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‘Traffic’ is the life of online marketing. Traffic is the customers whom you want to benefit from your products and ‘Traffic’ is what helps to create a successful online business. Without it, you’re going to remain starving in the world of Internet marketing. Traffic is broadly of two types: “Free” and “Paid”. Paid traffic is where you do not work and get it while Free traffic makes you work for it.

Marketers on Internet are always looking for and learning new tricks to generate traffic. Many of them have been doing this for years now and can almost instantly generate curiosity by posting content on the web in form of videos, posts or similar avenues, thus generating instant free traffic.

Strategy #1: Now here is a tip. These are the people who are usually competing at top of search engines for eyeballs. We are interested in finding as to how they rank at top of Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines in your market niche.

So your first target is that you want to get a complete idea of who is ranking at the top of the search engines using the keywords you’ve targeted, and next you want to find ways to copy them so that people searching for their content find yours instead.

This can be done by you using their content modified by you but retaining the keywords in articles, videos, and social media. It doesn’t take a whole lot of cleverness and it can be very effective because much of the work of attracting attention is already done for you.

You just have to hijack that attention back to your site instead. All you want to do is create a copy that is very similar to what they are using to be successful. You want to use similar keywords and similar topics. You don’t want to outright plagiarize, but you do want to paraphrase and re-market the same content that worked for them.

Strategy #2: go to the Google [or another search engine, but Google is best] and insert the keyword you are targeting. Then browse the first five pages of the search results to see who has gotten top ranking. These are your competitors. Now do not presume that this is a lot of work, just see the advice below.

Knowing that, you can start visiting their websites to see if you can discover a way to use their reputation and fame to increase your own. The simple way to do that is to go to each site and find if they have a blog you can comment on, a discussion forum you can add to, or any other way to get your name in their website, with an appropriate link back to your website, if feasible.

Strategy #3: Next, you want to find out who has linked to these websites and content which made them go up in the Google ranking. Again, you use the Google search engine and type in “link: http://competitorurl.com ”.

This will give you an insight of who all have linked to them. Here you are interested in seeing which social media marketing sites, forums, blogs and similar vehicles are helping them to rank better. And then, you go into those sites and add your own link or bookmark there, to redirect people into going to your site and also to bring up the ranking on your content too.

If you are looking at a YouTube video, then instead of Google, you would find the links in the Statistics & Data section given in YouTube for each video. Either way, you want to know who is linking and then try to get yourself listed there too.

Strategy #4: You will also want to know details about who are the people that have interest in the publications of these competitors; their age, their sex, their place of residence and other such information. That is your target demographic also. You can research this for the competitor and for the links they go to. For this, visit www.Alexa.com to get a useful and deep insight into the demographics of any online website.


At Alexa.com you can insert the URL of any website and search the ‘traffic rankings’ by selecting that option. It will come up with the website and a brief description of what that site is about.

This already tells you something about what variety as well as nature of people that your competitors and their links are attracting. It can be a business site or a technology site, whichever, you now have that little piece of information stored separately as one of the types of people who frequent your competitor’s websites.

Below that you will see a categorization of the traffic by country. This gives you an idea of the national demographic that you may be aiming at. You may think that all sites are focussed towards the United States market, but that is not so. Once you get to know who is coming to visit your competitors’ sites, you will have a improved understanding of how to build and market your own websites.

One final way to find methods that can help you drive traffic to your website with Alexa.com is to utilize their Top 500 Sites list. It provides you a breakdown of which websites have the most traffic, separated by the country of origin. This will allow you to target these sites to add comments, contribute content, and generally try to elbow your way into the limelight.

Strategy #5: To enhance your understanding further, you will need to go to www.quantacast.com for more market research on your competitors and their links.


This site gives you a much better analysis of the demographics in very minute detail. So, once you have some good candidates to research further, you add them to market research list you will do on Quantacast.com. All you have to do is type in the URL of the link you are interested in researching, and Quantacast can let you know what the gender, age, ethnicity, income, and college education is for all the people visiting that site.

It will also give you the monthly traffic frequency too. If you are looking for demographics, Quantacast.com is a goldmine of information!

Quantacast also has a very nice feature that allows you to see the ‘other sites’ and ‘audience’ that likes the link you are investigating. This gives you a handy-dandy way to find even more sites to research to see how they are attracting their visitors.

Not only that, but you can go to these sites like you did with the original site and see if there is any way you can add a comment, a link, or any other interaction that can drive traffic from those sites back to your site. And, don’t limit your contributions to these sites to small things, if the return might be high. Think about submitting videos and podcasts too if that’s allowed.

All the best for enhancing your ‘traffic’ till we meet next time.

Manmohan Varma

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