. Once tuned in, multiple automatic income streams that don’t need tending to, perhaps tweaking here and there. You’ll be focused on creating even more revenue streams.

The more you create, the easier it becomes and the less work you need to put in, yet you make more money! Call me stupid, but that’s exactly what I want in my life. Now whoever taught you that in school? I sure didn’t learn that kind of thinking, but my gosh, it’s awesome!

Now I can confidently say, without trying to convince myself, let alone others, that as far as I know, I’m going to become the 1st millionaire in my family. All because I took action, I decided to think differently.

I’m no better than anyone else, having money won’t make me a better person. Who I am now is who I’ll be when I’ve got millions, heck even billions. Dare I say it… Even trillions! LOL
Naysayers will say nay – while I’m making it rain…

This is such a hot topic that needs addressing, so take the opportunity to connect with me. What I’ll do is write a series based solely on exploring this idea in-depth and much more cohesively. Join my mailing list or search for @andrewojwangblackburn.com on Facebook and sign up.

By the way, I haven’t planned it or set it up, but I’ve got the material I need to send a daily dose to whet your appetites. And when I do sit down and put it together properly, it’ll be coming at you on autopilot.

Writing isn’t an issue for me, so I know that I can leave it till the last moment and still get some good quality info out.

That is where I’m gonna sign off for now…

If you’ve been wanting to take action, do it now. Click here and join the webinar. It’s free, so it’s not going to hurt..

I can’t wait for the next proper blog post, to tell you what’s cooking… 😀

Oops, I forgot your homework:-

Try this – do it 5 times. Say the very first thing that comes to mind. Don’t filter what you say.

“If I knew I couldn’t fail, I would………”
“If I knew I couldn’t fail, I would………”
“If I knew I couldn’t fail, I would………”
“If I knew I couldn’t fail, I would………”
“If I knew I couldn’t fail, I would………”

You could also write it.

What did you say? Does it make you think? What do you really want?

Now try this – again, five times. Say the first thing that comes to mind.

“Money is …….”
“Money is …….”
“Money is …….”
“Money is …….”
“Money is …….”

This is a guest post from Andrew Blackburn, if you would like to be considered for a guest post please contact me.

    4 replies to "Get Rich Quick! It’s Your Right"

    • Wael Kaheel

      Awesome post Andrew!

      Most of people who tried to success online got into the quick riches one click make money and they’ve been scammed! So it becomes a red alert to join such an opportunity for the most but when this opportunity comes from an expert like John Thornhill a trusted well known who has helped 1000’s of people to success surly it makes sense.

      The mistake that led most people to get scammed is cause they didn’t search before they join an opportunity.

      Yes i agree get rich quick is very much passable as you mentioned with a the proven system that actually works and the technology involved.

      If i know i couldn’t fail i would take action!

      • Andrew Blackburn

        Thank you Wael – Truly appreciated. You’ve captured everything I wanted to in a short few words. I didn’t do my research thoroughly so paid dearly – this time I did and am so motivated to win, that I can’t lose – because of John’s expertise. I make mistakes all the time, but they aren’t stopping my progress because I know I can’t fail! 🙂

    • Barie

      It’s the word “Quick” which is untruthful bevause it implies that you don’t have to work at what ever you intend to do.

      • Andrew

        Hi Barie, personally, I wouldn’t suggest that it’s untruthful based purely on my own experiences. There is a segment, possibly even segments within most industries where you can make eye watering amounts of money easily and effortlessly. Those experiences are commonplace when you’re in the upper echelons of your chosen field. Now if you’re not, it’s also possible to achieve similar or relatively similar experiences, where the only difference is the scale that you’re doing it at. So anyone can get rich quick, but you need some structure to what you’re doing. A plan. A goal and finally action. Once those are in place, you lay the foundations, build it up until you reach the tipping point and then boom! The money comes pouring in. But now you’re doing far less work, putting in far less effort. It’s subjective, but in my opinion, if I spend 12 months building this up, not make anything from it and then suddenly make more in a month than I do in 6 months, and it keeps growing, that’s getting rich quick. And it’s planned.

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