As we’re coming to the close of the year I guess many online marketers will be sitting in front of their computers  reflecting back on 2019.

Some will be happy with their accomplishments…

… while others may look back on 2019 as a disappointment. Not making any great inroads towards their goals or failing to even get started.

So, as you sit there reading this article and planning your new goals for 2020, I’ve come up with a 7 Step Model you can easily follow and hopefully make the new year one to remember.

So here is the basic 7 Step Model:

Step #1
The core essence of this business is to provide solutions to people. Simple!

You help meet people’s desires by providing solutions and solving problems in exchange for money.

Step #2
Pick a Niche Market. Pick a problem to solve making sure lots and lots of people have this problem.

Now get busy researching how to solve this problem. Forget about the money and just focus on helping people.

Step #3

Set up a squeeze page that gives away something for free, in exchange for people signing up on your subscriber’s list.

Remember that a free offer must be related to your niche. Keep building your list because this is a powerful asset that will make you money for a long time.

Step #4

Now you need something to SELL!

It could be an ebook or a service like audios, videos, webinars, something where you’re solving problems and providing solutions for a price.

This game is all about selling… you always need to be selling. You can produce your own product… or have it done for you.

Step #5
Traffic. Once you have everything set up and ready to go. It’s now time to send traffic. There are 2 types of traffic – Free & Paid.

Remember, free traffic takes too long.  Paid traffic is quick – it’s now!

Step #6
Conversions. This here is the ‘key’ to success online. This is why we go with the paid traffic; this way we can see if our offer converts.

If our offer doesn’t convert we tweak it until it does. We also need to make sure that all the steps of our sales funnel convert well. Here is my million-dollar advice to you – FOCUS on conversions!

Step #7
Test, track and tweak. You need to be testing, tracking and tweaking all aspects of your business.

Test and track your squeeze page, your traffic, and your conversions. You can then tweak your stuff to increase conversions. Keep tweaking until it converts well.

Remember, ongoing tweaks can eventually make you a million. Copywriting and conversions is an ongoing process that never stops so keep replacing the best tweaks.

So that’s it. Focus on the 7 steps above and only on those steps, and you’ll be ahead of 95% of wanna-be marketers.
Now, I’ve left the most important for last, which really isn’t a step but more a reality of why 95% of people who start out online ultimately fail… and that is Mindset.

You may discount this as some personal development mumbo-jumbo but I’m here to tell you the statement above is true!

Your mindset will determine if you make it in this business or not.

Your mindset will either make you – or break you!

If you lack self-confidence:

– you’ll continually be jumping from one thing to another
– keep looking for ‘magic buttons’
– procrastinate
– over analyze everything
– keep second-guessing yourself
– never focus on anything
– never put up a squeeze page
– never send traffic
– never test your offer
– never see anything to the end
– And of course, quitting way too early

Most wanna-be marketers will never focus on a proven simple system/model for making money online. They will jump on all the latest programs, software, gadgets out in the market, never focusing on one system and seeing it through to the end.

I’m telling you straight if you just focus 90% of your time on what really matters you’re sure to succeed.

1. Put up a squeeze page

2. Find something to sell

3. Drive traffic to your offer

4. Test, track and tweak all parts of your sales funnel

5. Continually build your list

Once your sales funnel is converting well, you can then scale, by driving traffic from all over the Internet. That’s your Six-Figure-Income Plan right there!

But the problem is most of us are spending all of our time on things that really don’t matter and actually undermine our future.

So begin today; begin creating good habits for yourself and try getting rid of all the bad habits that are holding you back. Keep investing in yourself daily.

This business is a great and easy way to begin earning an income online from home, but it’s not going to happen if you keep bouncing around from one thing to another.

You need to master the basic fundamentals of direct response marketing and put your heart and soul into it… because in the end – it is a business!

So, are you looking for a simple system to follow – Point by point?

You can keep searching high and low and all over the internet and I’m certain you’ll not find a better system taught to you in a better way than with this program right here

I know because I’m a student of this program myself and I believe in it so much, that I wanted to share it with you!

This is a guest post from Theo Poulentzas, if you would like to be considered for a guest post please contact me.

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