This is Guest post by Mialei J. Iske, who is currently following my Personal Coaching Program.

Each time I started a new job in an American corporation, I had that sinking feeling that I would never succeed. The first couple of weeks were packed with company training while I was getting to know a bunch of new people. Every position required a different level of independent learning to even keep pace with the experienced people around me. As the months passed, the workplace became a comfortable place where I had learned my responsibilities and started to enjoy my role on the team.

Launching my online business presented problems that I had never encountered. Within a couple of months, I realized that I just did not know how to take the steps that would connect all of the dots in this new venture. My first step was to embrace a proven program that would teach me the finer points of product creation. Since the launch of my first product, I have gained some remarkable insights into this business and the people involved.

This list of important points sums up my findings perfectly.

Follow your training to the letter. If you invest in proven training or coaching you should follow it to the letter. My first time through the weeks of training inside John’s coaching course required me to stay on track. Each time I had questions, I created a support ticket and found the answers that I needed. Learning the process was only part of creating my blog, member’s area and membership site. Countless details were included in the learning process as I asked questions, requested Skype calls and learned from anyone who would offer assistance.

I worked through the material as quickly as I could to launch my first product within 90 days and it paid off as my first product 6 Hour eBook has been a huge success.

Build your brand. Immediately after my launch I had built up a customer base and it was time to try to earn money as an affiliate. Affiliate marketing was going to be challenging if I did not figure out how to reach out to my subscribers with different products. I chose to promote products that had helped me in my early online career. One challenge I faced was that most product owners were leery of the new kid on the block making affiliate requests.

Fortunately, I had connections with people inside John’s training course. I asked for some suggestions for products that people needed. My first week in affiliate marketing was successful because I learned to select products that people needed and offered value. In my first 90 days, I have made more than 80 sales of various products as an affiliate. Something I could only dream of before launching my first product.

Create value. Unlike a well-developed career job, my venture into Internet marketing was proving to be discouraging and expensive. I had to fall back on my writing talent to earn some money and fast. My online presence existed because I had built my blog according to John’s teachings. I was making regular blog entries and had some steady traffic. Creating a “writing service” was a logical step, and other marketers encouraged me. So the value I offered was teaching others how to write and it paid off.

Make friends with JV’s. My efforts as an affiliate provided more insight to the many facets of Internet Marketing that I was going to have to learn if I was going to be a success in the Internet Marketing world. Products created by other marketers have provided excellent ideas for how I want to proceed. As I reach out to my list with these great products, I am participating in launches in ways that I never dreamed possible.

I remember seeing my name on an affiliate leaderboard for the first time. I couldn’t believe it. How could this be so much fun? As I embraced two products from another amazing marketer, I implemented every part of each course into my own business. Those two approaches to this business have taught me so much in just a couple of months. My second leaderboard showing was where I used Omar Martin’s Crush Campaign strategy and actually won my first JV prize, $50.

I called my folks! “This is better than my first raise!”

Develop a business plan. Creating my plan is a little bit of a puzzle at this point. I know that any business plan has three important components: my starting point, my desired ending point and the steps I am going to take to reach my goal. This is one of the important pieces that will come into focus as I continue down this path.

Invest in the tools you need. Throughout my product development efforts, I discovered that additional investment was required to complete and launch my first product. My only option was to find an investor. I just did not have any choice. One night, my product creation efforts were stalled. No progress was going to be made without eating some crow. So, long story short, my Mom owns my copy of Optimize Press 2 and my white-label software. Oh well, at least I am still in the will. I think!

Absolutely nothing was going to stop my progress. I just can’t afford to give up on this quest. Every aspect of this business fits who I am. I love the problem-solving. I enjoy the writing. I can be as creative as I want to be. The challenge for right now is to find some other avenues to bring in the cash that I need right now.

Create and launch your products. For me, this one presents some serious challenges. I have so much to learn to provide the value that I can see in other products. The work is just beginning to explore the dimensions of Internet Marketing that will allow me to connect the dots for my future customers. My mind works on disconnected processes and creates a streamlined approach. Most of the time, I do not even know the final result. Time will provide the answer about my next product, and then I will present something amazing to the world!

Execute your plan relentlessly and repeatedly. I am not sure that I get up every morning with a well-developed plan. All of my tasks center around maintaining contact with my subscribers and finding more traffic. I still believe that I can do this with tenacity and leaning on my strengths. My background supports the tasks that I have to do each day. I have met wonderful people who will answer my questions.

I think so often about what Churchill said, “Never, Never Never Give up!”
And I will not!

Challenges in my path are not as important as my ability to respond to them in the right way. I get discouraged and frustrated at least once each week. Working with others allows me to retain some perspective on the situation. I no longer panic when things do not go my way. Sometimes, I just have to look around and realize that things could be so much worse.

Probably the most important lesson for me has been the realization that this venture is just like learning another job. The time and effort required will leave me exhausted at the end of each week. Rest over each weekend is essential so that I know how to proceed on Monday morning. I do look forward to the day when I can enjoy the fruits of my labors. Until then, I will continue to work as hard as I have to, to reach my goals!

“An intense anticipation itself transforms possibility into reality; our desires being often but precursors of the things which we are capable of performing.”
~ Samuel Smiles

Footnote from John. Mialei has been a model student and is an excellent example of what can be achieved when you apply yourself and follow a proven program. Within 90 days Mialei went from absolute beginner to launching her first product online and she continues to go from strength to strength.

    5 replies to "What Can I Expect if I Take Action?"

    • Tasleem Khan

      As a fellow member on John’s mentoring course this is great insight into what can be achieved if you decide to work hard. What John delivers is absolute gold. Great blog post Mialei , and yes you do have to work hard, to get somewhere in life.


    • James Hughes

      Love this post from Mialei.

      It just shows that you can still get frustrated working in this online world but if you persevere and work consistently (and relentlessly) you will get the success you want quickly.


      James Hughes

    • Veronica

      What you have accomplished in 90 days is pretty amazing!

      I totally agree with you that pursuing the dream of making money online is just like learning another job, but it can be harder and take more time because you don’t have your coworkers and others around you on a daily basis to help keep you on track.

      Sounds like you have the right mentor and great people there to help you along the way. Good job in taking the initiative to reach out and get the answers that you needed.

      Congratulations on taking action, seeing things through, getting results, and giving back to others.

      Truly an inspiration…thanks for the great post!

    • zora

      Thanks, Congratulations great guest post. Well written and nice tips.

    • Hilbert Lim

      What an encouraging post to read. This makes me more motivated to do every step of the course our coach John Thornhill is teaching us.

      I am starting back from scratch this time after my blog vanished couple of months ago. Working hard and smart coupled with consistent actions in following our coachs’ teachings in P2S course definitely gives us results and much motivation to reach our end goal.

      Hopefully, I can make my coaching call in the near future to our ever helpful coach as I am currently starting to make my product outline in creating my first digital product.

      This post really help me think better to progress my product creation ideas.

      Keep posting…and keep inspiring others.


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