All I have done all day today is work on my support system.

I have been testing to make sure everything is working just right.

It is now fully up and running at

I have been adding autoresponder messages to all my email accounts, putting links to my helpdesk on all my websites, adding messages to the knowledgebase and basically testing the whole system.

Everything seems to be running smoothly and judging by the small amount of tickets I am receiving the knowledgebase seems to be doing it’s job.

If you get a lot of support emails you will know the majority is simply day to day stuff that can eat up your time, stuff like:

  • How do I download my eBook
  • How do I open my eBook.
  • I have lost my password.
  • How do you automate delivery.
  • How do I promote your products.


Now most enquiries are covered by my new support system through the knowledgebase. In fact it even suggests answers to your query as you type. How cool is that?

The result is there has been two tickets so far today whereas there would have had about fifty emails to answer.

So even though the helpdesk is brand new I can see how it is going to free up so much time.

So if you find your day is becoming increasingly wasted in answering emails I can highly recommend a helpdesk.

The system I use cost $500 from so I am not saying rush out and buy that but whatever you decide to use make sure it has the ability to add a knowledgebase.

I have used a free system called Maian Free Support for one of my sites and for starters it is fine and does a great job.

You may also find you can install a support system via your webhost cpanel.

So as your business grows remember this post, one day you will need a support system.

I will be back to making money tomorrow so until then…

    7 replies to "Day 10 – October 10th"

    • Randy Smith

      I had the maian one installed for me – and though I don’t know what bells and whistles a $500 one has – The free one certainly makes a difference.

      Very handy with the number of emails that seem to disappear into cyber space these days


    • Lee McIntyre

      On John’s advice via email I recentlt outsourced my support and the change in my business has been incredible. I’m now free to mantain and grow my business, without worrying all day if there’s a customer stuck without a download link.

      I can now get on with the business of serving my customers as I know that my support manager will take care of it. I’m offering better service AND making more money too.

      I’ve also added a knowledgebase at, and this has cut my support emails by half.

      If you find your business growing, and you’re struggling to keep up, then what John says here is GREAT advice!

      Lee McIntyre

    • Keith Purkiss

      Thanks John,
      The support desk sound great, mine is coming soon and I must work on a knowledge base as well.
      My current system is just an order lookup and some standard replies on hotkeys. I’ve had an assistant to run my business for nearly four years now and would recommend doing this ASAP to everyone.
      I just had an upsell of one of your products, hope this encourages everyone to produce their own ebooks.

    • Keith Bowman

      I just installed the Maian Support Desk last weekend and it has been working great so far. Installing a Help Desk is definitely a great idea with the increasingly non-delivery of emails.


    • Dave

      I agree with John and others commenting here that it makes total sense to streamline and centralize all of your support issues through a help desk. Having a knowledge base for frequently occuring issues and questions must cut down on the workload.

      I don’t currently have a help desk but after reading John’s experience here, I’ve just downloaded a free product called PMOS help desk. This comes highly recommended by Dan Moran at his blog site who uses it for centralizing all of his support issues. He promoted it as one of his ‘Free tool Friday’ giveaways and you can download a copy if your are nterested from here.

      I’m going to try it out but I’d be interested to hear if anybody else has any experience with it.


    • Mike

      Sounds great. I am just getting online with my first ebook and hope to “emulate” you and Jim Cockrum, I am looking forward to even “needing” a Help Desk.

      Keep up the good products, work and articles.
      I am only one of the many you have helped in several ways.

    • Graham Williams

      Hi John,
      “So as your business grows remember this post, one day you will need a support system.”

      My business has grown and I took your advice and remembered this post, and I’m just installing a support system now! Great advise again!


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