There are four things that are required to have a successful business. The first element you have to have is a reason to start an online business. If that reason is not strong enough you will most likely quit.. The second element you need is a business model. Once you have your business model you need to find a niche that interests you. In my case, I chose the “make money online” niche.

The most important question is, Why?

Why would you want to start an online business? Yes, I know you want to make lots of money. We all do. In the online space of making money, everyone is telling you how to make money in all sorts of different ways. When you don’t see any expected results, when the sales are not coming, and traffic comes to a drip instead of a waterfall, what will you do? Most give up! A strong “Why” is required to succeed in any online business.

What motivates you?

Here is an example of a strong innovating why. When I started my online business, I had a why that took a little refining. I had previous experiences with call centers. When I would try to advance in the corporate world, I would get stares and chuckles. Managers would go as far as to make light of my disability. I knew from that day forward I never wanted to see a corporate setting again. I wanted to be self-employed.

Now that I had my “Why,” I had to keep it. I was able to do this with the proper mindset and accountability partners, which also happen to be my business partner. I will share my WHY with you because I believe it is essential to inspire others along the way.
Before starting my own online business, I attained my degree in Information Technology. I then did what so many people do, go work for corporate America. I did that for ten years and became very disillusioned by it. Every time I went to go for a promotion, I would get turned away. I firmly believe it was because of my disability and their preconceived notions. Knowing it was an uphill battle to get promotions and raises, if I was going to fight, I was going to fight for myself.

Finding Your Business Type

Here are some of the different types of businesses to consider: affiliate marketing, networking marketing, direct sales, and drop-shipping, to name some of the most common. If you are unfamiliar with these types of businesses, let me explain them.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a model where you promote other people’s products. When you promote other people’s products through a specialized link and customer buys the product you get a percentage or better known as a commission. The commission rate is set by the owner of the product you are promoting. One of the most popular affiliate marketing sites is ClickBank. There is a product in ClickBank that I like because of its good commission structure and support team.

Networking Marketing

Network marketing is an in-person sales method. In this method, an independent sales representative sells you the product. There is usually a representative to help close the sale. Some network marketing companies use a tier system. When you see a tier system, do a little bit of research. Some of these companies have been known to be a scam. Just to be fair, there are some good ones out there. One such example is Herbalife.

Direct Sales

Direct Sales is a method of selling to the customer directly. This differs from network marketing. With network marketing, you get paid for recruiting other representatives into your organization and any sales they make. One of the more popular direct sale companies is Pampered Chef.


Dropshipping is a business where the seller accepts customer orders but does not keep goods sold in stock. They are usually shipped to the customer from a supplier. One example of this business model would be Shopify.

Finding a Niche

Finding a niche is really quite simple. One of the quickest ways to do it is to go to ClickBank. Once you are in ClickBank, the upper right. There is a magnifying glass. Click on it and it will show the most popular products that are selling. When you research and find your product, click the “promote” link and you will get your customized link where you can start driving traffic.

In Conclusion

Once I found my “why” and picked my method of making money online. This free information changed my outlook on building an online business. I was more focused and determined to be a success in the online space. My disability no longer mattered, and it leveled the playing field. Let me help you get started and level your playing field.

This is a guest post from Damian Fratercangelo if you would like to be considered for a guest post please contact me.


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