This blog post is unique as I have created it entirely on my new iPad. I must say I think the iPad is great and I find I’m using it more than my laptop, I just hope it turns out ok. Anyway, enough of my new toy, let’s get on with things…

I sometimes think to myself what prevents people from succeeding online. Of course I wrote about this in great detail in my free report ‘Why You’ll Never Succeed Online’ which you can download from my blog homepage. However, there is one point I make in the report which I want to go into in more detail, and here it is.

If you are just thinking about making money you will fail!

There, I said it, but what do I mean?

What I mean is so many people think about the money that they forget about trying to help others, and in this age where competition is becoming more fierce this is a very dangerous game to play.

If I’m honest with myself I think a lot of my success is down to the fact I am willing to help anyone for free. You may have noticed that when I broadcast to my entire list the email comes from my personal email account. This means if you hit reply to any email I send I will personally respond. You may also notice I am now starting to include my office telephone number in all broadcasts sent out. Something you won’t see many people do. If you want to put me to the test with this here’s my number. (44) 191 516 0993, if you ring during UK office hours and I’m not busy you’ll be able to have a chat with me about anything you wish. If I am busy we’ll schedule a time to talk, for free!

Now sometimes I can spend a few hours a day answering emails and spending time on the telephone and often I won’t push a single product, although I will admit if I think one of my products can help you I will mention it. However, my main intention in everything I do is to help my subscribers. Now why do you think I do that?

Well first of all I do genuinely get a buzz when I help someone move forward online, this can be simply offering a tiny piece of advice in an email or spending 10 minutes on the telephone with someone to help with something. Now while I may not receive any form of payment for any advice I give over the phone or via email what do you think happens when I launch a new product or promote a product as an affiliate?

The very same people I have helped will consider what I am offering. You see, because I am seen as someone who is willing to help others the money side of things takes care of itself. My emails get opened, my sales pages get looked at and my reputation grows and that can’t be a bad thing can it?

So let’s get back to what I initially said at the start of this blog post.

If you are just thinking about making money you will fail!

So many people simply think ‘how can I make money’ when that is the complete wrong way to go about things. What you should be thinking is ‘how many people can I help’, have that mindset and I guarantee success will come easier. If you want to see people in action who operate like this have a look at how people like Jim Cockrum and Lee McIntyre operate. They are top marketers who I highly respect who’s main philosophy is helping others. If you watch them closely you will see they sell without even trying to sell.

This is the mindset you need to have if you are going to have any chance of success online. Don’t see your subscribers as a way of making money, look at your subscribers as people you can help, that’s probably why they got onto your list in the first place so why would you want to pitch pitch pitch to them all the time like most marketers do? Now don’t get me wrong it’s ok to pitch but not with every email, plus if you do pitch a product if possible offer a bonus, you will notice I do this a lot. You should also try to provide as much free content as you can but most of all be willing to help your subscribers. Get this right and you will become their hero who will devour everything you produce. However, get this wrong and your unsubscribe rates will soar while your open rates plummet.

I’m going to leave you with a book recommendation today, however I’m not going to provide a link, you’ll have to look for this yourself. That way I can’t be suspected of having any hidden motives by putting an affiliate link in this post. The book is called ‘The Go Giver’. Just go to Amazon or iTunes and spend $10 or so and give it a read. I promise it will make you think differently as it will teach you what giving is all about, and once you learn how to give the receiving (in the form of lots of money) will happen all on it’s own.

So there you have it, a quick blog post that will hopefully make you see things differently and learn to give. As always please feel free to leave a comment.

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    • Maddi Murtaza

      And that is why I have pretty much every product you have created 😀

      First off, Congratulations on the new iPad.

      I totally agree on why concentrating on simply making money will lead to doom and gloom if it doesn’t have the ‘How can I help’ factor involved. Zig Ziglar said “You can have anything you want in life, if you help enough people achieve what they want in life” .

      I know for a fact that you are willing to help. In fact I loved your humble attitude when I met you Bristol. It was awesome!

      Its amazing how a slight change of mindset can completely transform the way one does business online. Thanks for this post John. You always deliver awesome content.

      Maddi Murtaza

    • Amir Rimer

      Hi John,

      This is exactly why I tell the people on my lists about your great products. I know that ALL your products are top quaility, that you are honest, and that you sincerely want to help others achieve their goals.

      Outstanding Post!

    • Andrew Stark

      Hi John

      Phone number noted, next time I’m bored in the lab I’ll be picking up the phone to ask you some questions, perhaps I’ll even publish your answers on my blog.


    • Krsnendu Knight

      Hi John,
      I can testify that you are very generous with you time and wisdom. I greatly appreciate the advice and practical encouragement you have given me.

      Now it is up to me to follow through on the advice you have given me. I hope that my success can be another testimonial to the value you give people.

      The Go Giver is great. I was given it as gift from Amish Shah from Magic Bullet System. It is the simple law of karma. Give an you shall receive.

      Thanks again John,


    • Patrick Wooley


      This is exactly the reason you resonate so well with your students. You have the knack of over delivering when you sell or promote and gaining trust because you’re willing to help people for free.

      You seem to have perfected your promotions by the bonuses you offer people to go through your link. I know I’ve bought many products through your link strictly for your bonuses.

      You’re right about giving and every successful marketer these days gives away tons of value for free. Thanks for your post and take care. Patrick

    • Stuart Turnbull

      Hi John

      I just wanted to endorse your book recommendation for the benefit of anyone reading these comments.

      I followed your advice and bought the audio version on Amazon, listened to it from start to finish in one sitting!

      ‘The Go Giver’ puts a seriously different perspective on everything, get it and read it, you won’t regret it.


    • Ken Soszka

      Hello from across the pond John,

      Wow, that’s one of those important things that are easy to lose site of, while we concentrate on the bottom line. I am sometimes guilty of it myself.

      Thanks for the reminder – I think I’ll go put together a few informative and helpful posts on my blog, with no pitches. I do truly enjoy helping people out when they ask….maybe I should offer to help more often!

      Best Regards,

      Ken Soszka

    • Ed

      Hey John,

      Sound advice, and I really think you offering the office number proof of your comment to your followers, “The Go Giver”, is something I have been meaning to grag for a while now, and like stuart said when I do i`ll opt for the audio!

      Anyway thanks for all your help as regards my progress of late!


    • Gert

      Hi John.

      The go giver has been recommended to me before,I keep meaning to get a copy.

      I wrote a blog post about giving and wanting nothing in return.

      We must be on the same wave length.


    • Brigitte

      The timing couldn’t be more perfect. I pretty much do this same thing. So many people say, “why are you spending your time helping these people?” And it’s because I really DO WANT to help them. As a result I decided it was time for a forum as a lot of the answers I had could benefit so many.

      I also will create cheet sheats for my readers and send them for free. Sure, I charge for some things as we all do. That’s how we bring in an income but for the most part, I just enjoy helping people.

      My forum can be found at http://www.sellthingsonline.org/forum and my book that lead to all this “helping” is at http://www.thriftstoregoldmines.com


    • Tunde Tele

      Thanks John for sharing about “The Go Giver” and the power of giving and receiving. afterall, the good book encorages us that, “While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest…shall not cease”. I’m on my way to order my copy & to take immediate action. Keep up the good work John.

      Also, many thanks for your awesome free content the other day on making money from plr aka case study on the making of autoarticleprofits. Very informative & full of nuggets.

      Best wishes, Tunde

    • Lisa

      Hi John,
      How do you like that iPad? I am seriously thinking about getting one. Pretty expensive toy…..but….but….but I really want one!!

      Funny that you posted about this right now… I just sent you a doubt-filled email last week and not only did you get back to me ASAP, you were so gracious and kind!! (Even if it was a mini-butt chewing!!)We call folks like you “Good ole boy” from where I come from. Real down to earth, giving of themselves “good ole boy”. (That means people really like and respect you)

      Anyway…you have always been way cool with me even through all the doubtful emails and helping me through the Masterclass!!

      A while back when I was really lost about IM, I emailed you a simple question and I got a response within a few hours and have been your fan ever since! I honestly couldn’t believe you responded…so many DON’T respond!! (That’s back when I thought Guru’s were untouchable)
      I thought “that’s how I am gonna be when I grow up!!”
      THAT’S why I am in your Masterclass…to learn from the BEST!!

      Jim and Lee…yeah, they’re pretty good….but for real help, John…you’re the man! For me anyway!!

      Your Forever Fan (and student)!! I really appreciate all you do!! 🙂

      Thanks John,

      P.S. I read the book twice!!

    • Jennifer

      As a brand new internet marketer – I thought everything was about sell, sell, sell. But I am finding it is just as you say – offer help, review others products and generally be nice.

      So that’s where I’m starting and hoping the money will follow – preferably some time soon – but in the meantime I’ll enjoy making new friends 🙂


    • Barry

      Howdy John,

      When I grow up I want to be so free that I pay them!

      And I want to have something good to give besides just attitude.;-)

      Thanks brother.


    • Terry Conti

      Hi John, give and you shall receive. Helping people helps create good relationships. The more relationships you have the better. Helping by giving also puts a good feeling in your heart. Despite what many might think, it is a wonderful way to think. Terry Conti

    • Omar Martin

      Awesome post John!

      I agree completely and that is why my office phone # and address is at the bottom of all my emails.

      As far as giving – You hit the nail on the head!!!
      This entire month I have put aside my affiliate marketing calendar.. thats right over $10,000 in monthly income I simply put aside this month.

      Instead.. I am spending the entire month providing ONLY FREE coaching content to help my subscribers… ALL MONTH LONG.
      You see, like yourself, I genuinely like to see people get ahead.

      So guess what …. here’s the free content for your subscribers as well:




    • Daniel Sumner

      Nice post JT,

      I read the book after you recommended it to me a while ago and yes it did make me feel like helping guys more and more. Now I try to provide more advice on my blog and post ore often too. I also ask people to reply anytime to my emails as I prefer direct communication it feels good to help!



    • Nona Sangalang

      Hi John
      I like this blog post on helping others and the money will come in. I never doubted your sincerity on this as I have personal experience of you helping me regarding my blog. You and Jim Cockrum are at the top of my list when it comes to integrity in internet marketing. You always respond with my emails in a personal way, unlike others out there. All the best!

    • Nice post John. I really agree that helping others would make our success much easier. Being trusted and credible online can only be achieved if we help a lot of people by giving.



    • Dawn Kay

      Hey John

      Thanks for the go giver recommendation I’m off to check it out now.

      The one thing I like about you John is you are always willing to help your subscribers no matter what.

      When I’ve contacted you, you have always got back to me within 24 hours and given me some good advice, so thank you for that, and that’s the main reason why you’ve got a customer in me for life.

      I’m off now to do some work so that maybe I can treat myself to an ipad too.

      Take care

      Dawn Kay

    • Susan Owen-Thursfield

      Hi John –

      …and that is why I always consider what you suggest even if I subsequently decide not to buy. I think where people mess up is when they first come onlinie and simply don’t have enough knowledge (or so they think) to help anyone. It took me quite a while before I could distinguish between helpers and hypers, at which point I realised that long term helping is the way to go.

      Thanks for recommending the GoGiver – I bought the audio version when you recommended it previously and listened to it in one go. Definitely food for thought.

    • Doug Prentice

      Hi John
      When I first came across one of your emails a few years ago what immediately struck me was that you were the genuine article. Your no nonsense ” I here to help approach” lifted my spirits after buying a series of bright shiny things that took me no further forward but left my bank account depleted.
      Back in the 60’s we used to call the give/get relationship the wheel of karma (although waiting until the next life is a bit of a longer term project than I had in mind) and I still firmly believe in it today. But we should remember it’s not always about money. While one may not make a pot of money in internet marketing if it gives one an improved quality of life, that’s also part of the “getting” bit.
      Looking out my office window into the garden, as I write, I’ve just witnessed mother woodpecker out with baby on its maiden flight. Money can’t buy that!
      John, please keep up the good work – we all need you.
      Best regards

    • Barry Wells

      Hi John, nobody knows better than i do how much you help your subscribers and hand on heart I thank you for all of it.

      I’ve ment to get the Go Giver for some time now but have always put it off as i’ve so much to do. With another hospital stay coming up I’m off to amazon straight after this comment to get a copy and read it while i’m in hospital.

      I’m not brave enough to put my phone number in my emails as yet, (I still need to learn to smile before picking up). However i do try and help all of my subscribers and blog readers as much and as often as i can. My latest product has been broken down into video modules and placed on my blog (over a period of time) in the hope of building peoples trust in me.

      Great post John,
      Regards, Barry

    • Ron Barrett

      John, you are right on again…I can’t add too much more than everyone else has already said.

      My personal cell number is at the bottom of almost all of my pages (except my blog). I was hesitant about having that information available for anyone to use but it hasn’t caused many problems.

      Keep up the GREAT work!

    • Eruwan Gerry

      Hi John,

      I’ve been one of your loyal subscribers for a long long time… and I personally must say that you always stay true to your spirit of giving rather than making money…

      That is truly an inspiration and great guidance to all of us new guys in the internet business world.

      Thank you for that….

    • Mike

      Hi John, you are so right The Go Giver will make one see things in a different light and I also get a buzz in helping others weather it’s online or off it’s such a great feeling to have had helped someone in a way that only you could and it could be just as simple as making someone laugh. Have a Great Day.


    • Mandy Allen

      Hi John, I am personally able to identify with your words here as you created a special tutorial video for me when I asked about a process I was unsure of – and there was no charge!

      You are definitely THE go giver!

      Enjoy the journey.


    • Rob Corrigan

      Hi John, I bought the go giver on your recommendation and it was brilliant exactly what you practice yourself, I have passed on my copy to someone else as part of the way of giving. Great food for thought as always John.


    • Todd D. Lloyd

      I can attest to your philosophy ‘working.’ More than one time,
      i was in a pickle and read an email of yours. The first time i was surprised when I replied and you answered within minutes.

      I own many of your products, both the $10 to the Masterclass. Why? Because you are one “guru” that gets it. Take care of your customers, treat them like YOU WOULD want to be treated and then you will prosper.

      Regretfully, millions believe they can get something of value, while offering nothing in exchange. Napoleon Hill’s books clearly dispel this myth. And Mr. Hill as you know got that business practice straight from the Bible.

      Best wishes,

    • Barry Wells

      Hi John, i thought i’d pop back and let your readers know that i went to amazon and bought the Go Giver for £5.99 with free P&P. It arrived this morning, less than 24 hrs later.

      Thanks for the heads up.

      Regards, Barry

    • ebay tools

      hi john!
      Now is hard to earn online if you don’t have genuine idea, something new to offer people or just something interesting for others to keep them coming again and again.. Now is hard to figure out something new, not heard on this global community but every day you can read something new, get new ideas here, on web, so it is good effort and we should keep trying to bring new, fresh thoughts, ideas, opinions and share it with others.. You never know if somene will be interested enough to help you with your ideas..
      well thanks for the great post

    • rgear2010


      You can earn money in many ways, but I’d rather choose to earn it by helping others, sharing my knowledge and by making contributions.

      anyway, nice post!

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