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What do you think is the biggest challenge most new Internet marketers face?

According to the results of a survey I recently conducted on my blog, by far the biggest challenge was “information overload”.

And I’m not surprised!

There are so many courses and products available claiming to show you how to quickly and easily make “squillions” of dollars with an internet marketing online business. And more are being released all the time. The result is that many “newbie” Internet marketers end up buying course after course after course. They give each one a half-hearted try, fail to get the results they were promised, and so move on to the next course … and the next, and so on.

The next biggest challenge was mastering the technicalities. And this is one of the reasons why so many courses fail to deliver. They assume a level of technical ability and experience that the average “newbie” just doesn’t have and then don’t provide adequate support.

They’ll say things like “upload this to the root of your site using your FTP program” but don’t explain how to upload, what the root of your site is nor what FTP is! These courses actually create more questions for the “newbie” Internet marketer than answers!

And that’s a shame because most so-called “techie” stuff is actually quite straight forward – when someone takes the time to show you how.

The third biggest challenge was lack of focus. If you are jumping from course to course and keep encountering technical “brick walls”, its difficult to stay focused on one business model, particularly when your inbox is bombarded with announcements about a “revolutionary new push-button automated system that will create a website for you in a nano-second and drive so much highly-qualified traffic to it that your PayPal account will meltdown while you are asleep”!

You can see the full results of the survey here.

Many people who took part in my survey went on to state how they couldn’t overcome these problems until they invested in a mentor or coach – someone they trusted who showed them, step-by-step, exactly what they had to do to get their business up and running and take it to the next level, AND (very importantly) provided all the necessarily help and support along the way.

In fact, EVERY successful person I know has a mentor. Its not rocket science is it? If you want to achieve a result, why try to “re-invent the wheel”? Why not let someone who has already achieved what you want to achieve take you by the hand and show you how they did it and help you achieve the same?

So, if you are suffering from “information overload”, lack of technical knowledge or lack of focus, get yourself a mentor!

To your success and happiness

Martyn Boaden

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    • Anthony Sunseri

      Hi Martyn,

      You right on target with this post. This post described my internet marketing journey perfectly. When I was just about to give up I found John’s class. It was like discovering gold. Never before have I found such attention to detail when giving instruction. I wonder how many John’s are out there.


      • Martyn Boaden

        Thanks for your comments Anthony. It would appear to be a very common scenario!

    • John McNally

      Your survey describes my own experience exactly Martyn. 8) Joining John’s Masterclass was the best thing I did to get more focus, and avoid the information overload.

      I like the Masterclass because you can complete it at your own pace. I stopped at lesson 10 to concentrate on my blog, and learn some technical stuff. I will restart the course next year, when I will be ready to take the next step – creating an eBook.


    • Donald MacLeod


      Good post. I suffered from overload. I kept buying and downloading stuff. Didn’t even use any of it, and when something else came along I would do the same.

      I had wanted to do Johns Masterclass but could not afford it, then along comes the the $4.95 28 day trial. The best thing to happen to me. I signed up for the trial. On completion I contacted support to say I would continue when I could afford it. They suggested a payment plan. I am now on Week 7.

      Anyone who is reading this post and contemplating signing up, don’t, DO IT, because you will not regret any of it.

      To me, as far as Internet Marketers John Thornhill is up there at No. 1. He is the only one in my experience who goes out of his way to help. That’s what I like about John. I would also like to mention Johns Support Desk. Second to None. Paula Brett who has been dealing with my problems has been tremendous.



    • John

      Hi John, Ive been so fascinated by your style of marketing
      since I saw you doing your affilite video for Mike Filsaime’s
      Buterfly Marketing (2). I was so sold, by Mike and you that I
      purchased through your link. Sad thing is I haven’t got a clue what
      to do with it. I watched and read, registered but I did nothing
      else with it due to my lack in knowledge of more or less
      everything. Yeap, I just feel so thick with website building,
      copywriting, having products, list building, getting traffic to the
      website, becoming an affilite as for the likes of Mike Fiisaime,
      etc, etc. Then at the time my yearly budget was low, family to
      feed. Now having to do the day job which takes up 13hours a day,
      family to support. John it’s a question of, one day, soon I hope
      that I can meet you in person. Not only that, but be in a
      comfortable financial position to learn by signing up for one of
      your Master Classes. Plain fact is it sure would be great if I was
      able to learn alongside you in person, as an ‘Apprentice’. Possibly
      a new marketing strategy for you on that one; John Thornhill’s ‘The
      Apprentice’. I’ve just seen the 72 Hours of Madness on eBay, WOW,
      how many 76 and two hours to go. Not bad at $97. Great package, as
      some say ‘Everything but the Kitchen Sink’. Well, hope you pick up
      my SOS John, and are able to do a tete-a-tete in the near future.
      John P

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