HTML clipboardThis is a case study from a student who took part in John Thornhill’s Coaching program.

Name: Carole Gardiner

Niche: Golf



From Carole



I found John Thornhill’s PlanetSMS site through some friends whose opinions I trust.
Shortly after when I found that he was offering a coaching program I jumped right in because I recognized it to be an awesome opportunity.  At the time I knew nothing about product creation, but I had been hearing so much about the fact that if you want to be a “real” online marketer you need to have your own products.

I’m 52 and had been working from home several years promoting a Travel Business opportunity.  It’s been my life’s dream to work from home.  For the first few years I was successful mostly just purchasing lead lists. Then about a year ago I started to venture into the world of online marketing and got a bit overwhelmed to be honest.

I have to say, I’m so glad I participated in the coaching program. I gained  a tremendous  amount of practical knowledge and valuable experience in – not only product creation but how to set up a blog, find a niche, use ClickBank, eBay and much much more. 

John walked us through a process of choosing a niche that was invaluable. If left on my own even to decide that I would have probably flopped. Turns out with instruction, I’ve picked a great niche and it’s been fun working in it.

I would have been totally intimidated by the thoughts of “html” but John’s videos were easy to follow and the pace was just right. I never would have attempted or accomplished any of this without this coaching class. What I found is that it’s really much easier than I thought and you don’t have to get all that technical – the basics are all you need to learn in the early days.

The support from John and his technical team was excellent. This is a guy you can count on to be there for his students. My questions were answered quickly every single time.

What I now understand is that you just need to learn a process that works and then duplicate that process.  Now, I feel confident that I can do that and become  a successful online marketer myself. I have 2 products already doing well and plan to create more.

For me, writing a book would have seemed out of the question. An eBook every month or two would never have seemed unattainable but the truth is, even with a busy schedule anyone can do it. You just have to jump in and get started learning.  I truly believe that If I can do it anyone can!


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    • CarlT

      Great post Carole and excellent job on your sites. I have heard lots of good stuff about John myself, so I bought in as well and no complaints. I see John as the eBook King – there is a title for you John. Just wanted to take a minute after reading your post Carole to jump in and leave my thoughts as well.

      Anyone who see these comments and is not sure about John and his teachings believe me no worries you will get more than he promises – John leaves you with a great experience. Good stuff John keep up the good work – we all benefit.

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