Seems like a dream, in a way it is the Internet Dream it all starts with a dream.

We all, Well most of us dream about becoming millionaires YES? winning the lottery and so on, but the reality is it takes work to make a business, leaving your job and having money come streaming into your bank account without having to work for it, is all our dreams.

I tell you now, it’s not easy making money online, It Takes Hard Work and determination to make the big bucks.

I retired 10 yrs ago after a lifetime of work in the UK NHS, don’t get me wrong, I loved my job, but with a family to support, I just had to work.

After I retired I’m now verging on 80 ( so it’s never too late to start)

I had and old PC windows XP and thought I’d add to my pension, reading online I decided to start a small home business it was called Unique Basket Boutique, I thought it would be so simple, I had the resources, I had the common sense, get some baskets, source some goodies to fill them with, BINGO a business or so I thought , when I looked into to import /export, legislations, omg I thought, I’ve created a monster here so with heavy heart I withdrew.

Not being one to give up, I looked for other ways to make money online, I noticed other online company’s were offering to pay you for advertising their business? So I climbed aboard, after all it wasn’t costing me anything.

Soon I was making a small weekly income the problem was – It Wasn’t MINE. You see in order to make a full time income, you have to own what you’re selling.

Now I know it may sound daunting, and it is, but we all have to start somewhere and that somewhere is Affiliate Marketing.

Now with affiliate marketing, you don’t need much, but you do need quality materials to sell.

Don’t get me wrong, it still takes work, but not as hard as starting out on your own. I can help you there, if you’re looking for a quick start here’s the very man to help you, John Thornhill.

He has years and years of experience, and is one of my mentors (I can talk, all about his skills later) but for now, let me give you a link to his famous (or should I say infamous) JV’S or as you will learn, if you already don’t know, Joint Venture Pages. If you’re only just starting out, then you may want to take advantage of some FREE Training, I can let you have FREE Access to this from Today.

Once you’re grounded, and want to move on, let’s talk I’m available 24/7 just email me with your questions.

This is a guest post from Margaret Grady, if you would like to be considered for a guest post please contact me.

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