Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms today. It is a photo-sharing app with more than 250 million users. Video is one of the main features of the app and it has become an extremely popular way to share photos and videos with friends and followers. Many brands have spotted the power of Instagram and use it to engage with their target audience and grow their following.

You can use Instagram for many things like checking out your favorite Instagram Accounts, taking a break, or even trying out a new camera filter. With so many people using the app, it is one of the fastest-growing social media channels. Read on to find out how to grow your YouTube channel by posting to your Instagram account.

Post Often

You’re probably already aware that Instagram is a visual-focused platform. With this in mind, it makes sense that posting often is one of the best ways to grow your channel. Your goal should be to post 2-3 times per day. This gives you a chance to use your visual content to engage with your followers and encourage them to “like” your posts.

If you find that you’re not posting often enough, try increasing your frequency. This may feel unnatural at first, but you’ll get used to it quickly.

Encourage commitment

Once you’ve gotten the hang of posting frequently, you can start to think about how you can encourage your followers to commit to your brand. One of the best ways to do this is by encouraging comments and likes on your posts. This is why it is so important to post often.

Keeping your followers engaged with your posts will encourage them to comment and like your photos. This will help you grow your channel in a number of ways. It will help you get new followers, encourage your current ones to comment and like your photos, and build e-mail list subscribers.

Use Stories

Stories are a special type of post that appears in the Newsfeed of your followers. They are a great place to share videos and photos with more casual Instagram users. Stories are also a great way to engage with your followers. If you’re posting less often than you’d like, you can use the Stories feature to let your followers know that you’re still online and available to chat or DM.

Use Promoted Videos

Videos are the most viewed type of post on Instagram. Unlike other posts, they immediately show up in the feed of your followers. This means that they are likely to see your videos and may even click through to your channel. This is an ideal situation for a promoted video.

You can also use this feature to repost videos that you like or have created yourself. It is important to note that the maximum view time for a video is 24 hours. This means that even if your video garners a lot of views, it will be removed from the feed of your followers in 24 hours.

Link your account to your YouTube channel

One of the most important ways to grow your channel is by including your YouTube channel in your Instagram strategy. If you have a YouTube channel, make sure that you find the perfect place for it!

One of the best places to place your YouTube channel is in your Instagram bio. This will make it super easy for your Instagram followers to find you. They will also be able to click through to your channel from the bio. This can be done by clicking on the gear icon in the top right corner of your bio and selecting “Link to Channel.”


Instagram can be a great way to grow your channel. The key to success is to post often and use Stories, Promoted Videos, and your bio to link to your YouTube channel.

These strategies will help you reach more people and have a successful social media campaign. You’ll be able to grow your YouTube channel and make more money in no time.

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