Woman with arms raised using laptopYou have spent months creating an information product to launch.  For almost a week, you and your affiliates advertise the benefits of your amazing offering.  Once the clock expires, you raise the price, fall into bed and get up the next day to complete silence.

Sound familiar?

Launch week was great, but that new product is now a has-been.  Or, is it?

What if there were ways to sustain healthy sales of your new product after the launch ends?  Keep reading and learn some tips and tricks that I have implemented for my products in recent months.  I have been experimenting with various methods that my students can use to sustain sales and continue to build a business between launches.

Immediate Steps

As soon as the launch ends, you will want to take some steps to sustain interest from other sources.  You already have a list of buyers from your product.  You will need that for some of these tasks.  Your objective is to act quickly while your affiliates’ emails are still floating around in potential customers’ inboxes.

  •  Small price increase – As a customer, if you visited a sales page and you found that the price had jumped by 25 percent, would you still buy the product? Most people will buy that product.  The next day you will still receive sales because your product is available at a fair, appealing price.
  • Cross sales – Multiple lists inside your auto-responder will allow you to gather names according to the products purchased. Each list can be used to cross-sell to people who bought one product in your sales funnel, but not the other ones.  Write an email that sends the sales page link to an upsell product to the addresses listed on buyers of the front-end product.
  • Warm your list – “Thank you” is an amazingly powerful phrase. Your customers will follow you anywhere when you take care of their interests.  Newcomers want to know that you are more interested in their success than your own.

Add Value To Promotions to Existing Customers

I know that I say this fairly often, but adding value is the most important aspect of your online business.  People want to know that you offer something special.  Invest a couple of hours to create something that accompanies the product you are promoting.  You might not believe me, but people will buy from the person who knows more about the product.

  • Training videos – Maybe one of the products in your sales funnel is a versatile piece of software. You could create a demonstration video that shows your potential customers how easy the software is to use.  Imagine their surprise when you train them before they even buy the product.
  • Review the product – Many marketers have such a strong relationship with the people on their list that they can say, “to be honest – don’t buy this one!” Trust is powerful when you want to gain the attention of people who read your emails.
  • Affiliate discounts – At times, you will approve affiliates that do not email their lists before the price increase deadline. You can gain their loyalty and sustain your sales if you set up a discount page or coupon especially for those affiliates.

Integrate with Others

I have been posting products in various places, including sales pages, blogs and other websites belonging to other marketers.  In return, they post products on mine.  This is an interesting approach because people visit websites belonging to certain marketers out of habit and interest.  You can grow your list when you work with others.

  • Promotion swaps – An even trade benefits both parties because our products are useful in many different niches. Specialties require basic products to support the common functions of an online business.  Your bestseller can gain new life when posted new in places.
  • Communicate changes – Both parties will want to tell each other if the location of the product changes in any way. No one wants to send potential customers to dead links or outdated products.
  • Automate – Your auto-responder is the perfect tool for communicating with potential customers and offering additional value before and after the purchase. The entire process is automated when we provide helpful assistance immediately following the purchase.

90-Day Promotion Interval

Gaps in your promotion calendar can be addressed through periodic promotions of your most popular products.  You might have a product that complements so many aspects of your niche.  The regular price should be left on the product unless you are running a promotional special for a few days.  This approach creates urgency because you buyers want to acquire the product right now!

Your imagination is the only limit to the ways you can sustain healthy sales of your products until the time for your next product launch arrives.

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