Can you see that shirt I’m wearing? Apart from it being a very nice Ralph Lauren shirt, bought in the January sales may I add, it’s a size large UK.

Nothing special about that you may think. Well, it is to me as my usual size is (or used to be) an XXL or sometimes XXXL. In fact, the last time I got into a size L was about 25 years ago.

Being 6:2, I can get away with being a fat Ba****d more than others, but the truth is I’ve battled with my weight for over 25 years, and anyone who is in the line of business I am in can relate to how unhealthy it can be. We sit on our arses all day and all of a sudden we become fat.

And that’s when we realise we need to do something…

Believe me, over the years I’ve tried it all, I’ve spent thousands on keep fit ‘stuff’ and tried just about every eating plan or diet there is, but in April 2019 something clicked.

I can’t even explain what happened but I’d had enough, I was sick of being a fatty and as I was approaching 50 I knew I had to do something as the weight was going in one direction. UP!

That’s when I discovered Keto, I researched, researched some more, took in what I was getting taught from the experts, and found myself following a low carb diet.

Nothing too serious, for anyone who knows Keto I am doing it Dirty.


In the first 2 months, I lost about a stone and this was with zero exercise. Once I saw the weight loss start to happen I wanted to take it further, so since November 2019, I’ve been taking serious care of my fitness as well by doing a lot of cardio.

The result is fitting into a size large shirt in the first month of the decade.

So where am I going with this? Well apart from seeing my health improve vastly, I’m seeing my business improve as well. Believe me, they go hand in hand. (Notice how ‘most’ successful entrepreneurs take care of their health?)

So! Going into 2020:-

# I am more focused.
# I have more energy.
# I am more a lot more confident in myself, hence this post.

Also, notice how I didn’t announce this? That’s not me, if that’s you that’s fine. For me personally, I only had to prove this to myself. But let me ask you? How are your New Year resolutions going so far? Hopefully, are you are on track? If not we are only 2 weeks into a new decade and maybe now is the time to ‘click’ and make it happen.

That’s all I have, hopefully, it inspires you.

Oh, and excuse the pile of laundry behind me, we have a backlog

    5 replies to "Never Ever Ever Give up (Personal Post)"

    • Mike Johnson

      Great post John. I found the same success myself last year. Lost 40 pounds, got healthy and my outlook on life is much better as well. I definitely agree with, more focused, more energy, more confident.

    • Willie Macon

      BRAVO John!

      Good for you! Yes, very inspiring. Thanks for sharing
      your triumph. God bless you for all you do. I am a very new student, (6 weeks old,) of yours and there is no place i’d rather be. I find the integrity with which you conduct your business amazing. I am a new student of yours BUT I am NOT new to the internet marketing business arena and trying to make money online.

      I am talking decades of searching. I don’t know how an American from Ga, got on your email list, but I will always be grateful I did.

      Already in just six weeks I have learned so much more than with ANY of my other teachers. Some of which cost many thousands of dollars! So I know of what I speak. So thank you again. Feel free to use this. I speak from my heart. I have been around the block a time or two, but this time I know that at last I have found my teacher!

      As the saying goes “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear”. Well John Thornhill, here you are! And guess what, JT, I AM way past ready! I am very excited about the new Accelerated P2S Program, After all the invested, (you will note I did not say wasted, as nothing ever is,) decades and thousand of dollars, all without much success, my time is here NOW!

      So JT, lets do this thing!

      Your very willing and grateful student,

      “Ms. Willie” Macon

    • Chas Leo

      Wow. Great job! Very inspiring. I have been needing to lose weight for a while now. Thanks for the encouragement that change can happen.

    • Donald MacLeod

      Hi John,

      Well done mate. Looking good. I lost 48 lbs about 3 years ago. I went from 18 stones to about 14 1/2 stones. Unfortunately it didn’t stay off. After losing both my parents in the space of 2 years most of it went back on.
      However, slowly getting back on it. When I hit 60 next week I’ll re join the gym and get a discount ….
      Need to lose at least 3 stones. My daughter getting married in July.
      Keep at it matey.



    • Daniel L Kopp

      I can totally relate to your experience, John. As a retired Family Physician, I’m keenly aware of all the science around diets… the legitimate ones as well as the ones with absolutely no scientific rationale. Obesity is one of our society’s biggest health issues. My comment isn’t about your experience with a modified (dirty) keto diet, however. It’s about the relationship you’ve discovered between better health and increased productivity. I’ve found this to be consistently true in my own experience and in the thousands of patients I’ve managed over the years. I believe the key to the relationship between the two is discipline. If you apply discipline to one area of your life, it generally spills over into other areas. You feel better about yourself which becomes a huge motivator to continue your new paradigm, whether that’s improved diet, more frequent exercise, or hopefully both. As one of your newer P2S students, I’m finding your guidance on the behavioral aspects of running a business as well as the technology to be most enlightening. Your biggest attribute, however, is your genuine enthusiasm for what you’re doing. Thanks for that and do keep up the good work! Now I’d best get back to reviewing more blogs for ideas and inspiration (Day 9)! 😀 — Dan (upstate New York)

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