My free report titled ‘Resale Rights Revival’ is ready for download:

It should help you decide what path you want to take once the new eBay policy change comes into effect on 31st March banning the sale of digitally downloaded goods via the regular auction format.

If you have not listened to the free audio recording from yesterday you should also listen to that.

You may also want to check out a brand new product created by Dave Nicholson. It will help you create fantastic multimedia CD’s. Check that out here:

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    • Jared

      I usually just read these posts. John, this is very helpful.
      I am going to transition to cd/dvd as soon as I can–
      these resources you have provided are ESSENTIAL.
      I have downloaded the mp3 and pdf and will read and
      listen tonight.

      Just wanted to extend a great thanks to you,

    • Wow, John. You’re really fast to get out front on this critical issue. For such a quickly created report, this is really well thought out.

      I was feeling really bummed out about the whole eBay deal, but after reading this report, I feel much better.

      You’re right…this will create opportunity for those that don’t give up and it will thin out the pretenders making the opportunity for those who are willing to work and put in a little creative sweat even sweeter.

      I’ll be keeping a close eye on what you do John. I’m not surprised that you’re leading the pack on this issue. Thanks mate.

    • cyberstar

      wow that was quick. A nice looking download page plus a report in just a matter of days. Thanks John

      btw, was that designed by planet divinity?

    • Mark McWilliams

      Man John, I wish I was that quick at getting something out there! Although I don’t trade on eBay yet, I thought you explained yourself well with the report.

      Looks like an interesting product from Dave! I might have to go and check it out when I have some time on my hands.

      Looking forwad on how this all pans out! 😀


    • Hi John,

      That’s a great report you produced. Very helpful indeed.

      Classified ads are a very grey area at the moment. I had one cancelled a few days ago for “violation of listing policies” because I mentioned my website. Since then, I have been trying to communicate with eBay to sort things out. One eBay rep will tell you one thing and then a second rep will tell you something else. It’s a nightmare. On the third reply to my emails, an eBay rep admitted that they were wrong to cancel the ad and told me that I could relist it but they stated, “Please bear in mind that if your listing still breaches an eBay policy we may remove it, so please take some timeto review the relevant policy and amend your item title, description or other relevant details before relisting it.” Go figure!

      I am still uncertain that opt-in forms and general links to one’s website are allowed.



    • Tracey Edwards

      Great report!

      Can’t wait to see how many changes take place over the next few weeks now that the ban is in place.


    • Latin American Artists

      Can anyone clarify to me the following:

      eBay classifieds cost $9.95 per ad per month
      or can I place any quantity of ads I want per month for that cost.

      As far as I can see in trying do so and revising their literature
      this is a monthly cost per ad.

      Please help clear up this issue guys.
      Many thanks!

    • Ian McConnell

      Thanks John

      Great report and there is definetly more money to be made with physical products.

      Is there a machine that will copy 2 or 3 CD’s at a time?



    • Tracey Edwards

      In response to the question on classified ad cost, the $9.95 is per ad.

      And also that ad will only run in the country that it is listed in, so you can’t list one classified worldwide.

      However there is nothing to stop you offering more than one item, in the one ad.


    • Hi All,

      To further clarify the cost of classified ads, the basic cost is $9.95 per ad. Of course, as with any listing you can choose enhancements like bold, highlighting, etc at extra cost. You can list multiple items in one ad *only* if they are similar, for example if you are selling website templates, you can list multiple templates. Even if it were permitted, you wouldn’t want to list multiple unrelated items — what keywords would you use to construct your title?

      Some important questions about classified ads are answered here:

      Hope that helps.


    • Phill Hopkins


      Good stuff as always, thank you. I guess your weekend went up in smoke and we all know how precious that time is to everyone.

      For Ian, CD / DVD burners available at

      I have no association with them, that’s a straight link. They ain’t cheap my friend. 240 – ??? GBP. I guess if you have the demand it may be worth it.

      Will be interesting to see what the eBay world looks like in a week or two.

      I have my strategy worked out and one thing in particular I wish to test, but I’ll be doing that on a different account to my “normal” one.

      Onwards & Upwards

    • Femi

      Great report John. Read it this afternoon with pizza and coke, in order that I may digest the content in there well. Well written and will be very handy for those of use that recognize that this is actually a blessing in disguise. I thank God for people like you that continue to make sure there is always another door that opens when others are shut. Thank you sir, very much.

    • Dan Ferry


      Most of your backend sales are from your own websites, which can still provide digital downloads.

      So only those items sold through eBay need to be sold on CD.


    • Keith

      Great report – absolutely spot on. For the work you have done in providing this information I believe you deserve our full support.
      P.S. Speaking as a postman could I please ask everybody to ensure they put the correct postage on their CD/DVD packets and a return address! Thank you!

    • Latin American Artists

      Thanks Tracey / Nick . . . . now I know there´s no way for me to continue with ebay – classifieds are way too expensive . . . .the only think I can think of is to advertise a low cost offline product while trying to get people to my About Me or webpage . . . whether the offline product sells or not is neither here nor there – but ebay might still be a good advertising place – people will usually keep searching for more information and that can be found by guiding them to articles . . . anyone know of a problem in doing that in the ad wrt the ebay TOS?

    • Phill Hopkins

      Why not write “eBay guides” and put links to them in your Classified ad ? That surely can’t be against the TOS.

      I know John has made a pretty penny over the years with his “guides”, might be worth a thought.


    • Look at it this way, Latin American Artists, you can place a classified ad on, one of the busiest sites on the Net, for about 33 cents a day ($9.95 for 30 days). Do you think that is good value for money? I think it’s excellent! Of course, whether it will work for you or not depends on the product(s) you are selling, or what you are using the ad for. There’s only one way of finding out — try it.

      I am running a classified ad at the moment. It has been running for less than 5 days and my hit counter has just gone over 100. I am using the ad for lead generation and my list is growing daily. It’s not even a featured ad, although I am seriously contemplating an upgrade. The only enhancements at present are bold and highlighting.

      You mentioned your About Me page. Well, the one certain thing you can do with a classified ad is link to your About Me page, as you can do that for any listing. And another certain thing that you can do is place links to your website on your About Me page. Both of those are within the ToS (linking policies).

      So instead of thinking about selling one item with one ad, think of classified ads as the means by which you will siphon off traffic from eBay to your own website. Of course, you will not be able to receive or leave feedback for off-eBay transactions, so unless you have a good feedback rating already, it might be hard to convince buyers to buy from you. There are pros and cons for every strategy.

      Hope that gives you some encouragement.


    • Latin American Artists

      Yep, thanks for the encouragement Nick.
      I might try the classifieds – who knows!
      But I´ll probably wait till the digital dust settles
      and see what researching the ads shows me first.


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