John Thornhill…Mike Cheney…John Crestani…Russell Brunson…Anthony Morrison.  All legends in affiliate marketing.  Also, they’re all male.  When I started researching affiliate marketing I was struck by how many of the top marketers were male.  I found this to be curious because affiliate marketing offers a number of advantages that can be attractive to women who are looking to improve their economic situation and who may be the chief caregivers in their family.

The flexibility of Time and Location

Affiliate marketing offers freedom of both time and location.  If you are a primary caregiver like me, you know that sometimes you simply cannot schedule when you are needed.  Picking up your kids or helping aging parents with doctor’s visits are firm commitments that you cannot easily shift.  Affiliate marketing is ideal as it allows busy moms or career professionals to drive traffic to their affiliate offers at any time of the day or night from any place that has an internet connection.

Semi-passive Income Potential

One of the underappreciated aspects of affiliate marketing is its ability, when combined with an email list, to allow women to generate income around the clock.  Although emails don’t write themselves, you can write several emails for a campaign and schedule them for delivery to your email list while you are cooking, cleaning or, God forbid, sleeping!

Potential for life-altering results

Depending on the products that you market, affiliate marketing offers women the opportunity, over time, to build an income stream that can have life-altering results. Unlike products or parties that provide low, single-digit commissions, women who market the right products could enjoy up to four-figure commissions for affiliate product sales.  These high ticket products obviously decrease the number of sales that need to be generated, further decreasing the amount of time needed to reach your financial goals.

No handling required

As the affiliate, you are responsible for marketing a vendor’s product but all customer service issues remain the responsibility of the vendor.  No complaints, no products, no parties, no shipping, no handling of returns…need I say more?  This reduces the time spent on non-income generating activities, leaving you more time to take care of what matters most in your life.


Affiliate marketing is one of the few side-hustles that women can do that does not require more time to make more money.  Many MLM opportunities have small commissions and therefore require a high volume of sales or a large team to build and manage to achieve more sales.  Affiliate marketing is a scalable business that allows women to either maintain or decrease the number of hours they work as their income grows.

Unlimited Potential Through Product Creation

In addition to having access to an almost infinite number of products to market as an affiliate, women can also leverage their own creativity to develop simple digital products that create recurring revenue from online sales that other affiliates can market on their behalf.  John Thornhill’s program has a phenomenal track record walking people step-by-step through the product creation process.  Moreover, his network of former students is a ready-made team of affiliates willing to market your product.  Scores of testimonials from grateful students point to the potential for women to tap into this opportunity, as well.

Affiliate marketing can be an incredible opportunity for women to go beyond making some extra money to building a business that can give them the freedom of place and time that their busy lives demand.

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