Is this true for you? “How do you feel about yourself?

“Do you treasure your own unique identity and live your life outrageously as you? Or do you live your life according to the expectations of your parents, partners, bosses, or your social connections?

Michael Masser composed the music and Linda Creed wrote the lyrics to “The Greatest Love of All” in the midst of her struggle with breast cancer.

The beautiful words describe Linda’s feelings about coping with great challenges that one must face in life. Showing strength during those challenges, regardless of success or failure, and passing that strength on to children to use now and into their adult lives.

Linda’s words though are far more than lyrics to a song. The legacy she left behind (Linda passed away in April 1986 at the age of 37) is a declaration of her own personal freedom, the life lessons she learned, and a prayer for the future.

I also personally believe, that when Linda wrote: “I decided long ago, never to walk in anyone’s shadows, that these words and sentiments were meant to empower all of us who fear to be ourselves or live our lives desperately waiting for others approval.

Also when Linda sings ” If I fail, if I succeed, at least I’ll live as I believe” that these words are far more than an acceptance of oneself. They are a personal declaration of independence.

These are words to live by.

Our Responsibility
Truth is, our lives are fleeting by even as I write these words. Yours, like mine, is limited. “So why not make the most of what you have, what you truly own, and are totally responsible for, your life.

Each of us has been given the two greatest gifts. Life and the power of choice. With these gifts comes great responsibility, to embrace our uniqueness and forge our own path in life, or to be doomed to follow meekly in someone else’s shadow.

The choice is yours, so choose wisely.

Some of you reading this, maybe thinking “it’s easy for you to say this, you don’t know my situation, family obligations, pressures I face, etc, and that’s true, I don’t.

However, I do know because you are reading this, that there are some aspects in your life you would like to improve or consider changing.

So I ask you, “was it easy when you decided to learn to walk, drive a car, have your first date, get a job, start a family?” Perhaps not.

Was it worth it?
The effort to expand your abilities, increase your independence, take chances, learn how to love and have the love returned?”

“Was it worth attempting things you had never done before, falling down and refusing to give up, ignoring others who doubted your abilities, or downright stubbornness to succeed?

“Was it worth it? I suggest in some of these areas it would have been be very worthwhile.

“So what’s holding you back now from being the best you can possibly be?

Past hurts or disappointments, missed opportunities, hurtful remarks from others? These are the legacy form the past, the “old” you.

The “old” you, is like old clothes, served a purpose, but now no longer needed or wanted.

“Isn’t it time you moved on?

Time to remove the shackles of the past, throw off the criticisms that hurt you, and embrace “warts and all” who you truly are.

Time to embrace the “New” you.

Discover what you are truly capable of, share with the world your unique gifts and contributions.

Remember, this is your life, you only have one, so embrace it for all its worth.

Make the decision today, to live life on your own terms, face life’s challenges, accept the consequences, and experience the true joy of taking control of your life and future.

Draw that line in the sand today, Use this present moment to start building a life to be truly proud of.

Your time is now.
Start here today show the world the talents you have been hiding and discover what you are truly capable of. Remembering on your journey, and along the way that to love yourself “is the greatest love of all”.

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