There are reasons why some internet marketing beginners build successful, profitable businesses…

…yet others don’t or can’t.

One of those reasons is choosing the right model.

Whether you’re a beginner to internet marketing or you’ve not found anything that seems to work with you, you need something simple, that will work.

The following model will work for beginners starting out with their new internet marketing business

It will also work if you’ve been involved in IM for a while but have tied yourself up in knots trying every strategy you’ve ever heard of and nothing seems to have worked.

This model takes the least amount of skill and is the quickest one to integrate into the marketplace.

The $7 Report Model

Depending on how fast you work, this is quick and profitable.

That makes it very powerful because it allows you to put something out there, get feedback so you’re able to make changes, course corrections and adjustments.

It’s also an easy model to grasp and get your head round, which makes it perfect for beginners.

Ok here we go…

First, Find ONE simple desperate problem.

It MUST be a simple, SINGLE problem though, not a complex issue.

So wanting to make money online is NOT a simple, single issue*.It’s a big, complex problem that you can’t provide a simple solution to unless you break it down some more.

*You might think ‘Then what is the point of this report? Well it’s exactly THAT – to take the simplest and most effective strategies of the entire ‘want to make money online’ thing and break it down into a single strategy

If someone needs to know how to cloak an affiliate link or automatically add JVZoo buyers names to their email list then YES you can provide a fast, comprehensive solution to that because it’s a SINGLE problem.

You see where I’m going with this?

Most beginners try to solve EVERYTHING when they begin to create products or start to email their list.

Instead, a better and much more effective way is take just a chunk of a large problem and provide a fast easy solution.

It’s SO much easier (and writing the sales page is so much easier too) to solve a small part of a bigger problem. Small $7 reports do make tens of thousands if done correctly.

In the early days of IM when many platforms weren’t so user friendly you could make nice profits selling ‘How to put a Paypal button on your website in 3 minutes’ (step by step with images) because the only real tutorial was Paypal’s own which was technical and dreadful.

You could sell multiple copies of ‘How to install a FREE support desk in just 30 minutes (includes where to find the free software)’

You could sell ’24 hour FTP guru’ and ’24 hour WordPress guru’ reports and many more.

You look at these now and think that times have changed and there are no issues like this that can’t be solved by Googling or finding a plugin that does it for you.


Facebook is the most popular site in the world but how many beginners know how to get a simple Facebook Ad campaign up and running in 30 minutes?

Or know which is the easiest CPA affiliate network that you can get approved for without having to get on the phone to them?

Or a step by step of how to integrate ‘bumps’ (one click upsells) into your Stripe payment processor in just 10 minutes?

If someone is building a business these aren’t just small things to them – they’re major roadblocks, and if you provide step-by-step solutions with images and bullet points they’ll love you for it.

But where do you get the info to put into your reports?

First off, break down your problem into single chunks.

And then go research those problems.

So for example you could make a very nice profit from training beginner YouTube marketers about the importance of basic SEO tactics when they’re uploading their videos.

While there might be plenty of ‘advice’ about how to effectively SEO your YouTube videos, there was very little in terms of a solution to the problem of doing it FAST and getting it to WORK.

Solving problems.

‘How can I convert my audio and video files to any format for free’?

That’s the kind of thing you’d be solving. You could be in the home video niche, the hobbyist niche, targeting amateur musicians on a budget or a dozen other niches. So find your idea for a report.

Then create it fast and get it out there to get some feedback. You should be able to research and write a 25-page report in two days maximum.

Write some sales copy. So get it out there and see how it sells. Try selling it for $7 initially If it doesn’t sell, no big deal, go back to the drawing board. Not much time lost.

Here’s the BIG takeaway:

You’re never going to lose money even if it doesn’t sell because you just go back out there and offer it with PLR!

And that’s pretty much always going to sell.

Especially if it comes with a sales page, which yours will. It’s a win-win situation. If your report only takes two days to put together and it sells then that’s great.

If it doesn’t sell offer it with PLR rights and move on. You’ll make enough money to make it worth your while.

In fact creating reports and selling them with PLR is another angle on the $7 report that you could run with.

If it DOES sell you have a proven winner. If they’ll buy at $7 then you can work on trying higher prices.

Add a video to the package where you read through the report to give it higher perceived value. Add a mind-map and you can sell it for at least $14

Better still add personal coaching and charge accordingly. Go with the $7 report option and add personal coaching to work through the method with them for $1000 for two weeks.

Charge less (or more) if that figure doesn’t suit.

You’re not going to get rich selling $7 reports so you need to resell to your buyers over and over again. The best way to do this initially as a beginner is to seek out highly related products from other marketers and offer them through your affiliate link.

For example, when a coaching program is closed or full, make sure that where applicable you offer someone’s ELSE’s coaching as an affiliate.

Quick heads-up though…

I don’t really want to touch on the mindset approach too much but I find that the people who come up with arguments such as ‘If the information is free to be researched why would anyone pay for it?’ or ‘Why should they buy anything from me when I’m an unknown’ are often just trying to put off doing any work

There’s perhaps two day’s work here at most, and the outcome could be something that changes your life, makes you see possibilities and opens the world of internet marketing wide to you.

Suspend disbelief and TRY IT. How can anyone say something doesn’t work until they’ve tried it? 😉

Brian Cooper

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    • Tim

      Good read, one question. When you say write the $ report and “put it out there”, where are you talking about putting it? Would I need a website, are you talking about FB ads? A little clarity on that point would be appreciate. Thanks.

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