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I’ve been in the advertising business as both a copywriter and creative director for more than 20 years. Over time, I’ve discovered a whole lot of facts about the world of marketing. One that never seems to change is:

No matter what their background may be, most everyone at some point thinks they’re a genius when it comes to developing a creative concept!

Oh sure, once in a while, even the most novice co-worker can conjure up a gem of a headline, a clever copy angle, or even come up with an award-winning idea. But usually these sparks of brilliance happen at the eleventh hour, and are usually half-baked at best. There’s been numerous times when I’ve had to bite my tongue and tell an eager sales executive that the “pure-gold” headline that just popped into his or her head (most of the time while in the restroom) just wasn’t quite what the client had in mind.

Although it might have sounded clever at first, “Lettuce Spray Before We Eat!” wouldn’t quite cut it when considering the product we were marketing was a bug spray! Yep, someone actually fought to have this concept presented to the brand manager. Fortunately it wasn’t.

Off-the-wall headlines and ideas like these are what opened my eyes to the fact that there’s a niche out for creative wannabes. So I’ve decided to try to fill this niche through the creative marketing experience I’ve gained over the years and develop a product or coaching program to offer this group a creative edge in the digital marketing category.

After heading up my own advertising agency for over two decades, I was ready to get out of the rat race. About that same time, our biggest client was fed up with the shaky economy and decided to fire us and close his doors for good. Suddenly my decision came about much sooner than I had expected!

So I shut down the agency and took a brief sabbatical, figuring I’d do a little consulting now and then. But after six months working from home as a creative consultant, I realized Internet Marketing was a huge category I’d never considered entering. Then, after I saw some of the B-grade digital advertising that still managed to get successful results, I realized I could do this. And probably much better!

However I knew that if I was seriously going to enter digital marketing category, I was going to have to get an experienced coach with the knowledge and technical skills to help me take what I’ve achieved in the advertising world and apply it within the digital world. So after spending a year reading blogs, buying numerous “How-To” internet coaching programs (which never worked), I finally stumbled upon John Thornhill and his Partnership to Success program (P2S).

I discovered, not only did John’s coaching teach what it takes to start your own online business, it stresses the importance of developing your own unique product. This is the key that separates John Thornhill’s Partnership to Success from other programs. By creating your own product, you have a much better chance of bringing in substantially more income when you offer it to the millions of potential online purchasers, as well as affiliate marketers.

John also offers his members a chance to join his VIP Ambassadors program to immediately begin bringing in sales, while continuing the P2S course. So far, I’ve been extremely impressed with P2S, John’s coaching, and the results I’ve gotten from being a VIP Ambassador.

I’m proud to say I’ve finally reached the part of this course where I will begin creating, developing, and ultimately launching my own product. And my coach, John Thornhill, will be helping through every stage of the launch process.

But I could sure use a little help from YOU if you’ve got a minute.

Now that I’m beginning the creative development stage of my product, I’d love to get your opinion on some of its key elements before I actually begin producing it. There’s a good chance you might eventually be my target consumer, so your input and advice is extremely important to me.

For instance, I’m now working on naming the product. Here are the three possible names I’ve come up with so far:
A) Million Dollar Marketing (MDM)
B) Rock Star Riches (or Rockstar Riches)
C) Inter-Net More Profit!

Just like an attentions-grabbing headline, it’s imperative that my product’s name resonates with the target on not just a rational level, but on an emotional level as well.

That’s because consumers tend to buy emotionally, while justifying their decision logically.

Believe it or not, statistics show people are 80% more likely to read the headline (or in this case, the product’s clever name) than the body copy. So it’s extremely important that I come up with just the right product name. Letting me know which one you like best, or if you have a better alternative, would be a big help in making sure I’m going down the right path as I develop and brand my product.

Coming up with a catchy product name or a truly “genius” headline is much harder than it sounds. A FREE resource that I like to go to, once I’ve weeded out my best lines, is called the Advanced Marketing Headline Analyzer: https://www.aminstitute.com/headline/

Once you’re at their site, all you have to do is enter your headline, choose a category, click Enter and voila! — your headline is analyzed and scored on its potential effectiveness. Again, it’s FREE and definitely worth checking out.

Another great way to test names or headlines is by split testing the list. Even though it’s not free (but it’s reasonably priced), Split Test Monkey offers 3 alternative testing options that work with both Split URL & Dynamic Snippet tests. You can choose between Auto Optimizing, Conversion Races, or Manual Mode to instantly discover which line is more likely to best attract and motivate your target.

Its user interface is so simple to operate, even a total novice can look like a split testing genius at the click of a mouse. If you’d like to take it for a test spin visit: Split Test Monkey

My plan is to take you through the various stages I’m going through as I develop my product using the Partnership to Success program.

By subscribing to my weekly blog, you’ll see, first-hand, what it takes to launch a product online every step of the way. I hope you’ll join me on this digital journey by signing up at: https://hunumarketing.com/bensblog

Ben Crain as spent more than 20 years running an award-winning marketing firm, handling a wide range of national clients including: Corona Extra, Anheuser-Busch, Campbell’s Soups and Hardee’s Restaurants. Recently Ben launched Hunu Marketing — a Digital Marketing and Consulting Service specializing in Video Production, Whiteboard Animation, Strategic Copywriting, State-of-the-Art Graphics, as well as Software Product Development and Sales. 

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This is a guest post from Ben Crain, if you would like to be considered for a guest post please contact me.

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    • David Wakeman

      Hey Ben,

      Definitely some good advice here. I have used the AM Institute for improving my headlines on posts. Split testing is really important too. I use split testing on my blog headlines with a different product, but no matter what product you use, it is important.

      I won’t make any suggestions for your product name. I am not sure what your product is going to be, so I don’t think it’s appropriate for me to comment on that.

      Best of success on your journey!



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