Have you ever heard of the saying, “it doesn’t matter what you have, but how you use it?”. I would venture to say that many women would disagree with that statement. To many, size does matter. However, when it comes to the size of your mailing list, quality does trump over quantity.

You see what really matters to your subscribers and how they’ll respond to you, all comes down to the quality of content you provide them.

High-quality subscribers don’t want just any information. If you want them to look forward to your emails, stay with you long-term and act on your offers and recommendations, you must provide them with high-quality content.

No doubt it’s pretty much everyone’s goal to build a huge emailing list because “the money is in the list”, right? What’s more important is that you focus on building that list with responsive subscribers because responsive subscribers will ultimately mean more sales for you.

If you’ve been stressing out about building a large email list, checking your weekly stats to see how many new sign-ups you have or working your tail off to build your numbers, STOP! Having a big emailing list or lists filled with people who are not truly interested in what you have to say or offer and that does not buy from you is worthless.

Switch your focus. Find out the value of your subscribers or how much money you make in relation to the number of subscribers you have, but the only way to do that is for you to give them value upfront.

Do yourself a favor and clean up your email list, meaning delete those who never open your emails or click on a link. Trust me they are not doing you any good or vice-versa if they aren’t engaging with you.

Another good practice is to divide your email list into smaller lists with a more narrow focus. Determine what your subscribers respond to most and give them more of that.

If you give them high-quality content and product recommendations, you will see more sales. As you keep track of your metrics (your numbers), you’ll most likely find that a small list of 500 responsive subscribers will generate you more sales than a list of 5,000 unresponsive subscribers who never open or read your emails.

By using all of the information that you gained from this article you should now feel more confident with obtaining some level of success with email marketing.

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Terry Phong

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