I’d like to share my roughly 15 years of experience in the working from home and internet marketing arena.

There have been a lot of ups and downs, $1,000 days, multi-thousand-dollar weeks, and some failure along the way.

There are a couple of things that you must do to drastically increase your chances of success.

Number one is a consistent daily effort. A lot of people are extremely busy these days and a lot of people have extra time because of covid as well. So you don’t have to work on your new project every day but, you have to be consistent week in and week out putting in some kind of effort to create content, drive traffic, etc.

Some people make videos on YouTube for content creation and others blog. As well, there are social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter that can help you get followers and traffic if you provide valuable content.

Valuable content is rather important versus purely promoting your product or service. And if you think about it, there’s only so much content you can create that is the strict promotion and people will not respond to it nearly as well as giving them useful information.

Number two is to find someone that you can copy and is willing to coach you, who is already successful. Do everything they tell you to do and do it consistently. Taking shortcuts and trying to re-invent the wheel will only set you up for failure. I know this for sure from personal experience.

Thanks for reading – Adam Raley

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