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In this increasingly online world, digital marketing is key for anyone who wants to drive traffic to their business and gain customers. Digital marketing has become a massive and continuously growing industry, with a plethora of companies and experts. But the great news is that there are a variety of ways you can get started with digital marketing for free.

1) Understand your target audience

In order to create your ideal digital marketing strategy, it’s important to know who your ideal audience is. One of the best ways to do this is to think about your ideal customer, and information about them such as age, gender, location, interests, and what activities they engage in online. Some marketers call this a persona or buyer profile.

Once you’re able to identify your target audience, you can start working on other parts of your digital strategy, such as what social media platforms to use. If you can find your customers’ needs, you can identify what google searches to target, what to post on social media, and how to collaborate with other brands and users to get your products out there.

2) Design your ideal digital marketing strategy

This is essential to making sure that you are using your time and resources as efficiently as possible. Running a business is a lot of hard work and commitment, so you can’t afford to just wing it and only do things that make you feel comfortable.

After you identify your target audience, you can think about their problems, what solutions you can provide, and effective strategies to provide your solutions.

A good digital marketing strategy can include a variety of different things such as blogging, posting on social media, or building your own list.

If you’re just getting started, work on mastering one traffic strategy at a time.

3) Getting ranked on Google

If you’ve been running a business or doing anything in the online space, you’ve probably heard of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It’s the reason some sites get so much more traffic than others and the secret to who shows up in a Google search. There are a variety of professionals who work with SEO, but you can also optimize your site and your posts yourself.

Some of the most important aspects of SEO are the keywords you use on your blog posts, as well as the context they’re in. In addition, engaging titles that include your keywords, meta descriptions, epic content, and backlinks can help your site rank highly in the top search engines.

4) Getting organic traffic through social media

One of the biggest parts of the digital marketing industry is social media marketing. This is something that just about any business can use. You can strategically choose the platforms that you post on, use sites like Canva to make engaging graphics, and use planning apps to schedule your time and create content in batches.

Social media creates a unique opportunity for you to interact with your followers. You can partner with influencers, creating trust in your brand by showing how real people use it, ask your followers to share photos of themselves using your product. In addition, you can engage directly with potential customers through comments or direct messages.

5) Different platforms give you different advantages

Think about which platforms can best showcase your products, and where your target audience hangs out.

For instance, if you’re a news outlet or informational site, Twitter may be a great way to engage in conversations and post relevant data and articles. But if you sell complex equipment, you can build a community through tutorials and reviews on YouTube.

If you’ve thought about your products and your audience, and you’re still having trouble deciding which platforms to use, try browsing.

Check out the accounts of your competitors, their followers, their interests, and how they’re engaging with their audience. Use all of this as inspiration and to discover more ideas for offering your products and services.

6) The power of consistency

Whether you are blogging, posting on social media, or doing email marketing, the one thing that is often overlooked is consistency.

People that dabble around or think that marketing is just a 1 shot deal will often fail. Doing business-building tasks, over and over again for the long haul is powerful.

I know it might seem boring, but all of your efforts will eventually compound over time and you’ll see the results.

7) Blogging keeps your site relevant

Blogging isn’t just a way to communicate with your followers; it’s also a great way to drive new visitors to your site.

Blogging can convert strangers to customers, converse with your audience, and establish your authority in your field.

You can also coordinate your blog with other aspects of your digital marketing, like your email campaigns or social media.

8) Pay attention to your metrics

There’s no one strategy that will work for everyone, but luckily there are tools to tell you whether your strategies are working or not.

As you ramp up your activities, always remember to check your analytics. You’ll discover vital statistics, like which posts your followers interact with the most, who your followers are, and how many people see your posts. These numbers will create a baseline and provide insight as to what activities have created the greatest impact.

9) Adapt and conquer

Once you start checking your metrics, you’ll start to see what is working very well for you, and which strategies are less effective.

Even though you’ve designed a digital marketing strategy based on your research and vision for your brand, don’t be afraid to change it.

Modern marketing platforms are amazingly interactive and adaptable, so it’s important to keep adapting your strategy to keep up with changes in your audience, trends, platform algorithms, and which tactics work best for you.

10) Free traffic has its limits

You can seriously boost your traffic through free strategies like SEO, starting a social media platform, video marketing, and email marketing. However, if you’re growing your business, it may also be good to look into paid options such as hiring digital marketing or social media professionals or paying for ads on platforms like Google and Facebook.

Google Ads can help your business show up immediately when your users search, and Facebook ads can show your posts to new groups of people who don’t already follow you.

Although these ads do take some financial resources, they can be really helpful to quickly expand your audience and allow new people to see your products.

While free traffic can build your business without breaking the bank, realize that your time and energy isn’t free.
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What strategies will you use to scale your business?

With some research and a commitment to executing and adapting your digital marketing strategy, the possibilities are endless.

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