Please note! There are no affiliate links in this post. And there are quite a few links so please check out this post in full as it contains a lot of information.

Today I want to announce the release of 2 new websites.

First of all this months Free Monthly Website is ready. Get it 100% free from:

Secondly, I want to announce the release of your eBook website version 1.4

Once again this is free to all existing members of:

Here is a list of the changes made from version 1.3 to 1.4

The ability to link eBook pages to an affiliate link instead of a page within the site has been added (very powerful option, check it out, go to edit any eBook page and you will see an option for ‘Affiliated Product Link’)

DLGuard has been integrated into the admin panel, allowing you to insert all eBooks into your DLGuard account with the click of a button. This is an excellent way to secure and deliver your digital downloads. Thanks’ to Sam at DLGuard for this!

Some cosmetic and minor changes made to admin panel.

Loads of new eBooks added to the Latest Premium eBooks section.

Two new eBooks added to the standard eBooks.

Two new themes added and many of the existing themes tweaked.

Brand new ‘Breaking News’ section added with auto updating feature to keep the site up to date with the very latest releases.

ClickBank Ad Rotator added to the site, free of charge.

PayDotcom has now been added as a third party payment processor.

The site is now able to be integrated with a fully automated software website as well as the existing eBook website, offering double the earning potential.

If you want to see a live version of the new site in action here’s mine:

So remember,

Your Free Monthly Website:

eBook website version 1.4 (free to existing members, simply login to the members area and download)

    3 replies to "Here’s 2 Brand New Money Making Websites For You"

    • Aaron

      I bought this product back in 2007 and what a change it’s gone through since you first brought it out 🙂

      I’ve just downloaded the new copy and modified it. If anyone wants to have a look you can do so here;

      I like the fact that it’s been coded in php instead of html. Everything is dynamically updated and the admin control panel gives you full control of everything so well done!

      It’s also the first time I’ve seen a store without the need to set up digital delivery because you’ve already made use of the PayPal IPN script!

      20 Internet Marketing Videos;

    • Michael Haught

      The new updates for the e-book website are great. I especially like the inclusion of CBadrotator. This program is a ton better than Adsense because you get paid a commission if someone buys the product off of your site. Unlike Adsense where you only get paid a few measly cents for each click.

      Plus the new themes are great, I put one of the new themes on my site:

      Thanks John,

      Michael Haught

    • Ken Biddle

      Hi John,
      I have got both the eBook store and software store. This has got to be a major advantage for people just starting off. Installing the software and setting it up is so simple that even my dog could do it! (Well maybe that’s going a little too far but you know what I mean – lol)

      The fact that it is PHP driven with dynamic content is particularly good, and lots of new themes to choose from.

      It’s a good clean layout with easy to use navigation which makes it easy for potential customers to just browse or use the search box to find something in particular.

      Here is a link to mine which I am particularly pleased with.

      The icing on the cake has to be the fact that it is fully integrated with adsense AND CBadrotator, a double plus.

      Really good to see a built in site map as well which will help with search engine rankings.

      It’s also nice to see that this product is an evolving one with new and better versions coming out. This can only reassure everyone thinking of getting it that they are making a sound investment for the future with a product that will continue to offer growth over time.

      If anyone is thinking of getting a shop then I certainly strongly recommend getting this one.

      Ken Biddle

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