Last week I done the following:-

  • I added over 1000 people to my mailing list.
  • I sold a ton of products earning me thousands of dollars.
  • I sent out a promotional email that also made a ton of sales.
  • I sold a ton of products as an affiliate.
  • I made sure my coaching material was delivered on time to my coaching students.

So what did I do to make this happen?

Nothing, I was on vacation in Jamaica. (See below for snaphots)

You see, we live in an age where we can sell digital goods and 100% automate the whole process, with delivery tools such as My Digital Dispatch we can have our goods delivered and with an autoresponder service such as Aweber we can have our emails set to go out on autopilot while we are not at our computer.

eBay also provides all the tools needed to automate an info product business with Selling Manager Pro and Turbo Lister.

All I had to worry about was support, but as I have my support manager Daniel doing that for me I knew I really had nothing to worry about.

And in the age we live in if a massive problem had developed Daniel could have phoned me while I lay on the beach, although I would not have been to happy this never happened as he knows my business inside out.

All I did was send a few text messages over the course of the week to make sure everything was OK. And I really didn’t have to do that as my business was in good hands.

I also could have taken my laptop with me and ran my business myself but as this was a family vacation this is something I did not do. In fact it was nice to be away from my computer for 9 days.

What I am trying to say here is just 10-15 years ago this lifestyle was not possible. With modern technology and the Internet it is now possible for every single one of us to live a dream lifestyle. Just a few years ago I had a mind numbing boring job in a factory and just last week I was lying on a Caribbean beach while back home my business was running on autopilot and was still earning money.

It’s only at times like this I realise how fortunate I am to live in this age as if we went back in time just 10 years I would still be working in a factory.

So grasp what the Internet has to offer you and start using it to your advantage. We are all so lucky to have this opportunity and anyone that realises this will go far and I strongly believe this is just the beginning of what we can all achieve.

Here are a few snapshots of my vacation, if you ever get the chance to go to Jamaica please do as the Jamaican people are so friendly and laid back it really makes you see things differently.


Rafting Down The Martha Brae River. This was so relaxing.


This picture was taken from Shaw Park Gardens.


Can you spot the famous Reggae superstar in this image?


The entrance to Bob Marley’s birthplace and final resting place at 9 miles in St Ann. This was a day I will never forget.


One of my attempts at being a professional photographer šŸ™‚


And another, do you think they will make next year’s brochure?


I wish I was back here now.



Another view of the beach.


And Another.



My son Alex took this shot of the local wildlife.


A view of one of the hotel bars from our balcony, where we spent most evenings having a few Rum Punches šŸ™‚


Guess who?

Feel free to leave any comments and if you have ever been to Jamaica please share your experiences.

    74 replies to "What I did last week."

    • Skip Neff

      I am jealous. What a wonderful looking spot to spend a great deal of time in. I have never been to Jamaica but will certainly add it to my list of places to visit soon. Thanks for all of your helpful emails. Skip

    • Randy Smith

      Beautiful John…

      Nuff Said



    • Zsolt

      Hi John,

      What can I say? I am so jealous. šŸ™‚ Must have been a wonderful trip. Did you go alone or with the family? One day I will be rich too, and will travel all around the globe. I love travelling.

    • Karen B


      Looks beautiful!! Wish I were there. I am going to have to kick up my internet marketing to get there.

    • Robin Skeen


      I’m a bit closer to this paradise than you are and I’ve never been. I just added it to my list. What a wonderful place!

    • Rude Tube

      great stuff john. glad you liked it. i went there few yrs ago and loved it. we was there for 2 weeks. went to dunns river falls. done the same raft trip as you did. i plan on going back there very soon.

      i didnt want to leave when we was there.


    • Chris

      Looks fantastic John, I think we are all jealous, but although I am just starting out on this ebook adventure, I have high expectations.

      Great to see people doing well though,


    • Andre

      Get us a bottle of rum, please.

      Hopefully this time next year, I’ll be able to go over and get my own.

    • Paula Brett

      Wow, it looks like you had an amazing time, John. Welcome back šŸ˜‰

      Best wishes

      Paula Brett

    • Charles Kowalski

      Ah John, Would that I could. It’s wonderful you could enjoy yourself like that. I believe you give us the proper vehicle to attain these heights if we but DO IT!!

    • Rob Emmerson


      Even though I live in beautiful Florida, I am Jealous. While you were out making money while sunning yourself, I was working in the real world, and then working on your coaching homework to boot.

      I do have one question, why did you spend most evenings on the balcony? you should have gone down to the bar…

      Seriously though, I am glad to hear you had a great vacation, and I cant wait for tomorrows installment of your coaching.


      Reply from John,

      Hi Rob,

      I meant I did spend most of my time in the bar and I have edited my post to reflect that.
      As I was all inclusive I had the odd drink… Or two… Or three šŸ™‚

    • David

      Looks great John, good photography.
      I lived in the Bahamas for a few years and visited Jamiaca on occasion.
      Goldeneye (namedropper)
      But I am Scottish and we are so white we are see-through, and spent a lot of time being red!!!
      ps thanks for all your help and advice over the years.

    • Bragi Snr

      Very nice pictures sir you have been walk around in Paradise have a nice day sir.

    • Ray Johnson

      Looks LOVELY JUBBLY John,

      Im sure you and family had a great break out there…

      Bein a fellow Geordie myself though John – I agree with Rob above, but you shouldda been on the BROWN ALE!

      Much deserved mate – this is what success is all about folks, set your business up to run without you from day one… work hard and it could be you…

      Right John?



      Reply from John,

      Hi Ray,

      I was ‘all inclusive’ and for some reason the brown stuff has not reached Jamaica but I wasn’t complaining as the local brew is Red stripe šŸ™‚

    • Mark McWilliams

      Cool! It looks like a great place to be and vist for your holiday. šŸ˜€ I bet you wanted to stay for another week? šŸ˜‰

      Anyway, WELCOME back John!

      I wonder what sort of new plans you’ve got up your sleeve with the time off, and coming back with a refreshed mind. šŸ˜†


    • Ray

      Thanks for sharing. Would love to see the home of Bob Marley myself someday. That river ride seemed really nice. Hope you had a relaxing time! Ray

    • Peggy Baron

      I must say, the first 7 lines of your post were most inspiring!
      Thanks for sharing.


    • Carole Gardner

      Awesome John!

      I love the Travel Freedom we have these days as well!

      I did some Missionary work in Kingston years ago – it

      was really an amazing trip.

      Glad you got some good R&R in!

      (BTW – I really Love Your Coaching program)

      Take Care….

    • Karen Taylor

      I’m happy for you. And it just makes me, a retired teacher and newspaper copy editor, cry real tears to know that folks who say “last week I done…” are making millions of dollars on the web posting blogs full of grammatical errors and websites full of crappy code. But, alas, I guess I just must accept it and move on.

      Reply by John,

      Wow Karen, was my grammar really that bad? I’m sorry it made you cry.

      I have seen (or is it saw) my error now and I will try not to let it happen again.

      If you think my grammar is bad you had better not listen to my voice šŸ™‚

    • thelma

      Great pictures, John. Looking at the pictures makes me want to take out my watercolor paintings and paint. Your nature and ocean pictures are great! Being a musician myself, it was a special
      treat to see the home of Bob Marley. That wood sculpture pic. of him might be valuable one day. If it was lefted in our country it would have been stolen by now and put on auction somewhere for a
      lot of money! A very nice picture of you too! Everyone needs to
      get away and refresh once in a while.
      Thank you for all of the infomation you have given over the time.

    • Dan Jeremiah

      Hi John,

      I won’t say “you lucky chap” because I know you worked hard to get to where you can be today. Jamaca looks lovely, all backwater, peace and quiet. What a difference from city-living and the so-called modern conveniences.

      You’re too right about the internet opening avenues for income that didn’t exist a few years ago. Yet many are put off mainly, I think, because it doesn’t seem like a real job, and offers no status. Also, all the hype and hoopla about making $200.00 per hour in 15 minutes and locking in hundreds of thousands in a matter of months comes across like some child’s fairy tale, and is not to be taken

      Pity. Because, as you say, the internet does offer a very workable alternative to the ‘just-over-broke’situation most people are chained to.

      When’s your next vacation, and where?

      Dan J.

      That said,

    • Jim Cockrum

      Thanks for sharing that John – here’s to much more future success!

    • David

      Hi, John!

      Well, if this is what you can do on autopilot, I am ready for it! WoW! I visited St. John in the Virgin Islands back in the day, very similar to its neighbor, Jamaica – never got over to Jamaica, yet! Errol Flynn, the classic swashbuckler who starred in ROBIN HOOD in 1938 owned a hotel called the Titchfield and lived on Navy Island (which he owned) in Port Antonio, Jamaica. He lived there at least 15 years before he died of a heart attack in 1959 in Vancouver, B.C., Canada on a trip in 1959. He is responsible for creating and popularizing the river rafting trips so famous now in Jamaica. And of course, he rafted down the same Martha Brae River as you did!

      Flynn was a pilot and flew his own plane in Jamaica kept at Kingston, and his friends were Robin Moore who wrote The French Connection in his yard under a mango tree in Port Antonio, Ian Fleming who wrote the James Bond books and Noel Coward who lived in Ochos Rios. Many of the old Classic film stars and today stars visit Jamaica, so you were in very good company!

      You’ve really earned this lifestyle, John!

      Did you feel a little naked without your computer? I would be having withdrawal symptoms! Good on you for not bringing a laptop and giving your family all your attention. This is a memory your family will never forget.

      As a British citizen you can freely travel to Cuba, another of Flynn’s old haunts. Americans can’t travel there as tourists (as yet, anyway) but if I were in your shoes I’d give it a chance to become another great memory.

      Thanks for showing folks what they are shooting for!

      Best always, David~

    • normz

      I do not have my original website up and running yet,maybe in a couple of weeks! I have been following your “EVENTS”. I must say that I am impressed.

    • Stuart Smyth

      Welcome back John,

      Glad you had a great holiday, you and your family deserved it.
      Nice to see the photographs.
      I must say we did miss you when you were away but Dan did a
      great job in your absence.

      Thanks for all you do for us,

    • Patrick

      John you give me hope. I am a 67 year old man who cannot retire because of low income. You give me hope that I can retire one day and care for my family and to “slow down and smell the roses along the way!!”

      May God continue to bless you and your family,

    • Mike

      Well it is good to have you back John.
      Even though most of us did not know you were away on vacation.
      It is probably a good thing we were not aware since our confidence of always having you around may have been a risk to all of us Thornhill junior wanna be’s.

      Anyway it is good you provided us proof that trips like this are not only possible, but probable IF we continue your leadership.

      As far as the pictures and your photography, well the beach chairs are sitting in lots of sand, and you should have written something there for us to read.

      Ye gads, you away 9 days and Cockrum away a couple of months. I think it is great and as soon as I get my loose ends wrapped up, I plan on a getaway.

      Thanks so much.


    • Dan

      Daniel here from Germany, not your support Daniel.
      Just makes me wonder:
      “… although I would not have been to happy this never happened as he knows my business inside out.”
      If your Daniel knows your business inside out, why is he working for you, a lousy 9-5 job maybe for peanuts, instead of doing these businesses himself, if he knows it all??
      Looks like it takes more than what you promote and sell to become a successful internet marketer …

      Reply from John,

      Hi Dan,

      Daniel does work for himself and has many products of his own, in fact he is releasing a new product in a few weeks. It is actually a worry of my own that one day he will become so successful on his own he will not want to work for me but he works for me because he is a personal friend whom I have known for years. He uses my methods and is an eBay PowerSeller and success in his own right.
      You could say I’m taking him on my journey with me and he doesn’t want to get off at this moment.

      Also, I don’t pay him peanuts to work for me and his job is not 9-5. More whenever – whenever for about an hour or so a day. That also helps.

      I hope this clears things up for you.

    • William Potts

      Hi John,

      You deserved this vacation, i’m so happy you enjoyed your get-away and got to spend quality time with your family.
      You have shown us all that we too can achieve our dreams,and be successfull like you have.

      Myself i live on the suncoast of Florida, it’s like living in paridise all the time. If you ever come to Florida look me up, i will show you a great time. I can say that would be a dream come true to meet my Coach/Mentor in person.

      You have done so much for us all, by showing us what you do, and how you do it i can’t thank you enough.
      You have truly earned this lifestyle, thanks for sharing.

      Best Wishes,

    • June

      Freaking awesome!!! Hope you all had a fabulous time! No, I know you did. How could you not?


    • Josh

      Nice Pictures.Thank you for helping me learn how to sell books too. One Day I will be Holding the camera.

    • Jeff


      Your Jamaica trip is very inspiring. It is sometimes difficult to stay motivated working as an Internet marketer so seeing the fruits of your success is a welcome sight.

      I especially appreciated the photo of the Boston Whaler. My family had one of these when I was a boy and it brought back many memories.

      Keep up your good work and thanks John.


    • Jeana

      Glad you had a great time. Your pics are good. Of the couple dozen pay per click articles I published six are about Jamaica. They are the most popular ones I wrote. Last month one of them was read 69 times. I earned four cents. Needless to say I’ve moved on.
      Someday I’ll have time to try your plan. And how a bout a loan, just kidding

    • Derek Import

      Well done! Loved the photos.
      I spent six months on Montserrat (before the volcano) and really enjoyed it. I’m sure you did too, it’s very similar.

      Kind regards


    • Tracey

      Hi John,

      Gorgeous Pictures!

      Ahh that clear blue water .. Maybe if I close my eyes I can pretend I am lying on the beach watching the sunset sipping a rum punch .. Mmm …

      Glad you had a great time!


    • MC Marr

      I’ve never been there, but I’ve wanted to go for a long time. I’m looking at your pics, and watching a Jamaica special on TV at the same time.


      Hey John my man.

      You have finally taken a picture of yourself! You don’t have many, or at least, I haven’t seen any in the last few years!

      Also, the quality of that camera is superb..what camera is it?

      All the best.

      Reply from John,

      Hi Adeel,

      I think this is only my 2nd pic I have put online. But I had to show this one.
      The camera is a Cannon IXUS 70 and is excellent and very reasonably priced.

    • Sue F

      Hi John,
      Glad you had such a great holiday. I’m one of your current students. Your inspiring post is good fuel for my motivation. Will add Jamaica to my list of potential holiday destinations.

    • sam noel

      hi john

      nice one ill be going on may 4th for some off the sunshine
      speak soon

    • William Roberts

      Hi John,
      Looks like you are having a great time, and I bet you deserve it.
      I like the looks of the country, would like to see it in person
      someday. So now get back on the job and teach us all you know or
      some of what you know.


    • Dan Crouch

      Hi John,

      With the training you are giving in the coaching videos, I hope to join you on holiday as I learn to use your techniques to make a living online. I am glad you had a great vacation. Thank you again for the Coaching classes.

      Have a great Day!


    • Linda H

      You lucky, lucky man! Some good pics although you are a much better mentor than a photographer! Perhaps you should concentrate on Alex’s abilities – I’m no expert but he appears to take better photographs than you do.
      Thanks for all your help, support, and patience. I’m not where I want to be yet (mainly due to my disabilities and not being able to see very well) but I know that with your continued help I’ll get there!!
      Best Wishes, Linda

      Reply from John,

      Linda, your right about my son Alex, he was constantly taking pics with the camera and I have a ton of pics that he took. Mostly zoom shots of my nose, ears and feet that you really don’t want to see šŸ™‚

    • wisannie

      Hahaha, I was one that purchased your ebook while you were gone. I noticed the email went out on the lower cost listing day. I’m sure that just took the touch of a button by Daniel in Turbolister. I also noticed the back end selling. All this occurred while you were enjoying the sun. I tip my hat to you, John!

    • Ken

      I’m surprised you did not reply to Karen Taylor’s post.

      Crappy grammar in your posts and crappy code in your websites šŸ˜‰

      I’d get Daniel to check your copy write and go over your website codes from now on.

      Rock on,

      Reply from John,

      I didn’t originally reply Ken as I didn’t know the post was referring to me. Crappy code??? If I knew what that was!!!

      However, upon reading the post again I can now see my grammatical error, shocking I know.

      My grammar may not be the best but it does get proofread and as far as I’m aware is 99.99% fine. I personally don’t let the fact I make the odd error bother me as it does not seem to bother 99.99% of my readers. But if you ever spot anything and feel the urge to tell me drop me an email and I will change my error.

    • Harjit Irani

      Good on you. It looks wonderful. I am here in New Zealand with nice beaches and your life style is as good. Keep it up John

    • Jerry D

      Hi John. Happy to see you’re enjoying my home-town (Ocho Rios) The old “Shaw Park” still looks great. while you were living it up, in Jamdown . I am happy to say I’ve been working on your “Resale Rights Blueprint” and have having a learning blast. Thanks to you.

      Reply from John,

      Hi Jerry,

      I have one more pic of Ocho Rios, I took this at the entrance to Shaw Park. I was actually staying in Montego Bay so only passed through but it did look great.

      Ocho Rios

    • Lana

      Hi John,

      Your vacation is inspiring to me. I have been to Jamacia a couple times many years ago and I am looking forward to the good new days that will be coming my way soon as I plan to take advantage of the wonderful opportunities we have today in the information age.

      I really appreciate your coaching and I’m looking forward to success and sharing that with others along the way.

      My favorite of your shots is the one with the two beach chairs. That picture tells a story for me. Nice work!


    • Janos

      Hi John !
      Nice Pics. Try Puerto Rico on your next tripp? .
      Abaut wasting time, well that is academic , but you are right, even
      this is a waste of time ,so I………

    • Barrington

      Hey John,

      Wonderful pictures, I am from Jamaica and worked in the hotel industry for about 5 years before we relocated to South Florida…

      I am working hard to get to that level where I can go home on vacation and still be able to earn money while I enjoy time away with my family…

      We have already set a goal and this year we want to accomplish this feat..

      Keep up the good work and I enjoy those instructional video’s..

      By the way I made Powerseller status on eBay a few days ago so things are definitely moving in the right direction..

    • Lynn Norton

      Welcome back John, looks like you had a great time. As I am not a sun worshipper, nor much of a traveller, I’m maybe the only one here who is not jealous of your vacation.

      However, I certainly am jealous of your freedom. The freedom to take a day, a week or even a month away and know that the work you’ve done in the past will continue to make a residual income. That for me is the great attraction of internet marketing and I can’t wait for that first Clickbank cheque to land on the doormat šŸ™‚


    • Troy

      Hey that is beautiful! Never been to Jamaica, but it looks like my kind of place. Peace

    • Karen

      Hi John,

      Thanks for the wonderful photos. What a beautiful place to holiday.I am a bit jealous…I think the photo your son took
      is a great shot, good on him, who knows he might end up a
      professional..I can see why you reflect back to 10 years ago,
      after having achieved great success, much better than working in a factory. Keep it up and keep those holiday shots coming..You do a wonderful job with your business and I really look forward to your emails.
      Regards to you and your family,

    • Jeff Cox

      Hi John,

      You obviously had a great holiday in Jamaica. Maybe next time you might come to Australia. We have miles of wonderful sandy beaches with lots of sunshine too. As a photographer, I like your shot of the two beach chairs, keep up the good work. And thanks for the coaching! Jeff.

    • Peter Ford

      G’day John,

      Awesome mate!

      I love the concept of cash rolling in on autopilot whilst holidaying and living your life as you wish!

      John you certainly are an inspiration, and a welcomed breath of fresh, motivating air. You remind me not to drop the ball on my websites and to keep doing what needs to be done.

      Peter Ford

    • krissy

      Lovely pics, very inspiring, have decided today I’m gonna have another go at getting this e-book business off the ground. Since I started more than two years ago now, have learned a hell of a lot more, also that it is worth the time, energy and expense. Wasn’t 100% convinced then, I am now !!
      Thanks for all your help and encouragement, looking forward to getting started.

      Regards Krissy

    • Angela Meyers

      Hello John,

      The pictures are beautiful. I am glad that you took a break to take a vacation with your family. That is very important. I hope you had a great time, it looks like you did.

      Welcome Back!

      Angela Meyers

    • Art Speck

      Hi John,
      I’ve just signed up to the waiting list of your personal programme.
      Once I’ve completed that, I hope to go to your holiday destination myself to take my own photographs.
      Seems a world away to our local beaches of Roker and Seaburn.
      Many thanks for the great inspiration.

    • Daniel N. Brown

      Thanks for sharing John… You truly are an inspiration!


    • Alex Jeffreys

      Hey John,

      Looks like you had a great time mate šŸ™‚

      I have to agree with you that ā€“

      the internet lifestyle is truly the greatest ever,


      Iā€™m proud of you man …

      … have fun and I look forward to
      meeting up soon for a few brown ales

      To success


    • Daniel Howard

      Hi John…

      What can i say WOW
      Ive always wanted to see the legend Bob Marleys birth place its sounds a fantastic place to go to…

      You look like you had a fab time i like the way you say that your business was automated for you so that you dont have much worry.

      The whole thing looks very inspiring and hope to go there someday

      Thanks for sharing your visit there

      Daniel Howard

    • Scotf

      Hi John,

      I have been to Jamaica twice now. It is always a beautiful place to visit. You must try riding down the roads in the Blue Hills mountain. Also a walk down Dunn’s River Falls is a great advanture. Hope to make a thrid visit one of these years. Pictures don’t do Jamaica justice thou, its much better and sereal in person. Thanks for the trip back to memory lane.


    • Pat Graham

      Great pictures, John. I have to say what happened to your business while you were on vacation without your laptop is more than inspiring and certainly humbling.


    • Omar

      John . . Here’s a vacation tip for you to try… Las Vegas!
      I just got back from speaking at a huge sales seminar there. It was my first time in Vegas and I must say it was AWESOME. I can only describe it as 100mph of nonstop FUN! If you do ever come to the states, I’ll be glad to show you to all the hot spots.


    • Gene Minor

      Good Morning John,

      I found your photos to be very inspiring and motivational, although I have no real desire to go to visit Jamaica personally. I was looking at them in the sense that they were showing what could be done. An automated business that requires supervision but not your entire life. I too want this life style, That is the exact reason that I enrolled in the coaching class. There is also another reason, I have been studying success for many years and the one thing that comes up over and over is to find a mentor, see what they are doing, do the exact same thing. No results are guaranteed but learning is assured.

      Thank you for this opportunity to emulate a real Master of the Web.


    • PDStevenson

      Very nice pics John..My sister just came back from a crusie, she had me veiw over 200 this weekend, my fav was Montego Bay. I sure wish I was there or Jamacia. We have a foot of snow headed out way here in Maine tomorrow yeks! We’ll just added it to the 115 feet we received already this season. I want Spring!!
      Take Care

      Reply by John,

      We stayed in montego Bay and seen a few cruse ships come in over the course of the week. I was just along the road from where the ships dock. It’s a small world šŸ™‚

    • Zahid

      Hi John

      Looking good mate.

      I am one of your students currently on your mentoring program. A great program.

      I was over in Jamaica a few years ago and it was really great, had a wonderful holiday.

      Barbados is worth checking out as well..great place.

      Best wishes


    • FrankS

      Hi John

      Where at in Jamaica were you, I spent a wonderful 7Days at Dunn River Sandals resort when my youngest daughter got married.
      One of the best Vacations I ever had. Thats close to Ocha Rios ?spelling,
      Great Trip
      Regards: Frank

      Reply by John,

      Hi Frank,

      We stayed in Montego Bay, that’s the other side of the North Coast but we did pass through Ocha Rios on the way to Shaw Park. It’s a beautiful place

    • Keith Purkiss

      Hi John,

      Welcome back, I’m sure your photos will inspire a lot of people to build their online businesses,



    • Chris Vendilli

      Hey John,

      Looks like fun!

      Thanks for sharing, I think if you’re ebook business ever goes bottom up you may be able to start selling “digital photos” online with those sick camera man skills you got working for you!

      Take Care,


      P.S. – Give the little man some props for the expert camera angle on the lizard too!

    • Bob Easton

      Struggling with too many irons in the fire; but I took the time to view the pix. Looking forward to being able to do similar things.


    • Harvey

      Hi John,
      hope to join you on your last pic next time!!!

    • Vern

      Hi John,

      Was it cold there or just kind of warm ?

      I was in France just last month and it was
      a nice change of weather for me. Singapore
      is just too warm.

      Anyway, I’m so happy that you had a good time
      and can certainly identify with that.

      However, what could be interesting if you could
      post something along the way to how you
      came from a struggling factory worker
      to becoming what you are today.

      Just a snippet of your IM journey to success
      would be nice. What do you think? šŸ˜‰


    • Barbara

      John Beautiful pics (someday) we just had 5 inches of snow and we are do for more enjoy Barbara

    • Alex

      Been there. Done that. I will again! My current situation prohibits even thinking about revisiting places like this. But I will NEVER give up! Just looking at the pics makes me enviuos. I know how negative that is but it gives me some to shoot for. Thanks for sharing. Alex

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