Proverbs 10:4 says – “He who has a slack hand becomes poor, but the hand of the diligent makes rich.” There’s much to be said about work hard and remaining faithful to your hopes and dreams. You have goals and in order to reach them, you need focus as well. Forget all the negativity or what nay-sayers have told you in the past. Your dreams are more than attainable and if you put into action what the rest of this article has to offer, you will begin to realize some of your hopes and dreams.

A story of a little boy

There was once a little boy who wanted to fly his kite high in the sky, just like his other friends that lived on his block in the neighborhood. The problem was, he wasn’t very successful. He had a very hard time getting it up in the air. He was convinced that his height had something to do with his unsuccessful attempts and ultimate failure in this matter.

Disappointed and saddened, he confided in his father: “Daddy, I wish I was a little taller because than I could fly my kite way up in the sky just like all my other friends in the neighborhood.” Being a caring parent, it was only natural for the dad to become a little concerned. His father quickly asked, “what makes you think your dilemma has to do with how tall you are?” His son answered back; “I’m not only the shortest boy in my class but in the whole neighborhood! It seems like everyone is taller than me.” This may be true but the loving parent took his son into his arms and said, “Look, son, Your height has nothing to do with your ability to fly a kite. The real problem is with your kite and how it was made.” Indeed the kite was poorly designed and simply was not functional as it was just pretty to look at.

How many times have we blamed ourselves when we fail to reach our goals simply by focusing on the wrong problem? Have you ever thought your height, race, weight, or IQ was the reason holding you back from fulfilling your goals and dreams? The truth is, none of these things is the real problem. The real enemy of progress is often ourselves and the approach we use in trying to reach our goals. Think about it, what have you been working on and what approach are you using?

Here’s How To Get The Results You Want By Changing Your Focus

Start reaching your goals by taking the labels off of yourself, what others expect of you, and focus more on the task at hand. Take the first step and begin the work necessary with intentional purpose. Don’t let self-doubt seep into your thoughts and start thinking like you’re the problem because you’re not. No stinking thinking and keep a watchful eye on how you approach goals.

Most of the time we are focusing and worried about the wrong things when it comes to achieving our goals. It’s not until we begin to do this mental shift from how incapable we think we are for the task at hand and really start believing in ourselves again to order to get what we want. Never take the stance of “I don’t have what it takes” attitude, instead

4 Things To Include In Your Method To Ensure Success With Your Goals

1) Mindset – Our mindset matters and often times will determine just how far we can go when it comes to our goals. Having a good mindset is one of the most powerful methods we can utilize to begin realizing our dreams, no matter how big they are. Another word for “mindset” is “outlook”. Never come from an “I don’t have what it takes” attitude, but more of a “perhaps I’m not doing it right” perspective. Perception is half the battle. If you believe “you don’t have what it takes”, your mind has already begun the process of looking for things to validate that and it’ll soon come to the conclusion that you really “don’t have what it takes” to achieve what you want it.

On the other hand, if you say to yourself “I do have what it takes and nothing is going to stand in my way” attitude, you’ll begin to realize that what’s really causing your failure is your plan of attack. In which case, you’ll change your course of action until you achieve your desired results.

2) Staying Focused In The Midst Of Difficulties – Setbacks and disappointments will arise, but you must stay the course.

No one said the road to success would be easy and achieving your dreams and goals is no different. You will have obstacles to overcome so don’t pay them much attention because winners know just how to stay focus and not get distracted in order to obtain the prize.

3) Break Your Goals Down To Bite-Sized Pieces – How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. Not that you ever want to eat an elephant but the point is, sometimes your goal may seem so big that you don’t know quite where to start.

When you begin to break down your giant goal into smaller (more attainable) ones and start seeing some of your achievements (“small wins”), you’ll begin to feel more confident and eventually score the “Big Win”.

4) Never Quit! – Sometimes we fail so much that we just want to secretly call it quits! Don’t do it, fight the urge to give.

Vince Lombardi had it right, “Winners never quit and quitters never win”. Your goals and dreams are worth fighting for so you may as well tell yourself now, giving up or quitting is simply not an option until what you want is realized.

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To Your Success,
Terry Phong

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