If you want to attract more affiliates to promote your programs here are 10 tips that will help you attract more affiliates and get more sales.

1. Develop reputable, advantage rich ad copy, together with a well-developed website to increase your sign-ups, and also your affiliates’ conversion rates.

2. Submit your affiliate program to directory sites that note affiliate programs.

These directories draw in lots of individuals interested in joining affiliate programs and will increase your sign-ups by providing you good ongoing promotion of your affiliate program.

3. Pay your affiliates well for promoting your items.

Offering your affiliates a high commission rate for their recommendations of your items will increase the number of affiliates that join your affiliate program and likewise help you to much better compete with other companies for affiliates.

To make your affiliate program even more attractive to your visitors, pay residual commissions if you sell a product and services that your consumers spend for on an ongoing basis such as web hosting or access to your private members-only website.

In addition, you can increase your sign-ups by making your affiliate program two-tier, where your affiliates make commissions by themselves referrals and likewise on the referrals of affiliates they’ve personally referred to your affiliate program.

4. Track the sales you receive from your affiliates fairly and properly.

Track phone orders and mail-in orders. Just provide payment options to your clients that your affiliates will get paid a commission on if they refer that customer to you.

In addition, pay your affiliates quickly for the sales they describe you. Don’t make your affiliates wait months to get their checks from you or set minimum payment requirements that are expensive for the majority of your affiliates to meet.

5. Supply your affiliates with resources that they can utilize to get more sales of your items such as ads, banners, button advertisements, and sample suggestions.

Include marketing items such as marketing courses that your affiliates can utilize to promote your items or ebooks that they can rebrand with their affiliate URL.

If you write articles, allow your affiliates to run these in their ezines or publish them on their sites with their affiliate URLs in your resource box.

6. Respond to any questions you get about your affiliate program from your visitors or affiliates as rapidly as you can.
Remember that nothing will turn your visitors or affiliates off of your affiliate program faster than an unanswered email.

Make every effort to address all your emails quickly and in a friendly and professional manner.

7. Supply methods for your affiliates to network with each other.

You could provide a message board or chat room where your affiliates can connect with one another, and find out more about how to effectively promote your items.

Your message boards or chat rooms will also provide you with an outstanding possibility to show your assistance for your affiliates and to help them to start marketing your products with your own suggestions and advice.

8. Offer special recognition to your top earning affiliates by providing bonuses for the sales they bring you or by paying them a special greater commission based on their efficiency.

9. Release an affiliates only newsletter.

Your newsletter will assist you to successfully offer your affiliates ideas and strategies that they can utilize to get more sales of your products.

Publishing your newsletter will likewise help you to keep your affiliates up to date on any new products you’ve added that your affiliates can promote, and can help you to increase your earnings by alerting your affiliates when you’re running a unique sale or promo.

10. Show your gratitude to your leading affiliates by discussing them, their websites, and methods they utilize to promote your items in your newsletter.

This will provide you with an effective method to increase their commitment to your program while supplying your other affiliates with excellent ideas and techniques for them to use to successfully promote your items.

Hope this helps you in all your online joint ventures!

Best of Luck,

Christopher Todd

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