Even with the surging popularity of social media, most businesses still use the traditional way of advertising online, like Google PPC, Bing ADS, and Facebook ADS. But for some businesses which recognize the huge clout and influence of social media, these traditional methods of advertising have become too expensive.

Most start-ups have taken advantage of social media’s wide reach. These businesses agree that having an online presence is essential in terms of marketing their brand.

But having a social media account(s) is not enough to achieve more sales.

You have to post, interact, and approach people. These are an excellent ways to start to increase your social media engagement. Social media engagement is interacting with fellow online users to promote your content.

This can be measured by determining how many people respond to your posts. These responses could be in the form of sharing, liking, and commenting.

Is social media necessary for the success of your business? Yes. With millions of people online 24/7, using Social Media this would be a good way of reaching out to any future clients.

Businesses with online presence help followers know more about their products. People online are also bolder in asking questions. Advertising online can attract people to your business.

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are the top three social media platforms that people use. Each platform has a different way to present your content. They also have different mechanisms to measure social media engagement.

If you want to improve your interaction, follow these tips below.

1. Keep posting
The key to improving your social media presence is to post content daily. Online users would get to see your post on the top of their news feed and might click on your page. This is also a way for them to get to know you and your service.

Be sure not to overdo posting with promos because this might annoy people and be an over kill. Subscribers and followers may unfollow you or your page if you go overboard. Upload 1-3 times a day to avoid flooding their news feed.

You can time your posts if you are on vacation or at weekends by using an auto poster software, so that more people can see them.

2. Be visual
No one will read a long post about your product or service without yawning after. Others might skip it. Add images headlines or emoticons to break it up and to make it more interesting to read.

You can also feature your company’s logo if you have one. This would help online users identify your company among the rest. If images don’t cut it, use links of videos of your product.

You have to be consistent on what type you post. It can be text a video or image with relevant captions.

Use Facebook Fan Pages to post content and build up your fans. These would give your content more audience to your post as every follower to your fan page will get a notification from Facebook every-time you post on their account and by email.

3. Interact with your followers
Or anyone that comes across your post. Be sure to set the post in public so that it will not be restricted. Encourage people to ask questions anything related to what you are teaching or selling.

Act natural, don’t make your responses sound monotonous or scripted. Make the people feel that they are talking to an approachable human being. Interacting with potential customers this can give them a good impression on you.

Even big marketers are getting in on Social media looking for attraction on their content.

These marketers use the same tactics as you to get brand recognition. Do the same to give the people the vibe that they can be comfortable with your content and you may get comments on your page.

When you Reply and comment your shouldn’t make it scripted. Personalize each response by mentioning their names or by adding humor. This will give people the impression that you value every commentor. this is a good foundation to strengthen friend customer relationships.

4. Getting more followers
The more supporters you have, the more people will buy your products from you. Though the number of supporters does not equate to sales, but it would make the products you own or affiliated get more views.

Followers can also promote your products by sharing your content or mentioning your web page. Make a signature hashtag of your product for it to go viral.

5. Offer free giveaways or contests
If you don’t have funds for advertisement. Most businesses often arrange contests on social media that will encourage people to like share and follow pages. Also prize Giveaways can increase people’s interest in your brand. This can also get you more followers.

6. Know the people’s concerns and suggestions
If you can’t seem to know what can make your content more attractive to people, ask for their opinion. Make surveys or polls on Social Media to see the majority of your follower’s interests.

You can also hold a Live Q&A on Twitter, Facebook Youtube, etc. This can help your followers to ask questions about your product. Be sure to reply to all questions to their problems. Answering them on A live would give a good impression of you your products or services.

7. Use a Social Media Monitoring tool
These tools can help you track the number of times your name or product is mentioned. This software applies to all social media platforms. This can help you in determining what your followers want to see on your page.

If you think that these software would cost some cash, fear not. Many monitoring tools that can be installed for free. The following catalytic’s tools have free versions you can use:
Google Alerts
Hoot-suite/Tweet Deck
Social Mention

Social media is a good place to advertise your service or brand. It free to post and to engage with your followers online. If you are planning on a product launch, let the potential JV’s and customers know through Social Media.

But remember that social media is not only a medium to sell your product. You can create trust and build relationships on Social Media. Don’t forget to mention your blog in your updates.

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