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Yes, I’m starting to shift all of my eBooks over to kindle, go check it out.

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Digital eBooks are overtaking regular eBooks in terms of sales on Amazon so if you are not getting into this you are missing out big time.

Now while this probably isn’t going to make me rich it is another income stream, plus it gives me more credibility as I’m seen as an expert and once I get all of my eBooks onto Kindle I’m sure I’ll see some excellent results.

So what did it cost me to get my eBooks on Kindle?




I was approached by Val Waldeck who asked if I would like to have my eBooks added to the Kindle store. Naturally I was interested so I said ‘what’s the cost?’ I was going to put my hand in my pocket to pay for this but we came to an arrangement that if she converted a few of my eBooks into Kindle format and added them to the Kindle store for me I’d let my subscribers (that’s you) know about the excellent step by step guide to getting published on Kindle Val has created.

It sells for $37 but I have secured you an absolutely crazy price of $10 from this link.


That’s an affiliate link but you already knew that right? So I expect to make around $4.12 in commissions per sale after fees so I’m clearly in this for the money aren’t I?

Hopefully you’ll see this is a real opportunity that you should at least check out, especially if you have any eBooks out there. And if you don’t have any eBooks created here’s 2 fantastic money making ideas that you can have for free.

1. Use PLR eBooks to create a virtual bookstore establishing yourself as an expert. I would imagine you have a ton of PLR material sitting on your hard drive doing nothing, this is a perfect opportunity to put it to good use.

2. Approach other marketers just like Val approached me and offer to turn all their eBooks into Kindle publications for a fee. I would imagine $50 per eBook would be an acceptable fee and as it would only take around 30 minutes per eBook to do this the profits could be huge.

There you go, to viable business ideas and all it need cost you is $10.


If you do go ahead with this I’d love to see your publications so please reply to this post and let us all know what you have created.

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    • Jacinta D

      Hi John,

      I just got Randy’s email and checked out Val’s site. This looks like a fantastic option for people with niche products.

      I am seriously going to think about turning my spray tanning book into a kindle one!

      This could be something you could add on for the students in masterclass.

      Hope all is great.


      Jacinta 😀

      P.S I have been working like a Trojan on my spray tanning niche site. Made a heap of changes, videoed the site and the results have been good so far. I am on a mission before my next call! 😀

    • Mandy Allen

      At the end of the day for $10 it’s a steal. Thanks for the link, John. Well worth the money, I will read it later on. Thansk for the webinar last night too, good stuff.

      Enjoy the journey.


    • Not only is it a cheap price John,

      But Val does give real and proper directions step by step…./
      I mention this because so many recently have been telling people to ‘whack’ their ebooks on Kindle – JUST to sell a bunch of PLR – but they didn’t show the real how to do it that Val is showing in her product!

      So that’s definitely a good recommendation 🙂


    • Matt Poc

      Hey John,

      I think I will use your advice and start approaching other internet marketers and collect fees 🙂

      I think it would be cool to publish some books, however, I need to focus just on one thing. That’s writing articles, creating videos and recruiting affiliates. Well, this may not seem like one thing, but it really is, because I approach potential JV partners and offer to write several exlusive articles or make videos for their continuity program.

      It is simple, but it works 100%.

      Keep posting great content John!

      Lots of people just post something on their blog to get search engine rankings, but not to deliver high value content. You only deliver really high value stuff! I have read almost every single post here…

      Matt Poc

    • Hi John

      Thanks for the link.

      Its great to add another tool to the chest and create more streams of income.

      Its a great deal at 10 bucks.

      Thanks will be checking out for sure.



    • shaun

      Hi John I looked at doing this a while ago but ran into a problem, can’t quite remember but I think it was about getting paid if you were in the UK. Is that not an issue now ?

      • John Thornhill

        I have never been aware of this issue Shaun but I had no problems.

      • Cheryll

        Initially Shaun, Amazon’s digital text platform was only available to US residents and non-residents were unable to take advantage of the service.

        I believe the digital text platform was rolled out to UK residents early last year so there should be no problems now in selling Kindle ebooks.

        Hope this helps!

    • Sally

      Hey John

      That’s cool you’re kindle published now!

      Modern technology just seems to bring more and more income opportunities / streams with it, it’s FAB.


      If you think two years ago, none of these opportunities where possible, amazing stuff.

      I remember the days before people even had a mobile phone, showing my age here lol.

      However, I am not gonna buy Val’s guide right now, because I know I wouldn’t put it to good use, but I will save the link for later and grab a copy for when the time is right.

      So that’s $4.12 you can expect in the future ha ha.

      Sally 🙂

    • Stuart Turnbull

      Hi John

      Your post reminded me that I’d thrown up the ‘Best20ways’ eBook on Kindle 6 months ago (I mean literally ‘thrown up’ – I had no idea how to format it properly!)

      Anyway, as I had no emails from Amazon since I put it up I forgot all about it until I read your post.

      I checked the sales stats today and was pleasantly surprised to see it has been selling a few copies per month!

      As you say, John it isn’t going to make me rich but it is another income stream that costs nothing to set up.

      I reckon I’ll invest $10 in Val’s eBook and get it formatted properly!


      BTW here’s the link http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0044XV83C

      • John Thornhill

        Making money you don’t even know about, you have to love this line of work don’t you? 🙂

    • Dave Everett

      Hi John,

      I have published books on Kindle already (only 6 though) using PLR content. Most of what I know about Kindle Publishing was taught to me by James Jones.

      According to James he has tried money-making type books on Kindle, but never had a lot of success. Most of his sales come from other niches.

      I shall be buying Val’s product as anything to do with Kindle publishing interests me – once published it has to be the easiest money going.


    • Cragar

      Got it! This should be an exciting niche to explore and have already gotten a domain to go along with it. Congrats Val and Thanks for the SO you have give to the MC students.

    • Suzanne Morrison

      Hi John,

      Great – I’ve been thinking of adding my EBooks to Kindle for a while now, especially since the Kindle is becoming more affordable and popular lately.

      I’d be interested to know what sort of results you get on Amazon from the EBooks you added.


    • Jan

      Hi John,

      Publishing on Kindle was something I was considering but hadn’t the time to fathom the how’s.

      Vals guide is great – step by step and no bull filler. Well worth the $10 investment. I’ll be locking myself in a room over the weekend to start converting my e-books.

      Don’t spend the $4.12 commission all at once!

    • Michelle Duplechan

      Hi John,
      I’m currently in the product creation stage of your Masterclass program and am excited about getting products created and putting them on Kindle as yet another income stream!

      Thanks so much for the info…


    • Ed

      Hey John,

      Kindle was a concept that made my eyes open very wide when it first came about, and I say this because I was looking for a way to sell eBooks on amazon.com and .uk, and the kindle was the alternative back door in amongst selling your own eBooks in paperback format as you teach in eBook 2 book…

      ..2 income streams on Amazon that I will put to the test!

      You know speaking of the eBook 2 book concept could you possibly have any video series that compliment your chosen eBook product made into proper dvd format sold along side the eBook transformed into a paperback as a complete package, or would the expense of this complete format be to great?

      Great post John….John.

    • John

      Hi John,

      Cool Blog Post,and great direction John, must get that first one out ASAP though.

      Looks like another great auto-pilot sales platform.

      Best Regards,

      John Pugh.

    • Jerry Kuzma

      thanks John…..very timely. kindle is definitely a growth market, so this is a good time to get established on it…I looking to upload a dozen books myself.

      hope it doesn’t get too crowded!

    • Jules Macintyre

      Hey John,
      Great post, as you say Kindle looks like a great income stream to add to our armoury and will be something I shall be looking into.
      Another great income stream, with this would be to offer it as a service to offline companies.

    • Dave Everett

      Hi again John,

      Having now bought and digested Val’s book, I can truly see the value of it. When I previously published books to the Kindle I just converted Word to PDF and uploaded that, allowing Amazon to do the conversion.

      However, if you are building a library of books for Kindle, I can see the wisdom of making them look the best they can in order to attract buyers to return for more, as Val advises.

      I have so much PLR material on my computer just begging to be converted…

    • James

      Hi John

      Great post.

      The Kindle is a brilliant gadget and this product will help me to get rid of any excess PLR on my desktop!

      Thanks again


    • Dawn Stephenson

      Just new to all this, but is sounds so exciting, can’t wait to get going with it all.

    • Barry Wells

      Hi John, This post has been in the back of my mind since I got your email telling me about it but other things (offline) have kept me busy.

      I’ve recently bought a product about getting kindle published but found it lacking info in some areas so having seen this great offer I’ve just bought Val’s product as well 😉

      Kindle is the way to go, with more and more people using the new smart phones and hand held eBook readers we’d be silly not to move in that direction.

      They may not have a high sale price but when you think we just set it and forget it, with no customer service or follow ups to sort out it really is atractive to get our products on there and then check in once a month to see the results.

      I’ll pop back and let you know how I get on.

      Thanks John,
      Respect and Regards, Barry

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