Hello, my name is Lewis Anderson. I have been engaged in making money online as well as online business opportunities since 2003. I have spent massive amounts and made zero in profits.

What a success story! But does it sound familiar?

As time went, I joined so many different programs and used so many different training and coaching programs, one for every social media platform released, and one of every big marketer’s product. In fact, during this time, I watched the rise and fall and rise again of online marketers like Anik Singal, he is how I learned the money was in the list.

Why didn’t I make it?

I can say, there are many reasons why I did not make a success of myself online, but the main reason was I was only prepared to pay for “How to do things.”

So, I would pay for how to build a business online training for $27, but once I got to a part in the training where I had to pay for something else like hosting, website, and domains I did not really want to invest as I expected what I already paid for, to do it all for me.

The vague sales pages which promise results, but never detail what you are learning or buying until you pay for it. So, once you are in, you can see it is just instructions on how to run a Google Ad or find keywords in a specific way no one has used before.

This one person found a solution that worked once, they used it until it stopped working then resold it as a solution using their own results as proof. If I had my wits about me like I do now I could have seen through the need to find secrets and hacks to getting quick money online, these products will not work on me anymore.

Not all of them were frauds or bad information regurgitated from 1999, some of these training programs worked well and some of them were targeted towards more advanced marketers. I should have learned more before spending my money.

Give me my money back!

I used to carry around a blame attitude, so it was always someone else’s fault I spent my money on them. Meaning, just because they made me promises in the sales page. It was my choice to pay up my cash.

I would only refund when it was almost rude not to, some sales pitches just took advantage of your intelligence once you got to the product and some funnels. Wow, you wish there were a button that said, “stop taking me to web pages, no means no and that’s all I can afford today,” all the amazing things that already promised me everything. Now suddenly since I reach the second sales page, my results will be slow and what I just paid for is not adequate.

“Well give me a refund for what I just paid for and then I might think about paying for this higher ticket offer, no I do not want to make three payments in one day before I even know what I am paying for….”

I know funnels are good, but for genuine people like me who will pay for a lifetime for an excellent product, they sound like dodgy salespeople pulling me through a strategic sales funnel to get the most out of me before I even know who they are or get my first email from them.

In a funnel, I need to see myself, getting the most out of the deal, then I will pay. You see the difference?

In stores I can look at what I am buying, I can try on clothes, I can walk past isle with offers without someone stopping me in my tracks when I am trying to buy something and shouting in my face with a video and big bold text. Give me all you have to offer upfront or let me know there will be another offer after, so I know what to expect.

Those others I mention above are getting refunds and end up with massive refund rates. They even have the cheek to complain about refunds on their sales pages, like if their product is so good, why threaten to never let people back in if they request a refund? There are many reasons people require refunds, and some product owners take it too personally.

I have requested refunds because I made a mistake with what I had to pay for before getting paid again, so a completely personal reason that had nothing to do with the product itself. So, with this other guy telling everyone we will not get back in after a refund, it is a massive turn off and the sole reason to avoid people and products like that.

You can Keep my money.

The funnel could be the same but done slightly differently people like John Thornhill are taking my money and I am taking his value and using it 3 x over on my websites and business.

Is it us or them?

I know, it is bad tactics sometimes and some marketers do pull you along into frauds, but deep down, it is our need to be out of our current situation immediately! that keeps us spending and desperately looking for that quick, money today solution that is going to help.

Unfortunately, if you want to make money today, quickly and be better off tomorrow, you must sacrifice a luxury or two like, Netflix, Amazon Prime, all the SKY movies, the high broadband and cell/phone packages and strip yourself bare to what is needed and what is needed only.

Then you will have some money today or at least more on payday to help make more come in. No more lottery tickets, no more Spotify, no more Amazon prime and no more personal purchases for a while.

Are you already rich?

Then become happy with where you are in life. Become grateful for what you have and really see the value of your job. Although it might be terrible, you cannot build a business from a desperate need to escape another financial situation.

Also try to see that if you live in a western society or just have clean running water to your home and electricity, you are already rich. When you see this and stop needing more, you can look at a business opportunity and take it seriously. You can give yourself 24 months to work at building a business consistently every day starting at day one.

Gamble for 40 years of time

When people go into these sorts of make money online or online business opportunities, they look at it as a gamble, as if they are chucking their money on a roulette table and saying Red or Black and hoping for the best, or just choosing one number as they do not really believe in what they are doing the odds are much worse than 50/50 in their heads and the rewards are not realistic at all.

But they hate their current financial circumstance so much that chucking that few dollars into something to see what it is about, is just enough for them to afford, hoping it is going to be the thing that changes everything.

Which is why the results are always a disappointment. You see, with this attitude and perspective at starting a business and making money online you are doomed for failure. It reminds me of the Movie the Secret, how can you ever expect results if you are not in line with the things that will bring results. You need to invest in yourself and be realistic. You need to run a business to expect a business to succeed.

The Truth of the costs you will not find anywhere else.

If you want truth and reality, for a successful full-time income working on your own. online business from home on your computer or anywhere in the world like all the promises have told you.

You need to invest at least £200 a month for 24 months while working daily at building your business.

That should cover the bare minimum for what to expect. If you cannot invest that much money and time towards your business on a consistent monthly basis, just give up now because you will only ever lose money being in this industry with those expectations.

But let us really think about this for a moment, that is less than a £5,000 car finance or a bank loan for your luxury holiday you are happy to invest in for two weeks of sun in your life. Why will you not invest £200 a month and 24 months of your life part time to making a successful business.

This is not a gamble; you are investing in the lifestyle of your choosing. What made me change my mindset and start looking at my business seriously, was an eBook about why I had not been a success so far. It spoke directly to me and made me look at this whole. online business world with a unique perspective.

You see, I gave up on it all. I genuinely thought, it is just always going to be taking my money and it is never going to carry me through to my next stage in life. Which was true in a way, as I had the wrong mindset. I want to be working for myself and spending my time with my family.

That sounds like contentment, when I can stop chasing my dreams and be happy with my results and then just maintain that and secure it for my future.

I have been working fulltime since 2001 every Monday – Friday, getting up going to an office working hard, going home, and doing what I can with what time and money is left outside of just living and surviving. I have been a dad since I was 17 so I have never had spare money to invest in myself. I went to college in 2010 to start my IT career and make more money.

I have had enough to be honest, enough of giving up on myself and my dreams. Now I am on a path to success by investing in my business monthly and providing consistent daily challenging work towards moving my business forward.

Instead of getting a new car when my car finance is up, I will stick with my 9-year-old car and use my previous payments to invest more in my business. Knowing I have more accessibility to get myself found online and more tools to get things done quicker.

When you really invest in yourself and your online business you will start to see success.

I Know you have already seen this plenty of times before but please do not take my word for it, see for yourself, and use this opportunity to read this eBook: https://lewis-anderson.com/jtguest1

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I can promote anything here, this is a guest post with the potential of getting a lot of traffic, but my intention for this post is not completely self-serving.

I want to share what I am doing and how I moved away from that horrible repetitive circle of wanting success but never actually getting it, I want to show you how following a few things will open your eyes like mine have been opened and will start moving you forward.

I have done more in one month towards my online business than I have in the last 15 years, and it is all thanks to reading this eBook: https://lewis-anderson.com/jtguest1 then joining this webinar:


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Thanks again.

Lewis Anderson

This is a guest post from Lewis Anderson, if you would like to be considered for a guest post please contact me.

    4 replies to "Why I never Succeeded Online!"

    • Lewis Anderson

      Nice post! This storey sounds remarkably familiar.
      I hope I didn’t come across to harsh, but I tried to represent the difference between how I was approaching making money online over how to approach setting up an online business.

      The difference is massive, and I believe the audience the two attract are vastly different, however, you really can get out of that negative need to make money today mindset and focus on something Longterm and positive for a business, even if it’s a passion project like renewing old woodwork and selling it online.

      Thanks for allowing me to guest post. Have a great day!

    • Steven Mullinax

      Hey Lewis,
      Great article and you told the truth about how all of those “Shiny Objects” mostly end up only taking your money , but never leads you down a successful path… Congrats on staying with it and pursuing your dreams of being an Online Success…

      Steve Mullinax

      • Lewis Anderson

        Thanks Steve, even through difficult times we have to remain consistent and focused.

    • Joel Britton

      Fantastic post, Lewis. So many parallels to my story.

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