They told me that blogging is dead. They said nobody blogs anymore and it is a waste of time and effort. They said none of the cool guys are blogging. Wow! They were SO wrong!!

The Truth

The truth is blogging is NOT dead! In fact, it is a critical piece of the business planning that savvy Internet Marketers use every day.

My mentor, John Thornhill (one of the biggest players in the make money online space), taught me that having an online presence is essential for anyone who wants to make money online. He stressed that blogging is an opportunity to highlight your skills and knowledge. He said that it also makes it easy for prospects to find you and connect with you. Something else I learned from John is that not all websites are created equally, and a blog may be a much more effective and efficient means of connecting with prospects.

There are so many benefits to blogging… Keep reading to learn how you can build your blog and make money online.

#1 Choose your platform.

Most experts and bloggers will recommend WordPress–it’s the most commonly used blogging platform out there. It’s easy to use and customize yourself so you don’t have to hire a pro to get the job done. That will help you save money right away. I use it and was able to learn it SO quickly! I highly recommend it, especially if you are a newbie.

Another bonus that comes with using WordPress is that it has more widgets and plug-ins available than any other blogging platform. This means you can ask a WordPress blog to do about anything you need it to do. Finally, WordPress is free, and although you do have to pay a few dollars to host it yourself rather than on WordPress, it’s worth the money to have your own URL. You can also find quality WordPress templates for free, or you can buy a predesigned template that fits your needs.

If you don’t want to use WordPress, take a look at Blogger, Typepad, and Tumblr. There are many free and paid blogging platforms to choose from. Bottom line, you have options…

#2 Plan ahead.

Decide what you want your blog to accomplish BEFORE you build it. Figure out what you want your blog to focus on. Presumably, you’re marketing your products and services, right? Decide what static pages you want to have. For example, you need a bio, a rates page, and a contact page.

Ask the following questions. What categories will you post your content in? What sites will you link to, if any? Will you integrate your social media platforms into your blog? Answer these questions before you create your blog and it’ll look a lot more put together.

#3 Start posting.

Make sure each post is relevant to your intended audience. Each post should have a purpose. The purpose can be to drive traffic, highlight a promotion, or build your list. It can also be simply to provide valuable information to your audience or to solve a problem they have.

Consider using a content calendar to build your posting plan and plan a month’s worth of content in advance. That way, you’re never at a loss for what to write about – you’ve already brainstormed a solution. I recommend writing when you are in the mood to write; take advantage of that time. It can save you time and frustration.

Note that it’s also a nice idea to find guest bloggers to help you out. It adds value to your blog and helps position you as a credible resource in your industry. Doing this will also help you find some awesome friends and business partners.

Making Money Online

Blogging is one of the best ways to build your make-money-online business. It helps drive traffic to your site and increases awareness. A huge advantage of having a blog is that it helps establish your credibility. If you’re not blogging yet, consider adding one to your current website or changing your website to a blog. You can also build a stand-alone blog to complement your website.

Something you can do right away (while you are building your blog) to start making money online is to promote John Thornhills Latest Ground-Breaking Program, where you can bank big with a 5-figure promo by earning up to $3,136.50 in commissions per sale. This program is like nothing you have ever seen! One of the big benefits—other than making a pretty penny—is that you can do this while you are building your blog.

If you need help building your business, you can work with John. He taught me the As to Zs of how to build my business from the ground up. He does this via video lessons that I completed at my own pace. I learned how to build and monetize my blog, how to create and launch a product, and how to make money online as an affiliate. I highly recommend that you watch this free webinar to see how John can help you.

This is a guest post from Diana Lynn Keeler if you would like to be considered for a guest post please contact me.

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