Hello To All,

Welcome and thank you for reading this post, you will find it both informative and very helpful for anyone with the slightest interest in building an online business with the best help and guidance available from the most experienced mentor on the internet.

Before I get into all the detail and tell you about my journey so far with John Thornhill, I want to take the opportunity to tell you a little about my background and experiences to date.

So, here goes, first off I am currently sixty-nine years old, married now for forty-eight years, to my only wife, Cheryl. Together we raised four boys, all now in their mid to late forties and we have six granddaughters, one grandson, and one great-granddaughter.

I spent my entire life working starting with doing yard work in my early teens, my first actual job with a paycheck was a drive-in burger joint, and I was getting paid $0.50 yes 50 cents an hour.

My next experience with working came just as I was finishing High School. I started working for a local convenience store as a stocker; from there, I went full-time as a clerk. I purchased a brand new 1969, Z-28 Camero with the help of Mom for graduation.

Of course I received my draft notice right after that, and needless to say, I was not happy but had been expecting it. Please let me mention one thing here as I think it could have made a completely different ending to this story. I had the chance to go to West Point Academy offered to me while being inducted into the Army and choose to decline.

Had I gone on to the Academy, all the rest of my life would have turned out with a different ending. Now, this is very relevant to this article as we all face choices in life, and the effect of those decisions can be either good or bad.

The whole point is to choose wisely allowing for due consideration of the factors that will influence the results. Research whenever possible, ask others for their thoughts and advice, the internet is the most accessible source to use to find information about almost anything, so make good use of it. Just think before you leap off that cliff, and then spread your wings and fly.

Ok, just a final run-down on my background, I worked for the same retail store chain when I returned from Vietnam, for a total of thirteen years. I worked through all the possible positions from the clerk, asst. manager, store manager, and finally store supervisor.

My next post reads about the same for this job as with the convenience store, I quickly moved up the ranks with Hostess Cake and Wonder Bread (which is their trademark), and was a District Sales Manager when I left the company after 24 years. These two positions gave me a background in both retail and wholesale marketing and management.

Over the years I have dabbled in every make extra money scheme from stuffing envelopes to mailing postcards, Amway, water filters, I even worked numerous side jobs to try to keep up with expenses, so again add this into the mix of trial and error experiences.

Everyone talks about Nine To Five jobs; mine was more like ten to twelve-hour positions with another hour’s drive time each way.

I have been lucky to have had the chance to work with computers and the earlier programs like Excell and PowerPoint, so even though I am from the Boomer Generation I an not at a total loss when it comes to Internet Marketing.

Some people might say I am at a disadvantage with all the trying and failing I have been through; this is what I hope to help you avoid. By sharing all this personal background, I intend to show you that I am a real person just like you.

Time to move into the present day, and my failures and successes with trying to build a home-based internet business.


I started with somehow finding my first company, and at first, I thought this is going to work, and they immediately assigned to a mentor.

Now I don’t know how many of you have already had this type of situation occur to you. However, I suspect that quite a few of you have. Very soon after joining, I received a phone call from this mentor telling me the owner of that company wanted him to call me.

The story was they could see how motivated I was and wanted to work with me, and before he said anything else I let him know that other companies had tried to tell me similar stories, and then proceed to ask me if I had a credit card I could charge $10,000? My next question to him was to ask if he was going to need the same or similar funds?

Well, of course, he cut the call off short, and I never heard from him again.

Another problem with this program was that all the training, as they called it, were just slides containing text and stick figures. The entire content did nothing more than instruct you to complete tasks, with no help explaining how to go about doing that. An example would be, “Pick your Niche, then develop your website,” an that would be the extent of the lesson.

I soon realized this was not going to get me anywhere. It was time for me to move on if I wanted to become successful in earning an income online.


I went back to the emails and searching the internet and sure enough, I found another Affiliate Marketing Program to join. This time the courses were much more professionally done.

The lessons were in the over the shoulder view along with a detailed written copy for your review. The problem I ran into was that they were very long lessons containing several tasks needing to be completed. Now that in itself is not a great big problem as long as you have plenty of uninterrupted time to concentrate and complete the lesson.

When you get into affiliate marketing you have two choices as to how you want to participate, they are either Niche Marketing or Affiliate Marketing.

The difference between the two is clearly defined. Niche Marketing is promoting products or services connected to the niche of your choice. Affiliate Marketing is actually promoting the affiliate program itself.

The second attempt in establishing my presence on the internet offered you to choose either of the two described above, therefore, I started out trying the Niche and soon discovered it was going to take an extreme amount of time to be able to get any sizable results using this method.

I decided to switch mid-stream to affiliate which meant starting all over from the beginning of that course. Please let me tell you I got so confused and frustrated I was ready to throw in the towel. I now had invested eight months and still had a very basic website in both of the fields, and neither one was going anywhere fast.


My luck did change on the day someone sent me an email, inviting me to attend a webinar. It looked interesting, so I signed up to participate, and it has been the best couple of hours I have invested in building my business. The webinar was hosted by John Thornhill and kept me interested through the entire secession. He covered a lot of material about his Partners To Success mentoring course.

Well, I lost my connection just at the end of the show, and I was not sure how I would get back to it. I had another reason I was being a little hesitant about possibly signing up for it. I was already involved with another course with some websites under construction, and I knew I could not do justice to either of them if I tried to work both at the same time. It just so happened I received another link to the webinar, and I decided to sign up for it anyway.

I have to tell you I wish there were a way to show you not only the comparison between my sites with the other company versus my blog with P2s but the difference from where my website was versus what it has become in this short period with P2s.

I can now take an ugly standard word press site and turn it into one that I customized with all sorts of fantastic looking pages and posts.

I have learned to place ads, headers, footers, menus, pictures, links, and the list keeps going on and on. The best part of this is I still have tons of lessons to go, so I have to say this is simply a fantastic program to join if you want to become successful and build a remarkable online presence.

With everything I have said so far about John’s offers I have not even begun to do him justice; you have to attend one of his webinars yourself to see how incredible the VALUE of this is.

John is giving away so much extra value over and above what you would typically receive with signing up to join. I can’t do it all justice here in the text; you must see it live to appreciate it all.
Now I have saved the best part of John’s offers till now.


Once you see how John will personally work with you if you join his Ambassador Program and what all is included you will be amazed. You might be thinking how can he work with everyone who joins? Well, of course, he has help to handle certain routine problems or questions that arise, but he does work one on one with Ambassador Members.

This is a way to get fast-tracked to building your own list of subscribers and income. He also provides you with the ability to place your post on his site and other perks but best to let him tell you about all you will get.

I just recently became an Ambassador, however, other members who joined Partners to Success when I did and also joined the ambassador membership are already earning some very large commissions. I am not talking about $100, $200, they are earning $1000 dollars in commission.

I expect to be in the same position in the next few days as things are really starting to come together for me. I have been approved for Google Ads when I had always been turned down in the past. My site is really starting to get traffic which will lead to sales and commissions.

This is a great feeling to finally see results in the making when I have struggled for so long. I have to give credit where it is due I owe my success to John Thornhill and his P2S and Ambassador programs.

Do yourself a favor and schedule your time to join the webinar, space is limited and fills up fast. I sure John will throw such exclusive bonuses your way for your participation. I will leave a link to sign up at the bottom of this page for your convenience.

Thank You,

Wayne Miller


This is a guest post from Wayne Miller, if you would like to be considered for a guest post please contact me.

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