Have you ever used Incentive programs to boost your sales?

I have in the past, and let me tell you…

It wasn’t a good experience.

There are many programs today that claim to give you an edge over your competitors.

However, the vast majority fail to deliver as promised.

The only decent incentive programs cost thousands per month and have only been accessible by enterprise-class businesses.

That’s all changed with a new company called Marketing Boost.

They aim to clear up the sorry state of the incentive marketing industry. (Which is mainly owned by one umbrella company)

Many smart businesses have increased sales by 60% or more and turned their existing buyers into loyal fans.

I get it, you’re skeptical. I would be too if I hadn’t seen what I have with my own eyes.

Since joining myself, I have seen it used in a number of different businesses to increase conversions by up to 600% and save hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Like I said, up until now this has been an exclusive privilege for enterprise-class businesses.

For the first time ever, you as a small business owner can take advantage of these incentives without the usual drawbacks.

Here are just a few examples.

A window repair company used these incentives in places of cash rebates to become more competitive in the marketplace, saving over $800,000 in rebates by offering $800,000s worth of incentives instead of the cash itself.

A church used the incentives in a contest and raised over $20,000 for the church.

A few more churches followed suit and raised over $100,000 between them using these incentives in prize giveaways.

A Life Insurance Salesman increased his revenue by $15,000 in his first 3 weeks

A Fitness Trainer increased his client base by 50%

A Marketing Agency increased its sales by $175,000

An Affiliate Marketer increased his sales by over $200,000

An e-Commerce business bumped its sales by $9,000 in 48 hours

An Online Marketer managed to generate over $400,000 in additional revenue

Since then, I have seen others jump on this incredible incentive program and raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for charity and their business,

This works for ANY business in ANY industry

I have seen savvy entrepreneurs save their business from the brink of despair with this program.

In fact, at the time of this blog post. Over 500,000 incentives have been gifted with a combined value of over $375,000,000

Imagine being able to offer your prospects this amount of value for next to no cost.

Would that make you stand out in your market?

If you’re having to offer out of pocket incentives to your customers just to be competitive…

Then this is going to slash your costs while allowing you to stand out even more in a competitive marketplace.

The best part of this incredible offer…

You get to offer UNLIMITED incentives to your customers for a very low price and you don’t have to fulfill the incentives you give to your customers’ yourselves!

I get it, you have probably tried incentive-based programs before.

The problem is, the incentives don’t have a high enough perceived value to really stand out in a competitive marketplace.

Marketing Boost is different. Given the choice between a cash incentive and a Marketing Boost incentive, over 80% will take the Marketing Boost incentive.

It’s not your fault incentive-based marketing hasn’t worked for you before.

The greedy incentive industry is to blame.

One main company owns almost ALL of the incentive-based programs out there.

They have put such high markups and diluted their offers so much, the usual incentives offered now has next to no value at all.

That’s where Marketing Boost is different.

They are a separate entity that has the freedom to be competitive and drive the value up in a damaged industry.

They provide only the highest value incentives and your customers will know it!

I’m not going to tell you to go and grab it right now. That’s down to you.

What I will tell you, however, is that if you don’t start being more competitive in your industry.

This new breed of incentive-based marketing has the potential to swallow your business whole if you don’t adapt.

A study by Oxford Economics showed that people are 3 times more motivated to take action when offered tangible incentives (like travel) than when offered cash incentives (like discounts.)

And when you give your buyers, clients, and repeat customers luxury vacations, you’re not only boosting their desire to buy – you’re creating a permanent positive impression. The Oxford study explains:

“It’s just the way our brains work. People are able to remember and visualize tangible items better than cash, and are therefore more actively engaged…”

But let’s not just trust our futures to academic studies.

Instead, let’s see an example of how vacation incentives motivate buyers in real life:

ONE Marketing Boost incentive – which cost Eddie Espiritu nothing above his Marketing Boost membership investment, convinced one of his buyers to make a payment of over $8000… more than 30 DAYS EARLY!

I won’t go into the ins and outs of how this works and how they are able to offer these incentives for next to nothing.

You can see that in detail on their website.

The usual price for these kinds of incentives?

Many thousands per month, which is what the enterprise companies have been paying, until now…

They even offer a 7-day free trial so you can try them out.

You can even send yourself an incentive to experience exactly what your customers will experience for total peace of mind.

But, maybe this isn’t for you.

Maybe you are in such a non-competitive market that you don’t need to create customer loyalty and offer extreme value.

Maybe you are out in the remote wilderness where your option is the only option and no amount of incentives or value will bring you more customers.

Maybe you are just happy with where your business is right now.

If that’s you, that’s okay.

Not everyone is ready or well equipped for growth in their business.

But if you are in a competitive market, be careful that your competitors don’t get to it first…

This is a guest post from James Neville-Taylor, if you would like to be considered for a guest post please contact me.

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