By now it definitely should come as no real surprise that a staggering 80% or more of the long term success of your on or offline advertisement will ultimately be decided by how well your “what’s in it for me?” performs, correct?

Stop and consider this all too common situation. A total of ten thousand men & women are hurrying through an extremely crowded airport during the constant hustle & bustle of the outrageously busy travel season.

When suddenly out of nowhere, a person with a huge bullhorn appears and shouts directly into it.

“Excuse Miss, Sir?” Which would-be traveller is supposed to either stop their phone conversation? Or stop scrolling on their phone in order to try and determine who is actually being targeted?

Entrepreneur, who are you actually talking to and trying to reach? And being far too vague and your untargeted message(s) is simply a waste of your limited resources and assets. No matter how you primarily market your business or service. Either on or offline.

On the other hand. If the marketer with the bullhorn were to shout the following message into the same crowded airport. They would consistently experience 25-75% more front end profitable results. And systematically expend less money and effort to do so.

“Your attention please, would Janet Jones or John Smith please report to Caribbean Airlines gateway # twelve. (Hopefully, you see “how” much more effective and potentially profitable being direct can be or quickly become.)

Entrepreneur Your Benefit Laden Main Power Headline Will Ultimately Decide 80% Of Ads Success Or Failure!

The main point is simply by strategically A/B split testing your main power headlines or opt-in email “subject lines.”

You can inexpensively discover which benefits appeal to your target audience the most. And sometimes simply by strategically testing your main power headlines.

You or your major competitors can experience long term results that vary by as much as 1,200%.

Consider this potential outcome for just a moment. You send out 500 snail mail postcards and the first mailing only generates a dismal 1%. This means just 5 potential prospects respond in some positive way. (500 x .01% = 5 responses.)

On the other hand, because they A/B split test and send the next 500 or X number of prospects practically the exact same snail mail postcard or letter or email etc..

And all the change is the potential benefit of the main power headline. And this time a staggering 37% responded favourably. (Not factoring in any long term follow up strategies.)

This means 185 recipients respond favourably. (500 x .37% = 185 responses.) Are you starting to better appreciate the long term profit-generating potential of learning ‘how to” right benefit laden main power headlines?

How The Ultimate Insiders Consistently Give Themselves A Raise Regardless Of What’s Going On In The Local Or National Economy!

Of course, on the initial surface, it sounds a little bit over the top, correct?

But systematically A/B split testing your main power headlines on your banner and solo ads, snail mail postcards, direct response type of business cards, opt-in email subject lines, on or offline sales letters or your P.S’s etc.

Simply by inexpensively testing these different variables, (one at a time BTW!), against each other. Your target market through their response or lack thereof will guide you to which benefits interest them the most.

How often do you think the average on or offline small business owner or service consistently experiences anywhere near a 1,200% increase in their marketing results.

And BTW, (ladies & gentlemen) learning “how to” write results generating main power headlines, sub-headlines or opt-in email subject lines alone, is definitely a bankable and evergreen skill to develop.

With that said. Take a look at 5 of the most powerful, evergreen “what’s in it for me?” type of main power headline templates currently in use today.

They’re evergreen and can literally be used and creatively modified in practically any niche or market you can think of.

Evergreen main power headliner template # one: This first one is definitely ole faithful. Ladies & gentlemen, when in doubt. Always resort to the timeless classic “How To” do this or that main power headline.

1. Ex: How To Finance Your Kids Potentially Expensive Ivy League School Education! (Without Going Into Major Debt!)
(Haven’t you seen this mega proven “how to” template constantly being used all over the place? Both on and offline.)

Ex: “How An Ex Ohio Elementary School Teacher Actually Retired And Currently Lives Off The Dividends From Her Multi Seven Figure Stock Portfolio!”
(And Her Free 90 Minute Webinar Shows You Exactly What She Did And How You Can Too!)

2. “What If Everything You Thought You Knew About X Was A Big Fat Lie?”
Ex: “What If Everything You Thought You Knew About Diabetes Was A Big Fat Lie?”

3. “Who Else Want To?”

Ex: “Who Else Wants To Learn How To Save A Bare Bones Minimum Of 18% On The Annual Car Insurance! (Without Sacrificing Their Main Coverage!”)

4. “Give Me Or Us Just 90 Minutes (Or X Amount Of Time) And You’ll Discover More Proven Methods For Eliminating X Than You Previously Thought Possible!”

Ex: “Give us just 90 Minutes And You’ll Discover More Proven Methods For Eliminating Back Pain Than You Previously Thought Possible!”

And finally: “Are You Earning An Extra $1,497 Dollars Per Week Or Month With Your Or Using Your X?”

5. Ex: “Are You Earning an Extra $1,497 Dollars Per Month Using Your Smartphone In Your Spare Time?”

Ladies and gentlemen, there you have it. Five of the most potentially profitable, evergreen main power headline templates in use today. (On or offline.) Your job is to simply modify and constantly test them. So they can work for not against you.

You’ll consistently be light years ahead of your major competitors. And your long term results will gradually start to improve.

This is a bankable skill, you can no longer afford not to start developing. This is how you or your major competitors create evergreen assets or resources which work for you over and over.

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