This is a guest post written by Daniel Sumner

Hey Guys Daniel Sumner here and today I want to talk about you!

Do you ever have days when you find that your whole business isn’t moving as fast as you would like it too? Are those days the days where you just want to bury your head and forget about the whole damn thing in the first place! Hey it happens to the best of us and will happen more than once within our lifetime I can guarantee that.
Don't Do it!It’s that deflated feeling to the point where you may just throw in the towel, it is a serious test of your inner strength and your ability to carry on!

Don’t Do it Man! Hold That Towel!

You will regret every minute of it and you will ask yourself in the future should I have done it? Then try to justify your actions to make yourself feel better. I wonder where I would be today if I had given up? Trust me when I say if you give up, then you will never know how successful you can be. The hardest part of your business is getting it started from the ground up.

The truth is there is always a solution to the problems you face if you just seek out the answers. Here are a few examples of excuses we have all heard and most likely used in the past:

• I can’t afford it
• I don’t know how to do it
• I don’t have the time
• I don’t know how to start

The list goes on and on, but let’s take a look at these points in a little more detail and see what we can do to eliminate them.

1, I don’t know how to start – There is a multitude of information out there readily available for free which can start you on the right track. Take blogging for example you can acquire a free blog from Word Press, also a free template to get you started. All you need is a PC it costs nothing to write content and monetize your blog!

Nearly every blog you come across has a free download of some kind which you can use to help you. Free traffic guides, free blog guides, free marketing guides. All of these will get you on the right track in one way or another and offer free advice to move your business forward.

2, I don’t have the time – I know of at least three guys who work all day, look after their children and still find time to post on their blogs and create products! It’s the time you make for yourself to achieve a target that counts. Forget about the TV and structure a little time for you to prioritise your workload and achieve that target. Yeah it may be slower but you are moving in the right direction by taking action.

3, I don’t know how to do it – There is a learning curve for all new activities in the beginning! I never knew how to build a website until I learned. I never knew how to create an eBook until I found out exactly what to do. It’s called building your business knowledge! Yeah it takes time but it’s all worth the effort. You will find ton’s of tutorials and free help on forums, Youtube and blogs to enhance your knowledge. Do you think the likes of Frank Kern, Naomi Dunford and John T stopped thinking and gave up because they never knew how to build their business?

4, I can’t afford it – Possibly the one and only reason which is legitimate here in this list but “and there is always a but” why are you trying to earn an online income in the first place? More income, Better Lifestyle, Financial Freedom the list goes on and it just so happens you are in one of the only businesses in the world you can start with only a PC and an internet connection and very little capital to speak of. You have all seen the video tutorials, the rags to riches stories and the truth is most of us started with nothing in the first place anyway so why worry 🙂

Your success is your responsibility and it’s your choice to take action and do something about it. The word of the day is DEDICATION! If you are committed to your business you will prevail but it takes dedication to create success.

Looking to the Future

I dedicate a lot of my time to marketing, product creation and research. I immerse myself in my business to get results. This will assure my future business success and help me overcome any obstacles. If you stay positive about your business and vision your triumphs then you will prevail and secure the future of your online business. Ignore the words Don’t and Can’t and concentrate on the words Can and Will and your reward will come in time.

Success for 99% of people does not just happen overnight, you may get a few in the minority who achieve greatness quick on the back of some A list marketer’s promo. But for the majority its plain old hard work with an outlook to the future, with structure and a game plan which will help you achieve this goal.

Help You!

Help Yourself NOW

If there is one thing I find I do a lot of is read and research. Less reading more action I am told by my peers and mentors “I also keep telling myself the same thing”. You see one of my biggest fears is not being able to be the best I can be, not being able to write the best blog post, or create the best eBook.

The truth is if I was the best blog writer I would have the best blog, if I was the best eBook writer I would have the best eBooks. If I was the best at product creation I would have the best products (you get the picture). To be honest I’m not the best, if I was I would be a millionaire and I’m not one of those yet either 🙂 But I never give up and I will succeed, I have the drive to accomplish what I set out to do and I know this attitude will give me the outcome that I am looking for.

Not enough action and too much of the other is common. It’s time to grab the bull by the horns and get up to your neck in it. Stop surfing the net, reading, researching, watching TV, playing games and start making your ideas and dreams a reality. You can’t build your business by talking about it now can you?

A Little Structure Never Hurt

You can help yourself by adding structure to your week. Create a schedule of your week and the items you need to do. Take Monday for example my schedule was:

1, write articles and post them on articles sites
2, read and comment on blogs
3, Product development
4, research

Now all these will take around 3 – 4 hours sometimes more sometimes less, but you can make them as long or short as you like. It’s your choice ‘JUST DO SOMETHING’ however large or small it’s a step forward. Hell it’s only 4 things on a list how hard is that?

If you are stuck for ideas create mind maps and spray diagrams to help you break the ideas down into one main idea which you can focus and use as your new project (Google search for Mind Map Tools to help). Say you are stuck for an eBook you want to create but not sure what to write about. Get your ideas down on paper and brain storm it, do your research and plan out your steps to action. Then TAKE ACTION!

If you remember to be yourself and never give up your rewards will come and when the time comes you will be glad you never threw in the towel.

What’s your motivation for success let me know?

Thanks for reading.

Daniel Sumner

Marketing Through My Eyes

    32 replies to "Do You Have Your Game Face On or Off?"

    • Hi Dan,

      That was an inspirational post to remind us to keep going and never give up. I was in the same situation a year ago and I really don’t know what to do due to info overload. I kept on hearing that we should take it one step at a time, focus on it and be consistent.

      Really, the key to success is to be just consistent and persistent. It is surely slow at the beginning of the process, but once you get the hang of it, you will see the results.

      Thanks for this inspirational post and hope to hear more from you.


      Gary David

      • Daniel Sumner

        Hey Gary,

        Consistent and Persistent – Love it!

        One step at a time is true, but if you can handle giant steps then go for it:-)

        Thanks for the comments.

    • Sally

      Hey Daniel, great guest post, really helpful. Taking action will have an instant effect on any business, so like you said, take action, everyday, and success is sure to follow, Sally 🙂

      • Daniel Sumner

        Hey Sally,

        Thanks for your comments. If you do something everyday no matter how small it’s progress 🙂

    • Andrew Stark

      Hi Dan / John

      Good post, I’d love to leave a long reply, but John’s email interrupted my “take action” moment of writing a blog post.

      So when you do commit to do something be sure to log out of gmail!


    • Heya Daniel!

      Excellent article. I would add this, maybe it helps others to understand things a bit better.

      Even when I’m most depressed (rarely, but sometimes may happen) or I simply don’t have the mood or whatnot, I still try to do at least one little thing, one small step forward that day…
      Be it to comment on some friend’s blog (lile I do here), write an email to my list, even send a couple tweets…
      no matter how small, in time these add up.

      Later on, when looking back, you’ll see a trail of steps behind you that you won’t believe it…

      Even the steepest climb will start with the first little step.

      To all your readers: Read what Daniel said and keep this in mind “Take action!”

      My ¢2…

      Steve Lorenzo SEOVirtuoso

    • Steve Deerfield

      Hi Daniel, Great post! I admire your determination to blow through those early sticking points and to take action everyday.

      I’m motivated to succeed by people like you, John T., Dave N., and by all the masterclass students I’ve the privilege to know.

      This short video by Nick Vujicic is the perfect compliment to the spirit of your article.
      Steve D.

      • Daniel Sumner

        Thanks for the comments Steve I’m checking that video out now!

    • Tracie G.

      I loved the post, and for me it came at a perfect time. Strange how that works out sometimes. So, thank you!


    • Sean Beardmore

      Hi Dan,

      Timely post:)

      Yes I really should have not even looked at my email and kept on doing what I was doing and have been trying to do all day!

      You could say today has not been focused, more of a, I am ready to throw in the towel moment grrrrr.

      It is only because of technical issues that the frustrations began, but stepping away I know I will be back on track in the morning, and I am sure I will crack it.

      Got to keep on keeping on! Thats my motto 🙂

      Thanks for sharing


      • Daniel Sumner

        Thanks Sean in my experience if you are having technical issues it’s safer to outsource and get in with what you are best at. Thanks for the comment.

    • Simon Croft

      Hey Daniel,

      Great post. There are always excuses for why we don’t do things. The secret is to work on them and eradicate them one by one. By the time you get rid of 1 – 3, number 4 wont be a problem anyway.

      The key is to plan and to stay focused.



      • Daniel Sumner

        Thanks Simon, There is always a solution for your problems if you just step back and take the right approach. Looks like you have it nailed!

    • Terry Conti

      Great motivational post because it’ all true. There is no other way to earn. Terry Conti

    • Dawn Kay

      Hey Daniel

      I think to succeed online you have to be persistent and have a big enough reason to want to succeed.

      A WHY

      My why is because I want a better life for my family and to be able to work from home so I’m there for the kids after school.

      When things are going wrong and I have a down day – I think about why I’m doing this in the first place and it motivates me to carry on.

      Thanks for an inspiring post. No doubt you’ve saved a lot of people from throwing in the towel after reading this.


      Dawn Kay

    • Steve Wilkins

      Hi Dan

      Great post, I struggled for ages trying to keep myself motivated! It obviously gets easier when the money starts to roll in as that motivates you to earn more and more but when you are not earning anything it can be really difficult to get yourself motivated to do something about it.

      I actually started watching short motivational videos on YouTube by Tony Robbins at the start of every working day, it worked wonders for me and really helped to give myself the kick up the backside I needed each day.

      Thanks again Dan for the great post!
      Steve Wilkins.

    • Jacinta Dean

      Hi Daniel,

      Great guest post! 🙂

      My why is my little 3 year old girl! I want her to be proud of her mumma and I want to show her that she can do anything that she sets her mind on. I have to lead her by my example.

      Today she was classic, she grabbed her toy laptop and placed it next to my computer and told me to come sit down next to her and do some work! I guess she is learning by example.

      Before I had my little one I had no real direction with what I was doing. My daughter gave me the direction I needed, and on those days and nights when I get frustrated and overwhelmed, I take a break, open her door and look at her sleeping. I make myself a cuppa, eat a piece of chocolate and get back to it! 🙂

      I have a motto, actually I have a couple! 😆

      “One Day And One Task At A Time”

      “The Tortoise Always Wins The Race”

      Thank you for the inspiration!

      Jacinta 😀

      • Daniel Sumner

        Hey Jacinita,

        Thanks for your comment. My little girl is two and she has her own laptop too but she always seems to want mine!

    • Abner Kelly

      Before I had my little one I had no real direction with what I was doing. My daughter gave me the direction I needed, and on those days and nights when I get frustrated and overwhelmed, I take a break, open her door and look at her sleeping. I make myself a cuppa, eat a piece of chocolate and get back to it!

      • Daniel Sumner

        Hey Abner,

        Don’t start me with the chocolate!!

        • Daniel Sumner

          Hey Sue,

          There is nothing wrong with a little procrastination as long as we keep it in moderation. We all do it, we are not machines even though we sometimes work like them 🙂

          Thanks for the comments.

    • Daniel Sumner

      Hi Steve Good answers BTW. I find I get more motivation from reading reports from other marketers. I guess we all have our good days and bad days ‘even me’ but the main thing to remember is if you want it bad enough you will work for it.

    • Daniel Sumner

      Hey Dawn, Totally agree with you there!

      Why oh Why am I still sitting here on a Friday when the sun is shinning outside? 🙂

      Thanks Dawn

    • Daniel Sumner

      Hey Steve Lorenzo I used to watch movies and do nothing when I was a little down in the dumps. Until recently I started going to the gym and doing exactly what you commented about ‘doing a little’.

      If you don’t feel like doing anything, then do a little. I done this on Monday so I posted 5 articles. I then stared on a new eBook because I was inspired by the articles! Yeah 3 hours later I was still sitting writing. Strange how you get motivated

      Great Comments Steve

    • Sue Schlaiffer

      Hi Dan & John,
      What motivates me the most is that I want a better lifestyle and more secure future. I do sometimes begin to procrastinate but I just take a fresh look at my goals and my achievements to date, and that stirs me into action quickly. I do not lose my focus for long and I am mostly very motivated, and I have also used those same excuses in the past, but I quickly realised that they are just excuses and I made a deal with myself that I would not use them again. There is always a solution to any obstacle we face, and we should always consider enlisting the help of another person who has experience to resolve the problem, and to focus our own time and energy on what we are good at.
      Take care,

    • Ed

      Hey Daniel,

      Your post to me is more powerful than any tutorial that is offered in most posts, quite frankly it simply nails home the message, that you need to have this mindset in place in order to succeed in the IM game!

      It was great timing as well for me to read this, but thats another story!

      Inspirational post!

      Cheers Dan….Ed.

    • Mandy Allen

      Hi Dan, I guess the motivation for me is more freedom to work when I want to, and of course I would love a bit more money in the bank! I have thoroughly enjoyed learning from JT and have made an immense amount of new frirnds and business partners. (I just got your auto article profits, John – brilliant!)

      Enjoy the journey.


    • Richard Jagger

      You are certainly right Dan … You have to cure yourself of excusitis and get on with the task in hand … If help is needed, getting things done then ask for help or learn AND apply the required skill … Be like Nemo – “Just Keep Swimming” … Keep moving forward and you WILL WIN !

    • Adwello

      That’s just it, Daniel, “most of us started with nothing in the first place anyway so why worry?” When you start out spending very little, you got little to lose so just keep on. Comes a time, though, when you lose focus, keep heading off, try this offer, buy that program: WHOA! It starts to hurt when you are paying the subscriptions, autoresponder, web hosting etc, but month after month no return. So now is the time to step back a pace, take a deep breath, admit you’d cut the edge neater by teaming up with a mentor! It makes sense to link with someone who is further on than you so you miss the trial and error. It takes guts to admit you don’t yet know it all and you need help, but that’s the way it is. Seek help or flounder, I don’t know, which would you rather?

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