Today I want to touch on the importance of networking with others online, particularly via online forums.This is something that is so often overlooked and I want to stress the importance of working with others to achieve your online goals. If this is something you’re not doing you should be.

As you are reading this I know you are interested in making money online from Selling eBooks on eBay, or from selling eBooks in general.

So I want to ask you to imagine if you could interact with others who were making a full time income from the very same subject you’re interested in?

Surely getting advice from these sort of people would be more beneficial than any eBook you could read?

Surely asking someone who has ‘been there and done that’ is better than having to fork out for the ‘latest must have’ product?

Imagine if you could follow in the footsteps of someone who was in the past where you may be right now? And if you could get all the help and advice you needed to achieve your online goals?

Imagine if someone could say to you ‘I remember when I knew nothing but things are so much different now’.

Well you don’t have to imagine. As I am about to reveal a forum so secretive this is the first time in almost 3 years I have publicly talked about it.

I am talking about a forum that started way back in 2005 and currently has over 2400 registered members and receives a ton of new posts each day.

I am talking about a forum where you can ask any question you wish no matter how silly it sounds and receive help from like minded individuals.

I am talking about a forum that has helped 100s of individuals create their own products (the true key to online success) and many didn’t even know what an eBook was when they first arrived.

So where is this secret forum?

It is in the members area of

Yes, this forum is only briefly mentioned on the sales page but I assure you this is the most important part of membership.

Everybody has the same online goal and we all work together and help each other. Nobody is left out and no matter what level of experience you have I assure you that if you want to make money from eBay and eBooks you will not find a better forum. Sure, there are other internet marketing forums but this forum is focussed to making money from eBay selling eBooks.

So be sure to check this out:

    1 Response to "The Power of Networking With Others."

    • Franck Silvestre

      Hi John,

      I left ebay a little while ago, but I am going to make a come back there.

      You had a product that covered how to sell the digital products on CDs via auction (I will use classified ads as well).

      I don’t remember the url, can you send it to me?

      (feel free to send it via email)


      Reply by John:

      here’s the link:

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