If you are just getting started or have been in the online business world for any length of time with little or no success, you are probably asking yourself a very important question. What is the fastest and most reliable way to build a business online?

Things on the Internet are changing very rapidly and the amount of noise on this topic can pull you into many different directions, eventually creating overwhelm, confusion, and leaving you paralyzed, eventually quitting on yourself and your dreams.

Surprisingly, in this rapid changing (IOT) Internet of Things, Email marketing, however, hasn’t changed in years. The lifeline of your email business is your list, which is a great way to nurture relationships and promote your business to people long after they had left your website.

You need to remember that starting an online business can be a lot of fun and very profitable only if it is done the right way. The goal here is to outline the quickest way you can start earning money online.

Email Marketing – Statistics and Facts

Look at these exciting email marketing statistics and facts.

According to (Campaign Monitor), Email continues to deliver the highest ROI out of all the other marketing strategies.
To be a successful Email Marketer, you’ll need a few things that I will outline below:

1. Auto-Responder – This is where you will store your subscribers and where you’ll send your emails. There are many different autoresponders, however, one of my favourites is Aweber.com.

2. Optin Page – You need to have a page where people can simply “Opt In’ to receive emails from you. Learn How To Make Up To $997 Commissions.

3. Lead Magnet – You will need something to “Offer” visitors in exchange for them giving you their email address. These vary depending on what niche you are in but are massively important to your overall success. Looking to Build Your Online Business in 2022?

4. Thank You Page – This is simply a page that someone goes to after they subscribe to your email list, thanking them for joining. This page will include what is called a “profit centre”.

5. Profit Centers – This is how you are going to make money! There are many different types of profit centres such as Shopify, Affiliate Programs, Amazon Stores and more. Essentially, you are combining other products or services into your marketing campaigns that are in the same niche you are promoting, allowing you to make much more money. The Automated Sales for Success program offers these ready to go profit centres built-in for you to earn more money and to crush it in 2022.

Email marketing is an incredible way to make some money by working for yourself. Email delivers better results than any other marketing platform. In fact, email marketing is forty times more effective in acquiring new customers to your list than Facebook or Twitter.

Moreover, 99% of consumers check their email inbox every single day and it is also by far the preferred way to receive updates or information from brands.

If you’re looking for help to achieve your goal and want to get started building your business quickly and help you crush it in the new year, my mentor and business partner John Thornhill provides an opportunity and a proven path to online success.

Free training for this webinar and an opportunity on how you can partner with a real internet millionaire may be accessed here: Automated Sales for Success.

To Your Success!

Jason G

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