Do you really need an autoresponder automated campaign for your list?

Take this into consideration:

If you don’t have a follow-up autoresponder campaign that sends out a predictable email on a predictable day after someone comes onto your list, then what happens is this:

The new subscriber gets on to your list.

They are going to receive your emails, which you will be sending to them over the next 90 days.

You might get a response from them depending on how well they feel about your autoresponder messages and if they do trust you.

You may not be sure why. The reason for that is, you for example will not know if a certain message stopped sales or you must rearrange your messages for a better result etc.

On the flip side look at this scenario:

If you have an autoresponder campaign set up where every subscriber does get an identically message on the same schedule set up, you can observe how your subscribers respond and when they do respond so that you can change your campaign should that be required.

When you do not have a pre-planned campaign scheduled, or not send an email today, they are not going to hear from you.

If you decide to take off a month or two, sales are going to stop.

If you suddenly do get sick and take off time your sales are also going to stop.

On the other hand, sales will continue for as long as you have set up the emails in your autoresponder campaign. If you can have a scheduled autoresponder series for a year or so, so be it. The longer the series of emails the better.

A few tips on the autoresponder messages that you do intend to send out:

1. Do not just send promotional emails.

2. Establish rapport with your subscriber and make sure that you stay on the topic for which your subscriber originally subscribed to.

3. Most if not all your autoresponder messages should give some valuable tips or information to your subscriber.

4. Make sure that your subscriber always has a way of how to opt-out of your message sequence, should they not be interested anymore in what you are sending to them.

5. Keep your messages short to medium length most of the time. People do not want to read long emails anymore, therefore your messages to them should be interesting.

We can conclude that an autoresponder with messages set up to go out on scheduled intervals is a must for any online business and not just some afterthought. The important thing is that the messages should go to a targeted audience and be of value to the subscriber.

If you want to find out how to build an online business by using nothing more than email and an autoresponder click here.

This is a guest post from Johan Oosthuizen, if you would like to be considered for a guest post please contact me.

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    • Matt Ward

      Super article Johan Oosthuizen, I’m going to implement some
      Of those tips tomorrow !
      Not as in putting it off until tomorrow, just going to do it tomorrow!

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