It is 9:00 on a Saturday morning and a group of five of us are at a local café to discuss a business idea.

We met a few weeks ago at a seminar and have kept in touch. 

Our caffeinated beverages are ordered and on the table, we dive right in.

We have already had conversations about what type of business to focus on, and have settled on internet marketing.

Specifically, we plan to sell digital products and services online.

We have both a long-range plan and a short-term plan.

Our long-range plan is to develop and create our own line of digital merchandise. But this is for later.

In the short term, we are going to educate ourselves in the world of Internet marketing by finding high-quality digital products and services that already exist, that were developed and created by others, which we can then sell online as affiliate marketers.

The reason we have chosen digital merchandise versus physical is because fulfillment is easier, fulfillment costs are low, profit margins are high, and commissions are generous.

One other benefit is that some digital products and services are monthly subscription based. This means a single sale will deliver monthly income for as long as the customer uses the product/service and pays the monthly subscription fee.

We have discussed all of this before. There is no dissent on any of the above points. We all agree.

Our next logical step is to select the specific products and services we are going to sell.

Enter The Mythology Couple.

We have a married couple in our group. The husband and wife both seem intensely passionate about mythology. A few of us have even wondered aloud if they ever talk to each other about anything else.

To the point where, Instead of calling the husband and wife by their actual names, the rest of us refer to them good-naturedly as the Mythology Couple.

Or just MC for short when we are too lazy to pronounce the extra syllables.

On more than one occasion, this Mythology Couple has shared with us examples of how certain mythological principles display their relevance in modern-day life. And in internet marketing.

Jokes aside, their stories are interesting, fun to listen to, and thought-provoking.

On this Saturday morning, as we contemplate the question of which products to sell online, the wife reminds us of the code of honor shared by King Arthur’s Knights of the Round Table. 

When confronting an adversary, the Knight’s goal was not to defeat, humiliate, or kill the adversary, but rather convert them into an ally, and then invite this new ally to become a member of the Round Table.

The husband goes on to explain the relevance of this story in the world of internet marketing.

It has to do with mindset. Do we want to be the sort of people who scam others out of their money in exchange for crap products that don’t work?

Products that are much more difficult to use than advertised?

Does that have lousy support? Or zero support?

Or all of the above?

Or rather, are we going to be honorable Business Knights and exemplify the code of the Round Table?

Where our inventory consists of quality products that provide genuine benefits and useful services, that have proven their worth over time, have good sales track records, low refund rates, and solid support?

We all feel that if we limit our range of offers to those with this kind of genuine benefit, and if we always strive to be helpful and friendly in our business dealings, our customers will want to return to do business with us, over and over again, indefinitely.

A situation where everybody wins.

Remember we are still addressing here the short-term stage of becoming solid affiliate marketers.

To this end, there is a slow track and a faster track, which we will discuss in my next blog post.

Until then, if this Round Table code of honor stuff resonates with you, you would likely enjoy reading this free report by John Thornhill, which further discusses some of these precepts along with a few others.

I must warn you though: The title of this report may sound like a pessimistic Debbie Downer buzzkill.

Do not be fooled.  It is actually quite the opposite.

Here is your link:

Your Free Round Table Report

This is a guest blog post written by SK Novak, If you wish to be considered for a guest post then please contact me.

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