Is there really such a thing as a Done For You Affiliate Program? The simple answer is yes. These days every seller on the planet is offering a Done For You option. To be honest, it’s a great option for people who flat out don’t want to worry about learning from the ground up, and just want to pay someone to set up an automated system for them so they can sit back and collect commissions. Sounds easy right? Stay with me till the end when I will reveal a Done For You Affiliate Program that is getting its members unheard of results.

Along my affiliate journey, I’ve learned the hard way that there are certain criteria a Done For You Affiliate program should meet if you are going to invest your hard-earned money into it. What follows are my tips, based on my 10 years of investing in numerous affiliate programs, on how to choose a Done For You Affiliate Program that will give you the best chance to get results.

Before, I start, please understand that I’m just an ordinary guy who’s never written an article like this in my life, but I figured given how much money I’ve invested in online business over the years, and what I’ve learned, that my experience will help newbies, or even more experienced marketers, find a proven DFY (Done For You) Affiliate Program faster if they what questions to ask or if they happen to find a gem because they were in the right place at the right time. Kinda Like Today.

Here are my tips for choosing a DFY Affiliate program that will give you the best chance to get results.

– Ok, let’s get right into it. First and foremost, AVOID brand new DFY Affiliate programs that have no proven track record of having any success for its members. A few years back I invested heavily in a new DFY Affiliate program highly recommended by a friend who makes a living writing reviews about online businesses. In my mind, he was basically an expert in the online space so I didn’t question him and jumped right in. It sounded great. It was an all-cash business that operated offline and online. My friend was my sponsor, and since he had a lot of computer tech experience, he helped me set up my business so that I could promote the offer offline and online.

The company sold everyone by telling its members they would send out flyers for us, would do all the selling, and we would just collect the profits. They claimed they had their own in-house mailing system that could handle sending out flyers for the members, but since they were so new, there was actually no proof they could deliver on these promises. So, guess what happened? Yep, the demand to have the company mail out flyers for its members got so high, that eventually the company could not keep up, and within a year they went belly-up. I lost my whole investment and was not a happy camper, but looking back, I ended up learning a lot from that experience.

– The ONLY reasons why I would ever invest in a brand new DFY affiliate program, would be because the creator of the program already has a proven track record of helping members get results with a program he or she has created in the past. I personally would avoid DFY programs created by someone who consistently gets bad reviews about programs they have created in the past. There are definitely DFY programs out there that have been updated by the original creator, so you might want to check to see if what you are investing in is an updated version.

The other thing I highly recommend is always making sure that the people behind the business, especially a new one, actually get back to you when you make inquiries. It’s always a good sign when someone responds to your email or your telephone call. Any legit company will have great customer support.

– I highly recommend investing in DFY programs that are proving, with real testimonials, they are getting their members results. It’s best to choose to partner with someone who is known in the affiliate space and has actually had massive success themselves using the same system they are selling to you.

– I also recommend asking the creator of the program what their long-term plans are for their program before making an investment. It’s important to ask if they plan on continuing to update their system so that you can use methods that are current.

– Make sure to ask yourself if the offer you are thinking about promoting is an offer that you can see other people getting real results with, because if it’s too complicated or too hard for others to make money with, or even to set up, then it’s probably not a good offer to invest in.

– Another question I would ask is, does the DFY program have High Ticket offers. About a year ago I joined a DFY program and within 2 days, being a complete newbie to affiliate marketing, made a sale. I was overjoyed, but realized very quickly that I would have to make 10-20 sales just to make $100-$200 dollars in profit. Who wants to do that!? If I promoted Higher Ticket offers, I wouldn’t have to make nearly as many sales to make a lot more money.

Which would you choose? Make 20 sales or 1 sale to make the same amount of money? No brainer, right? So, my best advice, choose to invest in a program that promotes Higher Ticket offers so that you don’t have to make a ton of sales to earn a good income.

– Another question to ask is, does the program have a DFY email sequence that goes out to your prospects (visitors to your offer) on your behalf so that you don’t have to worry about what to write and, also so that you have a much better chance of making a sale. I would avoid programs that don’t have this component, because then you will have to learn how to write follow-up emails, which will take lots of test, and like we mentioned before, we aren’t looking for another job.

There is actually a DFY program that offers an email sequence for a minimum of 99 days (currently this program is working on promoting offers for their members for 365 days), and I will share that program with you later in this article.

– This might be the most important component that a good DFY program has……ask if they have a proven source for getting traffic to the offer that is proven to convert. I joined a very good DFY program at the beginning of the year, but realized too late, that they didn’t have a proven source of traffic, or even how to properly use any traffic source to get conversions.

Without a way to use a proven traffic source, you will most likely not get the results you’re hoping for. Also, make sure that the program provides step-by-step training that makes it very easy for their members to not only set up the system but to get results.

– Last but not least, (please keep in mind, there are other things to consider but these are what I consider the most important) I think it’s very important to ask what the payout is for the DFY program that you are considering investing in. Getting 35% or above on all products sold is a good commission. Also, make sure to ask or find out when you get paid. There are some Affiliate platforms that don’t pay you for 45-60 days!!! Who can afford not to get paid for that long!? Look for programs that pay you within a few weeks or even within a few days.

Now as promised, I want to recommend a Done For Your Affiliate program that is endorsed by some of the top affiliate marketers on the planet. This program has generated these affiliates six figures and counting. This is a program that is exclusive and is by invitation only, but today I am going to give you a link so that you can get access to a webinar that will explain in full detail what the opportunity entails.

Honestly, I never knew these types of Done For You Affiliate programs existed, and would never have known about it had I not invested in another opportunity whose creator introduced it to those of us who just wanted to put ourselves in a position to get much quicker results while letting someone else pretty much set up the entire business for us.

If you want an opportunity to partner with someone who has the experience and the system to completely change your financial situation, not just now, but for generations, then go to, put in your details, and then you will receive a special link to attend the free webinar. Watch all the way till the end, so that you don’t miss out on his exclusive offer. The rest is in your hands.

I hope that this article has been helpful. As I continue to go on this affiliate marketing journey, I will keep you updated with what I am learning and what is working for me, and for others.

To Your Success,


This is a guest post from Vince Thomas, if you would like to be considered for a guest post please contact me.

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