One week ago today, I was Fired from my Corporate Job. I was a Plant Manager of a couple of Manufacturing Facilities. Very stressful job – and I am very proud of what I accomplished in my time with that company. We drove HUGE Improvements in EVERY metric. We Bonused this year 106%! So we did REALLY good! And I got Fired….

All I can say is….


Lesson: You Are Not In Control When You Work For Someone Else!

Take Control Of Your Life!

So, after a couple of hours of very deep reflection last week, and a review of my financials, I decided to Do What I Want in Life!

I embarked in a Mentoring program with John Thornhill to learn how to PROPERLY build an online business from the ground up.

In Just ONE week, here’s what I have accomplished in PHASE 1 in John’s Partnership To Success Course:

I have built a new WordPress Blog site which is connected to a Partnership Network of other like-minded Bloggers – as I have learned in John’s course, my blog is the center of my business.

My Blog is linked to all of my social media accounts and every time I write a post on my blog, I share it on all of my social media sites – and it’s actually driving traffic!

I have written 40 Posts on my Blog (this one is #40)!

All of my Legal pages, spam protection plugin, SEO plugin, etc are all setup and working great due to John’s Video Training!

I’ve monetized my Blog with Google AdSense and with various affiliate offers – including the services I utilized to setup my new Blog!

I have created a Free Report that I offer on my blog – it’s all setup for people to get their Free Copy – Click Here To Get Yours!

I have a new Facebook Page which is also branded just as my Blog is – and this page is obviously linked to my Timeline – I’ll be “inviting” people to my Page in the coming weeks. Connect With Me on Facebook Here

I have 3 Massive Affiliate Sales Funnels, each has 90+ Days of Email Follow-ups all connected to my Blog (These are from programs I had purchased and “tried” to make money with previously).

I am now an Ambassador of John Thornhill’s Partnership To Success Program which allows me to promote his Program AND to Sell The Most Profitable Products that John has created in his Long and Highly Successful online career – and I KEEP 100% of The Profits!

I have my very own proven effective email follow-up sequence from John that promotes his most successful sales funnels – they’re all setup in my new Autoresponder service, linked to my sign-up form on my Blog and ready to receive subscribers – again, I Keep 100% of the Profits! It’s like I have my own highly profitable products already!!

I now have a Joint Venture (JV) Offer that I can extend to my Affiliates!!


Yes, I Did This! In a week…. Thanks John!!

And That’s Just Phase 1 of John Thornhill’s 8-Phase, 52-Week Partnership To Success Program!

What’s Next?

We are now transitioning into learning how to identify, create and launch our very own product! Everything I have ever done online up to this point has involved me promoting someone else’s products! And I, like most, failed to make much money doing that!!

Now I am going to Create and Launch My OWN Product!! And John is going to teach me Step By Step how to do it!!
Once it’s ready, John is going to reach out to his Affiliate Army and They Will Promote My Product!! Unbelievable!!
I cannot believe John is doing this for me!

He’s doing this for Hundreds, if not Thousands of Entrepreneurs!!

It’s Absolutely Amazing!

You know what I like the most about this program?

It’s NOT DONE FOR YOU! It requires you to do the work – so you Learn!!

And John’s Video Training is The Absolute Best I’ve Ever Seen – Crystal clear, Easy To Follow – Anyone Can Do This!!

I’ve learned more in the last week than I learned in the last 10 years trying to do it myself!

And You Have DIRECT ACCESS To John and his Team 24×7 if you have any issues!!

Don’t Wait Till YOU Get Fired! Look, I want to be the example you learn from! The feeling of being Fired Sucks – like really bad! You feel like you failed – even if you didn’t. I didn’t fail – but I sure feel like it!

You’re Kids look at you and say, “what now?” You begin to question everything about yourself! It REALLY Shakes You Up Inside! Don’t let this happen to you. Take Action NOW.


Start Your Own Online Business. Learn From The Most Successful Online Entrepreneur in the Industry Today – John Thornhill.

He Will Teach You, Step By Step – all you have to do is watch each video, complete the task, watch the next video, complete the task – all the way through the course!

And if you have ANY questions, problems, or concerns – John and his Team are RIGHT THERE with you to help!
Ready To learn more? Watch This Webinar from John where he details the program to you – This Is The REAL DEAL!!

I Personally Vouch For This Course!

I Hope To Work Alongside You Soon!

Darren Harbst

This is a guest post written by Darren Harbst, if you would like to be considered for a guest post please contact me.

John Thornhill

    1 Response to "I’m Fired…? What Next?"

    • Debbie McInturff

      Well done, Darren. I love your post. I, too, am one of John’s students and I will vouch for every word you said. John’s training is unlike anything I have ever tried in the past. It is so easy to follow; step-by-step videos that a six-year-old could follow.

      You’re doing great. Keep up the good work!

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