Your path to Financial Security starts here.

A bold claim I know, but one I can make, as someone who is now in a position to quit my day job as a school teacher and live the dream of basically passive income.

Not only do I no longer have to do much for my money, but I am earning far more than I did as a teacher, and every month I expect to be earning more and more for basically doing very little!!

Be prepared to get excited because I will show you exactly how to achieve success…..step by step.

I will reveal all the secrets of Affiliate Marketing, and show you exactly how you can do it too!!

What has held you back in the past?

Lack of Technical Knowledge to set up Autoresponders, Landing Pages, etc?

Lack of good quality products?

Trying to sell products that everyone else is, such as Clickbank products?

Not knowing who to trust and having Information Overload?

Lurching from one idea to the next and never focusing on the one thing you should be doing?

Does this sound like you? Well, I am not ashamed to admit this was me, until a few short months ago.

Then I came across an Internet Programme that showed me how to do everything and what’s more, did a lot of this for me.

I now know exactly what to do and how to do it, and also have everything set up and running:

I have several email lists set up to collect potential customers automatically

I have hundreds of excellent products to sell that are not over-saturated

I have several landing pages set up to direct customers to my email lists and ultimately to my products

I even have money being sent to me automatically as part of one of my programmes.

Here is a screenshot from a recent payment for doing absolutely nothing!!

Please keep on reading and I will show you exactly what to do and how to do it and literally follow in my footsteps to achieve your own financial freedom. However, there are a few ugly truths to discuss first!!!

Ugly Truth Number 1.

You will never succeed unless you have a Mentor.

By the way, this mentor is not me…..well, I will certainly help you, but I am merely a few months ahead of you.

I will be introducing you to 3 Affiliate Marketing experts who are all Millionaires through their online activities. I have purchased products from all of them and can tell you that the

Blueprint for success is held within their products.

I will be revealing the exact steps I have taken and will continue to take to secure my continued success.

Why am I telling you the secrets?

There are 2 reasons. The first is that helping others is a natural part of my personality. As a teacher for many years I enjoy helping people, even if I never meet them. I really hope that once you become successful you may send me an email to thank me. When former students get in touch to thank me, it really is the best feeling in the world. You will find my email address later on.

The second reason is that the steps I have taken have cost me money ( there really is no other way). If you do indeed follow me step by step ( as you should if you are serious about making cash ), then I want you to buy the same products I have bought and join them under my affiliate links.

If you do that, then you will be in a position to then do exactly the same as me, and get people to join under you. Please note this is NOT some sort of pyramid scheme, but as an affiliate, you need to get people to buy using your links.

However, even if you do not buy anything, you will learn the exact steps I take and see for yourself the very processes that I have taken and you will see how easy it is to become successful if you know how.

All I ask is that you do NOT do what I did for many years and waste time looking for shortcuts and some magic money tree because they do not exist!!

Ugly Truth Number 2

Avoid traditional Affiliate Platforms like Clickbank. Why?

The reason is everyone is using these platforms.

It looks so easy, but you will never succeed with your affiliate links, above the heavy hitters who earn all of the money. 95% of the affiliate money earned on Clickbank is from 1% of Affiliates.

Think about it. The chances of success are slim to nothing.

However, having said that, please note I will be revealing a very clever way of incorporating Clickbank products into your arsenal….just not in the usual way.

You need to do something that is a little different from the norm. This is why you need a Mentor to show you the way.

Introducing Internet Millionaire 1… John Thornhill

John’s Ambassador Program is brilliant and you definitely want to get on board with this. It’s an unbelievable value.

There is so much that it can be a bit overwhelming, but I will clarify things in a different post. For now, sign up for the webinar and watch.

By the way, by signing up you have now joined my Autoresponder email series. If you join John’s programme, this is set up for you ( just like mine ). In fact, it takes around 30 minutes to set everything up. After that, all you have to do is drive traffic to your link. John has that covered as well… you will learn so much as you earn.

Enjoy the ride!!

Here is a sneak peek of PART of my autoresponder set-up for this programme…….each campaign has several products set up for me to sell and in most cases, I get 100% of the Commissions.

Just watch the emails roll in day after day and you will see how much money you could make by having these emails promoting the exact same products for you. In fact, in most cases, you make 100% of the commission.


Not only that but as people sign up for the webinar, they are joining your list and you can then promote anything you like to the list.

In addition, if you create a Blog, then he will post it to his thousands of subscribers as a bonus. Now, what can you post on a Blog?

Well, one reason for following me is that I give you permission to basically copy mine ( but obviously not word for word!! )

I hope you are beginning to get excited because there are lots more to come.

One question you may be asking is “How do you drive customers to your email list?”

John has that covered as well.

There are lots of traffic-generating ideas, but the truth is, you do have to put the work in. This leads me to:

Ugly Truth Number 3

There is no magic money tree….apart from the one I mentioned earlier!!

You do have to put the work in to set things up ( well, just follow the instructions )

You also have to work at driving traffic by following the advice or you can pay for traffic if you can.

One method that John helps you with is by using a lead magnet to warm up the potential customers before they are sent to the webinar.

Here is the one I have set up:

By all means, download the report and see how it warms up the prospect. You can be doing exactly the same thing!!

Ugly Truth Number 4

You may have realised by now that you are going to have to invest money to make money. These mentors and their programmes are not free or indeed cheap. However, you will quickly recoup your outlay and start making huge commissions if you follow the advice.

John and the other mentors I will introduce later don’t want to work with tyre kickers and freebie timewasters. Would you want to give the keys to the kingdom to someone for nothing? Of course not. It takes time and effort on their part to set you up. You have to take action and follow the steps, but if you do you cannot really fail, as you are promoting so many valuable products with so many hungry customers.

They charge these prices because they are offering something exceptional and they only want to work with go-getters who put their money where their mouth is. You need to beg, borrow or steal money to get involved.

What is the alternative? Join Clickbank, get some affiliate links and post them on a blog, which no one reads.

Introducing Internet Millionaire 2… Michael Cheney

Now Michael has been around for over 20 years and is promoting a very similar concept to John, which allows you to expand your range of products and develop another email list promoting the same products that Michael has made millions with.

Michael’s programme is a little more complex to integrate, but you are given step-by-step instructions, including how to set up a Lead Magnet to get people to sign up to your list.

Here is my Lead Magnet, which I easily set up using the instructions:

To access this enticing document, once again people join my email list and will get regular emails encouraging them to join the programme or to purchase one of many products, all of which give you 100% commission.

Really, there is no easier way to make money online. All you have to do is join these programmes.

Please watch the webinar and see for yourself the potential here:

I joined this programme and literally within a day had received nearly $100  for doing nothing!! ( see my screenshot earlier on )

There is more to come!

This programme is insane and you are taught how to drive massive amounts of traffic to your offers, just like John’s programme.

By the way, once you have your lists built up, you can merge them to offer different people different products.

Every single product you offer has been written by a copyrighting expert. Once again, watch the emails roll in and check out the products being offered.

I really hope you can see the potential here. Just join my lists and see what happens.

After that, you will be itching to join.

I hope that you can see by now that these guys offer everything you need to succeed:

They offer products that people want to buy

They provide a method and means to build a list

They provide ways to drive traffic to your lead magnet

They provide all you need to know how to sell to your list.

Everything you need is contained within these programmes.

If you sign up under my links then be sure to email me and I will be a 3rd mentor for you to help you in any way I can.

My email is:

You can contact me using the email above and it is on the Contact Menu on this site, so be sure to favourite this site.

Still with me? Good, because there is one more guy I want to introduce:

Introducing Internet Millionaire 3… Igor Kheifets

Igor offers an insane amount of value for his programme.

Now, this requires a bit more technical know-how. But if you want to learn the nuts and bolts of Internet Marketing then this is the programme for you. It is loaded with content and if you

want to really learn from an expert, then go for it. You will not be disappointed.

The Bonus section alone is insane.
Here is the link to Igor’s List Building Secrets site

Igor offers advice and knowledge at every stage of Internet Marketing. This guy knows his stuff and he is eager to share.

As part of his Bonus section, he gives you a fully completed Sales Page and Squeeze Page to utilize with your own links. You get 50% of the Commission for just driving traffic to the site. The

site sells itself. Have a look here. This squeeze page (warm-up page ) takes you to the main Sales Page which then takes you to the Offer.

That is all for now.

Please take action and get going… owe it to yourself to get in on the action of almost passive income, once you set everything up.

There is a huge market as more and more people need more cash and are looking for easy ways to get it. Not only that but there is a hugely growing wealthy market in India, Brazil, China and other emerging economies, where they all want a piece of the action.

Don’t um and ahh…….get on board now.

Follow in my footsteps and live the dream.

All the Best.

Infoatreat Publishing Ltd

This is a guest post from Michael Pearce if you would like to be considered for a guest post please contact me.

    2 replies to "The Blueprint for Affiliate Marketing Success"

    • Konrad

      Hi John

      I’m guessing you promote clickbank and other affilaite websites.

      I have a question as this is something I struggle with.

      How do you go about finding the right products on those websites. I always look at the product pages and am a little confused how the top performers make so much money.

      Thank you

    • Jim Davis

      Hi Mike,

      Thank you for sharing your inspiring journey toward financial freedom through affiliate marketing. As a former school teacher, seeing how you’ve transitioned into a different career path and achieved success is impressive. Your enthusiasm and desire to help others are evident in your writing.

      Your points about the importance of having a mentor and the need to invest time and money to see results are valid. As with any endeavor, success often comes from dedication, perseverance, and learning from those with experience. You’ve also provided some intriguing alternatives to traditional affiliate marketing platforms like Clickbank, which could be helpful for those looking to explore new avenues.

      While your approach is interesting, readers must remember that affiliate marketing has no one-size-fits-all solution. Different methods work for different people; individuals must research and find a path that suits their unique goals and circumstances.

      Nonetheless, your post serves as a great starting point for those interested in affiliate marketing and seeking guidance from someone who has experienced success in this field. Seeing people sharing their knowledge and experiences to help others achieve their dreams is always encouraging.

      Thank you for your contribution, and best of luck in your continued journey toward financial success!



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