It’s simply a video blog or video log if you will. This is is a form of blogging for which the medium is video. Hardly anyone watches regular TV anymore. It’s all about web television or videos for short.

Vlog entries often combine embedded video(s) or link to a video, usually with supporting text, images, and other metadata. Most VLOG or video entries can be recorded in one take or put into a series.

Pros and Cons of Video Blogging

There are many advantages to video blogging over traditional text-based blogging, and it’s also the reason why video marketing has gone viral.

As a Clickbank affiliate marketer, I highly recommend using a video-based blog to promote the ClickBank products you find in the marketplace.

Why you may ask? For starters, videos are just a little more personal and they can actually be easier than having to think up a bunch of text to fill your review page.

Another big plus is, much of your audience will be more likely to buy from you because they will feel a closer connection to you and relate better to the product you are reviewing because they now have a visual of you and the product itself.

Videos do a great job of grabbing the attention of web surfers. Also, the majority of people are much more likely to become excited about the dynamic content of a video than they are with just a plain written article posting. Due to people’s short attention span, most prefer to watch a video over reading some text.

People get very excited when they can see a product being reviewed in front of them on a video and that makes them more enthusiastic to buy from you. Of course, there are always some cons to doing videos as well.

For example, it’s just not going to work very well for you if you’re camera-shy or if you’re not as tech-savvy to work around that problem. Most people who are camera-shy will just talk in their presentation or review of the product and their face never has to be seen.

Another con to consider is video-hosting. Videos, in general, require quite a bit of server space and depending on your budget, you can run into server/bandwidth issues, especially if you’re on a shared hosting account.

It also takes time to render and upload video files, especially if they are long videos. This makes updating your video blog quite a bit of work if you have a lot of videos.

It’s not unheard of to be paying thousands of dollars a month just for video-hosting. If you’re not willing or able to pay the premium, there is an alternative. You can use a dedicated video hosting account that’s free, like YouTube. You can save server space in your hosting by uploading your videos to

The great thing about using YouTube to host your videos is that you can also get traffic from people that find your videos on YouTube doing an online search. The downside to using YouTube it’s limited to only 10 minutes of record time unless you have a premium account.

No matter what your level of experience of video creation you may have, I highly recommend you consider using videos to create your next Clickbank product review. It will not only engage your audience but serve as a way to generate more traffic to your offer as well.

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