American football season is coming up and I know my husband is getting super excited about cheering for his college team. When I was watching an old game on TV with my husband last night, I had an eureka moment. I couldn’t help but notice how affiliate marketing is a lot like a football game.

If you are not familiar with American football, then here a quick intro.

There are offensive plays, which are designed to protect the quarterback. They also help open up holes in the defense so that yardage can be gained. Then there are defensive plays, which are designed to sack the quarterback and stop him from completing his pass.  They also close holes that would allow yardage to be gained. The basic concept is the same as any other game.

As an affiliate marketer, you must design offensive plays and defensive plays that will put you in a position to win the affiliate games. As an affiliate marketing, you will be promoting other peoples product and competing with hundreds if not thousands of people who are trying to do the same thing.

If you are new, then you will soon realize that every niche market on the Internet is highly competitive. You will also soon notice that if it isn’t competitive, then there can’t possibly be much of a customer base to sell to. There are very few (close to none) gold mines still left. That is just the nature of the internet marketing business.

So in this competitive arena, how do you set up your offensive line as an affiliate marketer? Be unique! Always keep your customer’s best interest in mind and offer them something that sets you completely apart from your competitors. Also, make sure that the bonus you are offering is related to the product you are promoting. The best bonuses are the ones that complement the affiliate products. And having a unique bonus will help you win the sale over your competitors, who will either not offer anything or offer the same thing that everyone else is offering.

The important player in your defensive line will be your reputation with your customers. People don’t like to buy from a stranger that’s why it is important to build your credibility. This is especially important if you are just starting off. I see many new comers who just want to make money from their list and don’t work to establish a relationship with their customers. Don’t fall in this trap; you might win a game or two but you will definitely lose the season. You will regret it in the long run.

You can build your credibility by writing helpful articles and eBooks. Post them to your blog and forums. Visit other blogs and comment on posts. The fact is that when people know you and trust you, they will feel more comfortable buying from you. They will buy from you even if your competitors are offering a better deal or more incentives because they know that you provide value.

Winning in the game of affiliate marketing isn’t easy. Then again, winning a football game is not easy either. You will have to work very hard to get your offensive line and your defensive line strong. Also, make sure that both of them are strong because you won’t win the season without them. And I am sure that you want to win the whole season and not just a few games. Don’t be afraid of disappointments. You will win some and you will lose some but just like any other game, keep your head up and go have fun.

Shreya Banerjee

This is a guest post written by Shreya Banerjee, if you would like to be considered for a guest post please contact me.

    4 replies to "Score an Affiliate Marketing Touchdown"

    • Carl Picot

      Hi Shreya

      I love the comparison to a football game … Yes and giving value and getting the trust of your list is so vital in todays climate 🙂

      I am thinking of putting an ebook together as a freebee now as that’s a really good idea.

      I think that the only way to discover what your list really wants is to get to know them and then you can really tune in on what is best for them…

      Thanks for a cool post !!

      Will check out the blog



    • Brent Martin

      Great Post Shreya,

      I love watching football and I had never thought of it that way. I am a beginner in the internet marketing business and I love reading great post that open my eyes to new ways of thinking.

      Brent Martin

    • Matt Morgan

      Hi Shreya,

      there is alot to affiliate marketing, and if both partners have a strong marketing power then that wil be better than if their marketing is weak.

      Just like a football game, everything has to be done well, from every angle…so this is a good comparison.

      Building trust and authority will have a big impact on you too, as well as making sure your content is very good, and informative.


      1) Build up a bit of authority on in your niche first, before approaching people

      2) Realise that finding affiliate partners isn’t always about just making the money, but about helping them out more.

      3) Create Videos for approaching Jv/affiliate partners which will stand out more, than just an email

      4) Don’t give up finding partners, as there will be some rejections

      5) Have your own product, so that other affiliates can promote it. Rather than JUST promoting other peoples products.

      6) Build an email list, and provide value to them.

      7) Search forums, and blogs in your niche, to find targeted partners related to your offer.

      That is it for now.

      Matt Morgan

    • Adrienne

      Hi Shreya,

      I’m a first time visitor to John’s blog but I did love that comparison. I’m a native American and I was just watching football this past weekend. Reading what you shared here I could totally see what you mean.

      I was talking to a prospect just yesterday trying to explain to him how this all works. That it’s a time consuming process but I’m really big on building those relationships. If you don’t then I think you’re really going to hurt yourself down the road.

      I know for me it’s been extremely helpful even though I still can’t compete with the big boys. But in my own little world over here, I do pretty darn good.

      Thanks for sharing this.


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