In January this year I launched my 16 week coaching program. You can get all the details from:

I initially took on 25 lucky students. Most students were complete beginners who didn’t even have a website online and none had their own product for sale. Fast forward 16 weeks and they all have their own blog and their own product for sale online and are actively driving traffic to their sites. In fact we are already seeing success stories. One student has already gone ‘full time’ as a result of his success and is just about to launch his second product.

If you missed out last time the good news is I will be re-launching my coaching program on Tuesday July 1st and over the next 10 days I will be showing you real life case studies of my students progress.

So keep an eye on your inbox over the next 10 days if this interests you. All my coaching related emails will have [Personal Coaching] in the subject.

Then mark your calendar for Tuesday July 1st 2008.

Coaching will be strictly limited and last time sold out in UNDER 3 HOURS. So if this is something you want be sure to watch out for my emails over the next 10 days.

If you have any questions please leave a comment.

    26 replies to "Personal Coaching Program Re-Opening"

    • Ron


      I am happy to see you are continuing this. As one of the lucky people to get in the first time, I can say that everything you present to your students is very easy to follow.

      With your help, I was able to create my first information product and I now consider myself a ‘real’ internet marketer instead of a ‘wannabe’ internet marketer. All that through the help that you provided.

      Although I still have a lot to learn, I think the biggest hurdle to overcome is actually creating the product and getting it ‘out there’.

      Your coaching program was exactly what I needed for that push.

      For anyone sitting on the fence and trying to decide whether or not to ‘go for it’, I highly recommend it.

      Good luck.


    • David Mackey

      Hi John,

      I have just looked at your coaching sales page and it certainly gets me excited. I’m really eager and interested to see the real life case studies over the next 10 days to see whether the program is for me.

      Where Information Is Power…

    • Alex fyfe


      Everything I’ve seen and read looks great.

      Being based in the UK and being a newbie who has a website with products but is unsure on how to proceed what will your training package do to help.

      Thanks in advance.


      Reply by John.

      There is a lot more to this program than creating a product. I take things much further than that.
      What this course does most is give you the confidence to ‘go it alone’ once it’s over.

      Although this course is aimed at the beginner even if you already have your own products this course will still help you as there is so much more to it.

    • Dianna Smith

      I am very excited that your coaching is re-opening. I missed the coaching program earlier in the year. Although you do not know me personally, I have been a supporter for over a year, first with eBay products. Your training has always been impressive.

      I am also eager to see the testimonies over the next 10 days!


    • Andy

      Fantastic news John!
      I’ve been working my way thru your material and have had an eye on your coaching since it was first highlighted in another of your products I purchased (your sales funnel is very well executed if you don’t mind me saying!)…
      I’m looking forward to the 1st, I hope being on your notification list gives me a heads up on the day????!!!!



    • Michael

      I have a mental block when it comes to marketing! The question is whether the coaching program has a strong emphasis on marketing. Can any of the previous participants shed any light on that?

    • Hi John.
      I am already in the queue. It pays to invest in any knowledge that your occupation is in. I will be the first to join. Just a question John. Do you teach list building as well? And how many minimum hours of dedication you require a week?

      Reply by John

      Everything I teach involves building a list, this is what it’s all about. As for the time you need to put in it varies but I would estimate between 2-8 hours most weeks.

    • Linda

      How much will it cost? I’m in the USA.


    • Ben Bazelman

      Hi John:
      Look forward to your Coaching Class. Hope to be in the first 25 to sign up. Have alot of your programs and they are of great value for someone starting a internet business. Your price is a great value for everyone taking the class. Keep up the good work John!!!
      Thanks in advance,
      Ben Bazelman

    • Geoff


      Reading your coaching sale page it appears to focus on selling digital information products etc. Is this sale page out of date now given eBay’s recent ban on selling digital products and how much will this change alter the program?


      Reply by John,

      My coaching program does not cover eBay till week 16. In fact you don’t need eBay at all to get through this program.

    • Alan

      Hi John,
      I’ve just received your email with a link to the experiences of one of your students during the coaching program. I found it really helpful – it’s like getting a testimonial that one, for a change, can actually believe. It reinforces the fact that you really are interested in helping your students succeed.
      If I get the opportunity I look forward to working through the program with your guidance.
      Alan Coleman

    • Marcus Harvey

      Hi John,

      Really looking forward to your coaching class. If I am one of the lucky ones to get a place! Of all the Internet Marketers you come across to me as such a genuine person who wants to help everyone. Your technical assistant, Daniel, is also so helpful. Over recent weeks I have learnt so much from your online videos, so I can’t wait to get the opportunity to take it that one step further and beyond 🙂

      Being based in Ireland, I’m not that far away from the expert!

      Thanks for all your help to date,


    • Ana-Maria

      What time is the launch on July 1st. I live in Australia Victoria and I am not sure what time is going to be here when you launch the program. Also, is it going to be a pre-launch.

      Thank you John.

      Reply By John,

      There will be 50 slots available in total and launch time will be 3pm on the 1st but the pre-notification list will get the first 25 slots, the remaining 25 slots will go on sale 24 hours later.

      So if you get on the pre-notification list at you should be fine.

    • Evamarie

      Dear John

      I hope you will accept me in your course – I am a newbie and in need of urgent mentoring and personal guidance. Started out in January of this year; I have joined a few programs but not having luck as I lack the know-how. I don’t have my own product or web page yet and need help with that also. I live in Australia and hope that’s not a problem.



    • Ana-Maria

      Hi John,

      At the moment I have no idea of what to write about. Being successful at a business like this seems like an impossible dream for me.
      I am hardworking but sometimes I don’t see myself as creative or innovative. How can your coaching program help with this?

      Have a great day John.


      Reply by John

      Hi Ana-Maria

      My coaching program will be perfect for you. Most people who take the program have no idea what direction to take initially but week by week step by step they are guided and at the end of 16 weeks are in a position to go it alone. I assure you that once the program is over you will already have a product brought to the marketplace and will be confident enough to create product after product.

    • Alan

      Hi John,
      Like Ana-Maria who posted a question earlier I also live in Victoria, Australia and wondered about the launch time. However you’d answered that.
      I have some experience in building simple websites, niche selection (over 50’s health – being 70 myself I know this market well), copywriting and info product creation ( is one of my sites to give you an idea of where I’m at). However, while much of what I’ve done can be improved I know for a fact that I am very weak in the area of product marketing – all I’ve done is to write and post a few articles that hasn’t brought any sales.

      My question is whether there will be sufficient material and support in the coaching program not only to improve what I’ve done so far but, in particular, to lift my marketing performance to the point of making regular sales.

      Reply by John,

      Although this course is perfect for the complete beginner it really doesn’t make a great deal of difference if you have some experience. I teach you so much more than creating your own product and I’m sure I could guide you so you are in a position to make regular sales. Take a look at Tracey Edwards case study, she had experience and was doing ok but my coaching program took her to the next level.

      Hope this helps.


    • Angela

      Hello John

      I am so excited that you are going to re-open your personal coaching program to give others the same opportunity that you gave those of us who were lucky enough to get in your first program.

      I had a great time learning and it was such a fun and rewarding course.

      I learned so much valuable information until I could write an eBook about the learning experience alone that I encountered with you.

      Thanks to your coaching and guidance, I don’t feel like tearing my hair out from frustration anymore and I don’t have to guess or try to figure out what to do and how to do it.

      I now know exactly what has to be done, but what’s more, I also know how to do it.

      You made the course so easy and so much fun until it wasn’t really like taking a training course at all. It was more like just having fun learning something new from an old friend.

      I feel as if a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders and I am much more confident now about the whole product creation process.

      I never thought it would be so easy.

      To those of you out there who are undecided and are wavering on whether or not to take the course, I would advise you to take action very quickly.

      If you want to learn how to create your own product from scratch the correct way, it would be less than smart if you didn’t jump at the opportunity that John is offering you.

      I hope you realize that you will be taught by THE EXPERT himself.

      If you knew only a third of what I and a few others who took his first class know, you wouldn’t hesitate to sign up quick, fast, and in a hurry.

      There is no doubt in my mind that the seats WILL SELL OUT very fast and you will be sorry if you miss out on the opportunity to be personally coached by John.

      Thank you John for all that you taught me and for your patience and kindness. I couldn’t have done it without you.

      Oh, I also want to make sure that I give Daniel his dues as well. He was outstanding with the technical support. Thank you Daniel. We couldn’t have asked for a better team than the two of you together.


    • Alan

      Hi John,
      Thanks for your reply to my question (posted above) – I appreciate your patience and honesty. As a result, I look forward to working with you if I am able to secure a place when your program re-opens.
      Alan Coleman

    • Tracey Edwards

      For the Aussies out there,

      I think it was around 7am Sydney time that the coaching program launched – which was early for me!

      I can definately recommend it. Like John said, it took me from making OK money online to my income really exploding. The step by step nature of the program makes it easy to get focussed and take control of your business.

      John really helps you get to the next level and I can’t thank him enough.

      If you have been thinking about doing the program then go for it! You’ll love it.


    • Dawn Kay

      Hi John

      I was just wondering if the fee for the course includes everything you need, or will there be additional things you need to pay for.

      I have already got Hosting and an Aweber account.


      Dawn Kay

      Reply from John

      There are some things you must have such as a domain name and a hosting account to store your websites on plus an autoresponder service to build your mailing list. These are monthly fees that can’t be avoided and you can expect this to cost around $40 per month, but these fees will become insignificant as time goes by. You will also need to invest in a few low cost services such as a ClickBank publishers account. Although there are more expensive easier options you can complete this course and the total cost of everything you need should not exceed $200 and remember that is over the course of 16 weeks.

    • Ben

      Hi John

      Do you teach within the course how to promote our own products so that people actually know they exist and go through launch tactics and help us launch?

      It certainly looks like a fun challenge and its an area I am really hoping to get into.

      It present I know how to install and get things working but I am less experienced with actually marketing things and getting people to buy the item, will this program help?

      Thanks again

      Reply from John,

      I spend a number of weeks concentrating on driving traffic to your sites. I don’t cover the launch process with your first product but I do cover everything else. I do cover launching (and helping promote) in my advanced coaching and I am actually helping a student through the launch process now.

      However, if this is something you needed help with during the initial 16 weeks program I would definitely help you.

      Hope this helps.


    • Alan

      Hi John,
      As I have mentioned previously I live in Australia and that got me thinking about time conversions. If I’ve calculated correctly your planned release time of 3pm on 1 July (UK time) converts to 1200 midnight on 1/2 July (between 1 July and 2 July) Melbourne (Australia) time. The UK seems to be 9 hours behind.

      I have raised this because I know there are other Aussies out there that are keen to get on the program and will need to brew up the coffee pot! I suggest others confirm the time conversion for themselves in case I have made an error.

      Cheers, Alan Coleman

    • Alan

      Hi John,
      Please ignore my last post re-time difference. My original thought was that you would be using UK time but I now realise you are referring to 3pm EST (Eastern Standard Time) in the USA which makes it about 5am on 2 July in Melbourne. That’s much more pleasant.

      Cheers Alan

    • Amir

      Hi All,

      If you need some help to convert the time of the launch to your time, you can use this link:

    • Trish

      Hi John

      I’m another Aussie keen to get on the coming intake of your coaching program. I pre-registered a while ago but cannot see anywhere whether I will be contacted or what I actually have to do to register – is it sign up here on the blog or elsewhere.

      Time is drawing near so would appreciate some more details.

      Thank you

    • Tom

      Hi John,

      I am very interested in your coaching program. I have tried to read as much as I can about your program. I haven’t found a niche yet and am uneasy about creating a blog…but it sounds like you will help quite a bit with that. My main concern, however, is building a list…I could have the greatest product in the world, but without a list I won’t get very far. Will your program show us how to build a big list? I believe this is probably the most important thing in internet marketing.

      Thanks very much,

      Reply by John,
      I agree Tom, building a list is the single most important thing you need to be doing and this is exactly what I teach.
      You will have a blog up and running and will be building a mailing list after 2 weeks regardless of experience. I teach you how important having a list is and exactly how to do it. I also show you how to choose a profitable niche.

      Throughout the whole program you will see me create a product right in front of you. This is what I feel makes this program special. I walk you though the whole process and you can look over my shoulder the whole time. And if you need any advice or run into problems during the whole 16 weeks I am here for you.

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