Before you create a business with its website or blog is very important to plan your C.T.A. (Call to Action). It means you need to write posts that give REAL value to your readers and force them to do one action (click a button, subscribe to a newsletter, buy a product).

NO visitors and no CTA mean no leads/sales. It’s simple. Other important points for a successful business:

1) indirect traffic

2) organic traffic (or call it direct traffic)

Indirect traffic comes from videos, ads, social media, blogs, comments, etc. Direct traffic comes from search engines (SEO). Do not forget that your sales depend on your “Professional image” and free blog platforms can’t give you this thing because it’s free (people know it’s a free service).

When it comes to an affiliate program, one of the most common mistakes a program participant makes is choosing to sell a product that they do not believe in or fully stand behind one hundred percent. Although you may be making money, you may also be creating a bad name for yourself. That is why it is important that you promote or sell products that you believe in, like this one that I LOVE.

When it comes to promoting a product that you believe in, one of the most commonly asked questions is “how?” The best way to promote a product that you believe in is to actually try out the product. Do not forget to MIX your traffic strategies…

Personally, I believe in 3 different marketing actions:

1) Actions for the present
2) Actions for medium time
3) Actions for a long period

For instance, if you are promoting an e-book, you may want to think about reading the e-book in question. In fact, if you ask, you may be given the e-book to review for free or for a discounted price. If you are interested in joining an affiliate program set up by a retailer, you will earn a commission for all sales, not just a particular product.

By not agreeing to sell a poor quality product, you will be saving other consumers, just like you, money. In fact, you should be proud of yourself for refusing to do business with an affiliate program that doesn’t live up to par.

Your goal as a business is the same as everyone else, whether big or small, to get new customers and keep the ones you already caught. You need to have a marketing strategy that will use the web to catch them and keep them.

It can seem hard to get it put together but the great thing is once you have the right marketing design and strategy in place it will keep working for you and be easier to follow every time you implement it. Another reason why you should avoid doing business with an affiliate program that sells a poor quality product is because of your reputation, and remember to create a big brand with a successful business like this one.

Although you are only directing customers to the site where they can buy the product in question, you may still be remembered for your part in the sale. Do you really want to be remembered as the guy or the woman who recommended a product that wasn’t even worth the money spent?

There is no need to reinvent the wheel. A lot of the work has been done by others in your field to develop a marketing strategy trying to take advantage of the web. Customers are an active part of your success, believe in your customer’s satisfaction, build on their strengths, strengthen their weaknesses, and avoid failures.

As was mentioned above, you may be making money with an affiliate program, even if the product being sold isn’t as good as it could have been. Although you may be making money will probably not last forever. In fact, you may soon find your sales decreasing, if the decrease hasn’t already started.

The money that you can make, right away, may seem nice, at the time, but you need to remember to think long-term. Do you know what you want to do in the future, whether it is now or in a few years?

This is a guest post from Marco Vorzitelli, if you would like to be considered for a guest post please contact me.

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